In order to repair critical ecological processes that support Catalina Island's rare and endemic plant and animal species, the Conservancy is restoring coastal forests at the iconic Little Harbor campground and on the surrounding hillsides.

These maritime forests, consisting of native scrub and island oak trees, are highly adapted to withstand the harsh coastal conditions. Drop by drop, condensation from fog gathered on tree branches and leaves leading to the creation of streams that support Catalina's aquatic and terrestrial wildlife populations. These vital ecosystems were largely destroyed due to the over-grazing of non-native herbivores and introduced, non-native plant species such as palm trees.

Through restoration of these native maritime forests surrounding the popular Little Harbor Campground, the Conservancy hopes to educate Island residents and visitors about restoration and test large-scale restoration methodologies for future projects. The Conservancy also thanks the Dorrance Family Foundation and the Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation for making this restoration project possible!