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'Insights & Outlooks' explores economic factors impacting 2018
Plano -As the saying goes, hindsight is always 20/20. So as 2017 winds down credit unions may benefit from looking at the past when preparing for the future. With that in mind, Catalyst Corporate advisory, ALM and brokerage experts recorded Insights & Outlooks, (formerly known as Blueprint for Success), to help credit unions better decipher the implications of actions taken at the December FOMC meeting and examine national and global economic factors with the potential to impact credit unions.
The panel, consisting of Mike McGinnis, Vice President, Investment Sales; Mark DeBree, Vice President, ALM Services; Casey Peterson, Senior Advisor and moderated by Steven Houle, Vice President, Advisory Service, analyzed contributing factors and explored the likelihood of continued economic growth.
Assessing U.S. economic performance as generally positive in 2017, McGinnis notes, "no matter what was occurring, investors saw all activity in a positive light. Consumer confidence is at the highest level it's been in 17 years, and auto and home sales received a boost as well."
But 2018 may not look as rosy. "Now that the Fed gave us the third rate increase this year, one would expect rates to move higher. That's what would happen in a normal environment," McGinnis added. "However, the bond market has long since stopped acting normal. There are too many factors in place that will keep longer-term yields from rising. That is a big concern going forward."
Insights & Outlooks also touches on ALM risk management, asset allocation and pricing, and liquidity management relative to a flattening yield curve.
To stream the 22-minute video, visit the Training and Events Calendar under the Learning Center tab on . For more information, email or call 800.301.6196.
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