CRAN Cat Tales 4th Quarter 2022
A Holiday Miracle Thanks to a Microchip
It was over 5 years ago that I received the sad news that one of my former fosters had been lost in Pennsylvania during a cross-country move. His adopter was in an RV and got in an accident. Bob got out and disappeared. She went back to the location several times to try and find him and posted him in lost and found groups in that area. She was heartbroken and so was I.

Then just before this Thanksgiving, over 5 years later, I got this message: “I adopted Bobby from Lyllian B and lost him in a cross-country move. He was scanned today and is in PA. I will pick him up next week.
Just wanted her to know that he’s safe.”

After over 5 years, Bob was found! He was trapped by a Pennsylvania Trap/Neuter/Return group. They scanned him for a microchip and contacted his owner.

Bob and his person have been reunited thanks to his microchip!
Microchipping your pet is so important. It is also important to have your pet’s microchip scanned periodically to make sure it is still working and to keep your contact information up to date.
Forever Tale
Sam Bernard

Sam is absolutely loving his forever home with his new mom, Shelley. She fell in love with this sweet boy with the big personality, even though he has kidney disease and is FIV+. Attached are pictures, including his daily "walk" in his stroller, enjoying his window view, and being loved on by Shelley's granddaughter. Such a success story!

Awe came to us terrified after she lost her home. She slowly learned to trust again. Today she is in a loving home with a wonderful adopter who was patient and gave her all the time she needed to adjust. A recent update from her person:
"How can this be a year ago when she joined me and began to explore the living room? She still hides if anyone comes to the door or inside but follows me like a shadow. Her confidence is blossoming daily. I just love her and am so happy to have her!"
2022 CRAN Cat Stats
A Historical Look at Surrender Requests

2018 - 379 surrenders
2019 - 509 surrenders
2020 - 519 surrenders
2021 - 573 surrender
2022 - 859 total surrenders

Some of the factors responsible for the increase in surrenders are economic instability and a continued impact from the shortage of spay/neuter availability since the pandemic. Unfortunately, it is predicted surrenders will continue to increase in 2023. While we can't take in every cat due to our limited resources, we do try to help all who contact us by referring to other resources and if applicable, providing resources to assist people in keeping their cats.
Fall Campaign

We are making great progress in our Fall/Winter Campaign! We rely on this campaign (and our Spring Campaign) to get much needed funds for the year to allow us to continue helping cats in need. We never turn away a cat due to medical needs, and we never euthanize for a treatable condition, but veterinary care is expensive. We can't do it without you, our amazing and generous donors. We have achieved our initial goal of $35,000! Can we reach $40,000?

Didn't receive the campaign letter? You can view it here:

If you haven't had a chance to give yet, you can donate online at:

or you can donate by check by mailing to:
Cat Rescue & Adoption Network
P.O. Box 72401 Springfield, OR 97475

Help Wanted!
CRAN can't help cats without volunteers. We have all kinds of volunteer opportunities including working in:

Cat Care
Data Entry

Currently we are looking for a Cattery Manager or two for our PetSmart Cattery on Chad Drive and volunteers to socialize and care for cats in both of our PetSmart Catteries (but we are always looking for people of all different skill and interest levels). We would love to have you on our team!
Congratulations to our 4th Quarter Volunteers of the Month!
We have the most amazing volunteers! We truly could not do what we do without them (CRAN is all-volunteer. We have no paid staff). A huge thank you to our 4th Quarter Volunteers of the Month!
October - Elise L'Estrange
November - Eva LeMar, Andrew Fridlund and Nathaniel Fridlund
December - Patti Hansen
To learn more about these amazing volunteers click here
Check the Chip
Add checking your pet's microchip to your annual tasks. Microchips can migrate to locations that are difficult to scan, they can be obstructed and although rare, they can fail or even come out (more common if put in as a young kitten). So have your vet scan annually at your pet's wellness exam. In addition, check that it is registered with your current information. Typically the maker of the chip has a database you can check and it is a good idea to also register the chip at to ensure your information can be easily found.
Medical Corner
Question: My cat has started urinating outside her litter box. I'm sure this is behavioral. What can I do?
The first thing you should do with any change in your cat's behavior is schedule a vet visit. Your cat could have a bladder infection, crystals, diabetes, kidney issues or another. All of these should be ruled out before you determine her inappropriate urination is behavioral. If after labwork it is determined it is not due to a physical cause, it's time to do some detective work. Most often stress is a factor in a change like this. If you can determine what might be stressful, you can work on mitigating the cause. Has another cat cornered her in the litterbox? Is there a new stray hanging around outside? Have you changed litter or where her box is? Do you have a new family member? Sometimes the answer isn't obvious. It is a stressful problem for owners but with persistence can almost always be solved. Remember this behavior is a sign of distress from your cat. Your cat is not trying to annoy you. This article has helpful information: House Soiling

Special Kitty Corner
Part of CRAN's mission is to help cats with special needs and we have a lot of special needs cats in our care right now. We never turn a cat away due to medical needs and never consider euthanasia except to end suffering when there is no treatment to help. Meet one of our special cats:
Meet Tennessee! Tennessee was all ready to find his forever home when he became ill with a high fever. After several vet appointments and lots of testing, he was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). FIP historically has been a terminal diagnosis but recently a drug has been discovered and cats are actually beating FIP with it. We were fortunate enough to be able to start Tennessee on this treatment that has a high success rate for treating and curing cats with FIP. Unfortunately, he took a turn a few days into treatment and required a blood transfusion. After a village of volunteers made the transfusion happen, he improved! We are three weeks into treatment and he is like a new kitty! His treatment will last for a minimum of 84 days and has required weekly vet visits with bloodwork/ultrasounds. The drug that is saving his life is extremely expensive. Currently he needs about one vial a day. Each vial is $45 and he needs approximately 45 more. That's about $2000.

We need to raise funds to continue to cover the medical cost for Tennessee’s care.

How can you help and get a cool t-shirt out of it? The first 30 people who donate $50 or more will receive a t-shirt of their choice (three options) that have been custom made for Tennessee’s fundraiser! You will have some color and customization options depending on the shirt you select. T-shirts are limited to 30 so act quickly to obtain your own t-shirt and help Tennessee beat FIP!

Once you donate, please reach out to for next steps and to provide verification of donation. 

Can you help?
You can donate through our website:
or you can donate by check (write Tennessee in the memo line) by mailing to:
Cat Rescue & Adoption Network
P.O. Box 72401, Springfield, OR 97475
Want to help cats with special needs get the help they require to be healthy and happy? You can give at or you can mail a check to: CRAN, PO Box 72401, Springfield, OR 97475
652 CRAN Cats Adopted in 2022!
Loving Black Beauty Looking for Her Forever Person

Ochiba has had a run of bad luck. First her owner had to put her at a family member's house where she spent two years hiding and being picked on by the resident cats. In addition to the stress from being scared for two years, Ochiba had some eye issues that were left untreated and she was almost blind in one eye when she came to CRAN in June last year. Ochiba received the treatment she needed and her eye healed. She then found the perfect forever home. Sadly, she was returned as she fought with their cats. So Ochiba is hoping to find her true forever home and one where she is the only pet. Ochiba has so much personality and so much love to share, she's truly all the cat companionship you will need. She loves people. She loves to chat and will greet you when you come home. She will sit on your lap while you read or watch TV and she's always up for a session with the wand toy. She purrs and purrs and loves pets and cheek rubs. While she loves to be with people, she also likes quiet times spent looking out the window. Ochiba truly is an amazing cat, perfect in every way. Are you the one that will change her luck?

Check out Ochiba's video: Ochiba's video

To learn more: Ochiba's Bio
Cars for Cats
We just had our third car donated and have raised $1,253.94 through the Cars for Cats Program!
You donate a car and Cars for Cats will take care of all the details for your donation and send us the money.
Have you considered donating your old vehicle, RV or boat to help cats?
Click here to donate online or call 855-500-7433 to donate!

Ways to help CRAN
Donate directly at or mail to:
Cat Rescue & Adoption Network, PO Box 72401, Springfield, OR 97475

Support cats while you shop!

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BottleDrop – Pick up a stickered bag and fill it with your bottles and cans (can be co-mingled) and drop it off at either of the Bottle Drop stations in Springfield or Eugene. CRAN will receive credit for your donation. Bags can be found on the CRAN carts (by the catteries) at PetSmart, Wags! Dog Emporium, Hometown Pets in Springfield, or your friendly CRAN volunteer.
Other Ways to Help:
ResQwalk is a free mobile app that lets you raise money and resources for Cat Rescue & Adoption Network, and all you have to do is walk (or participate in any distance-related activity – walking, running or biking -that can be measured by GPS and involves a speed of less than 14 miles per hour)! You can even just start it and do your daily activities i.e., go shopping, get the mail, garden and get miles! Learn more:
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Safety Tip
Many flowers are toxic to cats. The ASPCA has a comprehensive list of both toxic and non-toxic flowers. Toxic and Non-toxic Plant List for Cats Below are some that are safe to enjoy with your cats.
Rainbow Bridge
Mia came to us in 2014 at 11 years of age. She was an adorable, friendly and super loving Scottish Fold cat who loved people. Unfortunately Mia had Osteochondrodysplasia which had caused deformities in her limbs and affected her mobility. This is a congenital defect caused by the same gene that gives Scottish Fold’s their small, folded ears and while it can't be cured, it can be managed. Once we got her on a good management program, we needed to find the perfect person for Mia and we did. Her adopter was everything we could ask for.
We received an email that Mia passed away on December 17th. She had deteriorated the past 6 months and her owner had tried everything she could to help her. When Mia quit eating or drinking she realized she had to make that difficult decision. A vet came to the house and she went peacefully.
From her adopter “She was given a bad deal being a Scottish fold but was fortunate to have you rescue her and be her foster mom. I was lucky to have her for over 7-1/2 years and give her the care she deserved and try to make the rest of her life better. She especially liked to be brushed several times a day since she couldn’t clean herself due to her limitations. She was such a loving cat (looking at you with her big beautiful eyes) – a real sweetheart. 
 Even though she had all these joint problems from being born a Scottish Fold she always had a positive attitude and welcomed the attention by greeting anyone who came to the house. 
I am truly going to miss her, but I am thankful that she’s no longer in pain.”
Rest in peace sweet Mia.
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