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Winn Out and About
Winn Feline Foundation kept very busy this summer. We have been in Baltimore, Verona, Washington DC, Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angles, and Kansas City at various events such as Fetch - KC, CatCon, Meow Meet Up, AVMA Convention, Winn Symposium and Board Meeting, CFA/TICA events, and more.

We love seeing you all at these different events. We love educating people about who Winn is and the work we do thanks to great supporters and donors like all of you.

If there are events in your area or that you think Winn should be at, please let us know. We can't promise we can always attend, but want feedback and ideas from all of you!
Dr. Jessica M. Quimby Receives AVMA/Winn Feline Foundation Award

Dr. Quimby is an associate professor for the Small Animal Internal Medicine Veterinary Medical Center at The Ohio State University whose current research areas include the study of renal pathophysiology, novel treatment strategies, and evidence-based supportive care strategies. Dr. Quimby has an interest in feline clinical pharmacology, focusing on improving supportive care and quality of life in cats with Chronic Kidney Disorder.

In addition to her outstanding contributions to research, she is known to colleagues and clients as a caring and dedicated clinician.
Planned Giving Tips

June 2019 - The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 raised the standard deduction for individuals and married couples. It also reduced, eliminated, or capped certain deductions. The amount you can take for charitable deductions increased. But unless you have enough other deductions you do better taking the standard deduction. If you do so you will not be able to deduct your charitable contributions. As a result you may need new strategies to maximize your tax benefits. If you are close to itemizing you can use timing to “bunch” donations. You can make donations intended for 2020 in 2019 to help overcome the threshold for itemizing. Another strategy is to donate appreciated securities (such as stocks or certain mutual funds). By donating appreciated assets you may avoid the costs of selling them yourself, as well as eliminating taxes on the gain. This works best with assets that have a low adjusted basis compared to current fair market value .​​

August 2019 - It has been estimated that more than half of U.S. families are “blended”. This means one or more of the partners is remarried or re-coupled. Blended families may face additional concerns when doing estate planning. Planning may be an issue when there are children from prior relationships. A simple Will may be insufficient to assure that your biological children receive what you intended if you should predecease your partner. A trust may provide income for your partner during their lifetime with some assets passing to your children on the death of the surviving partner. You may also wish to provide for your children by making a gift to them upon your death if you should pass before your partner. In addition, you should decide who will make health care decisions for you if you become incapacitated. With the help of an attorney your estate plan could provide for your loved ones even in blended families.

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2019 Board of Directors
Honored Donors - June & July 2019

Honored Donors are donations over $100. We are thrilled with all of our donations Winn receives. We have so many generous supporters and appreciate your willingness to help every cat, every day benefit with Winn funded research.
Abe Uharriet
Alex Hsu
Anne Zender
Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. Cat Hospital of Tucson Catherine Wray
CFA Foundation
Christine Bennett
Cindy Webster
Civic Feline Clinic
Claus & Susanne Wehnert Daniel Madore
Daryl Ann Filandro
Deborah Helms
Deborah Parker
Devon P Akers
Diana Barlow
Diane Kerly
Donald Ammann
Doug & Louise Nosanchuck Eileen Gonzalez
Elizabeth White
Evan Thornton
Fionnuala Teuber
Gene & Liz Gentino
Gerald Mandell
Glenn Olah
Heath Jolliff
Holly Aglialoro
Holly Ortiz
Jacob Slack
Jamie Solgat
Jane Brunt
Joanne Egerton
Julia & John Marino
Julie & Tom Moylan
Karen Thomas
Katarina Luther
Kathleen Hedge
Katrina Kempney
KC Cat Clinic
Larissa Taylor
Lena Gubarev
Linda Foote
Lori Todd
Lourdes Belaustegui
Malin Demervall
Marci Baturin
Marcus Brown
Maria Katz
Mary Duffman
 Mary Szymkowski
Maryanne Schafer
Nadine Desautels
Nancy Epstein
Nicole Steinbeck
Paj Singh
Pamela Fiumara
Pamela Sosa
Patrick Bowers
Penny Murphy
Raj Singh
Roger & Holly Daniels Rosalinda Magalona Stephanie & Marc Ackerman Sue Robbins
Susan MacArthur
The Dulin Family
The Progressive Insurance Foundation
Valerie Smith
Virginia Whisnant
Wayne Wiekhorst
Wendy Simpson
Yayol Kuzmin
Yusuke Shimono
Meet Virginia...

No, not the song, but it’s a good lead into the introduction of our new Outreach and Development Assistant, Virginia Rud, CVT. Virginia comes to Winn with a background in veterinary medicine as a certified veterinary technician. She has workedmost recently as a non-profit administrative assistant, but has worked as a veterinary technology program director and with B.A.R.T. (Basic Animal Rescue Training). She is a huge advocate for all animals and has a passion for talking with and engaging with clients and the public on behavior issues, end of life decisions and planning, and keeping pets safe.
Virginia will be responsible for a number of things, but her number one focus will be to help Julie, Winn’s Executive Director, with outreach in Winn’s efforts in expanding the number of people and communities’ recognition and knowledge of Winn Feline Foundation’s name, mission and vision, to grow and enhance donor recognition and numbers, and to enable Winn to continue and expand funding for feline specific health research. A big part of these efforts will be the Winn booth and ensuring Winn is at the venues and events that will be give Winn the greatest exposure.
Winn Announces FIP Symposium PURRsing FIP and WINNing-
Wyckoff, NJ, August 22nd, 2019: Winn Feline Foundation is bringing expert researchers from around the world together for a symposium on feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) - PURRsuing FIP and WINNing, at the University California-Davis November 16 and 17, 2019. The Winn Feline Foundation, the world’s premiere non-profit funder of cat health studies has been supporting studies on FIP since the disease was first discovered decades ago. 

“FIP has always been an enigma, and Winn Feline Foundation has over the decades chipped away at better understanding the disease. Over the years, Winn has hosted several symposia focused on FIP” states Steve Dale, Winn board member and education committee co-chair. “This one is special because University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is our host and because of the wide array of knowledgeable participants from around the globe. The room will be a who’s who of FIP researchers, clinicians and experts. A round table format will allow and spur discussion and consensus regarding diagnosis, prevention and treatment – including potential new treatment options.”
Winn is pleased to include the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) as an associate organization who will provide a moderator for the event. In addition, the symposium will be live streamed with proceedings distributed afterward.
“Many of our supporters have experienced loss from this disease firsthand," says Julie Legred, CVT, Winn’s executive director. “They share heartbreaking stories about their beloved cat companions that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Their stories reinforce Winn’s vision that every cat, every day benefits from Winn funded research."

To read the full press release, click here .
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