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Market Updates and Availability

2023 Holiday Catalog

Featuring a mix of seafood, meat, cheese and a variety of other specialties perfect for the holiday season.

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Featured Products:


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View our full line up of caviar availability as we move into the holiday season!

Weekly Order/Delivery Schedule

Please place your orders by Friday for Wednesday or your next delivery day.

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Specialty Availability:

  • Arctic Char, Iceland
  • Cod Loins, Iceland
  • Large/Jumbo Black Bass, USA
  • Jumbo Fluke, USA
  • Acadian Redfish, USA
  • Large Striped Bass, USA
  • Boston Pollock, USA
  • Jumbo/ Medium Walleye, Canada
  • Redfish, USA
  • Bronzini, Greece
  • Ideal Bronzini, USA
  • Sea Bream
  • Black Cod/ Sablefish, USA
  • Golden Corvina
  • Kingklip, Costa Rica
  • Skate Wings, USA (11/9)
  • Mahi Mahi, Ecuador
  • Atlantic Halibut, Canada
  • Swordfish, USA
  • Yellowfin Tuna, USA
  • Black Grouper, Mexico
  • Fireback Grouper, Mexico
  • American Red Snapper, USA
  • Caribbean Red Snapper, Mexico
  • Yelloweye Snapper

Weekly Seafood Market Update:


  • Atlantic Salmon prices have lowered this week and will hopefully stay.
  • Pacific Halibut season is coming to close, and soon the Atlantic Halibut fishermen will switch to sword and lobster. Halibut stabilized to end the week last week, and we dropped the price a little but this is sure to be up soon. 
  • We have a had a long run on low priced Swordfish, however we are now at the point where prices will go up, and as the market fluctuates due to varying availability. The Swordfish price came down a touch to end the week last week following the recent full moon but are already starting to move up.
  • Tuna availability has been good and demand has been down overall on the market. Pricing remains pretty low.
  • Snapper and Grouper availability has improved. Snapper prices are starting to fall, however grouper is holding firm.
  • Monkfish market is steady.
  • Wild Striped Bass continue to land and prices remain low. Large fish are expected to become limited in the next few weeks. 
  • The Black Bass market will start to move up. The RI season closed until Jan 2024.
  • The Flounder market will start to trend upward as the NC inshore season closed. 
  • Mahi continue to land in great volumes keeping the prices down. This is a great item to have on the menu currently!
  • The Skate market remains high, but we should see some relief in the next few weeks. We do have some coming in on Thursday.
  • Iceland supply has been good.


  • Shucked oyster season is here and we expect to see a lot of movement on all sizes. We cannot keep a bottomless inventory of these so preorders are the way to go. Please communicate your needs to your rep so we can secure your order! 
  • Stone Crab prices are up due to limited catch. Please get your pre-orders in.
  • Pasteurized Crabmeat production has been down due to poor landings, but demand is staying strong and will only increase as we move into the holidays.
  • Lobster catch has been slow and inventories are lower than expected. Pricing remains stable for now, as demand has been lower overall on the market.  

Updates from Catanese Classic Meats:

Weekly Specials:

Brisket Boneless, Up

USDA Choice | $3.99 lb.

USDA Prime | $4.99 lb.

Boneless Striploin 0x1" | USDA Choice

$7.99 lb.

Porterhouse Steak, 30-32 oz., IVP, Frozen | MC Choice

$17.99 lb.

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Product/ availability subject to change.

Turkey Pre-Order:


2023 Turkey Pre-Orders with Catanese Classic Meats

We will be offering both whole fresh and whole smoked turkeys in multiple size ranges. All turkey are packed 1 per box and are fresh, never frozen.

Please place your orders by Friday, November 10th for delivery beginning November 18th.

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Market Update:

  • Ground Chuck and Ground Beef has traded up over the last week, however we do expect it to hold steady in the short term.
  • Select Strips are stable overall, and the Choice Strip Loin prices continue to rise. Currently, strip loins are at a great value compared to other cuts. The market should remain steady through Nov.
  • The Choice Tenderloin market continues to increase this week, and is at its highest level of 2023 thus far. Select grade has decreased over the last few days but will fluctuate quite a bit through the end of the year.
  • Overall Ribeye's continue to fluctuate, but are on the rise. Unfortunately, prices are expected to increase steadily now through the end of the year.
  • Teres Majors increased once again. Analysts believe we are at a peak price point, and should start to fall soon.
  • The Brisket market decreased over the last couple of days, but is expected to increase sooner than later.
  • Flank Steaks increased over the last few days. They are currently at a great value.
  • Boneless Pork Loins continued to fall once again, and the downward trend should continue.
  • Pork tenderloin market continues to fall.
  • The Pork Butt market saw a sharp decline.
  • All rib varieties fell- supply is improving.
  • Pork belly market continues to fall- but now at a slower pace.

Updates from Chef Cube:



Select vats of The Fawn are chosen for further aging to allow for the development of intense, bold flavors. It is rugged, driving strong toffee and butterscotch notes with the sweet finish of The Fawn. As it ages, it develops a hint of crystalline crunch.


Blue Jay is rich in texture with strong buttery notes. Juniper berries are then crushed to release their perfume and infuse them throughout to complement the Blue strain’s. The result is a bold, yet utterly creamy Blue with a delicately piney flavor.


Earthy black truffle ambles between creamy Monterey Jack curds. Each bite transports your palate to the Wisconsin North with the savory truffles’ warm and woodsy notes coupled with mild, buttery cheese.


Completely handcrafted from wholesome rBST-free milk from Wisconsin. A unique culture set gives this young cheese an award-winning sweet nuttiness with a full, complex Cheddar flavor not found in traditional bandage-wrapped Cheddars. Delicate at first, yet gives you a rich finish that lingers on.


It is carefully aged for a longer period of time to allow for a greater development of its rich nutty flavor and sweet butterscotch finish. The unique nuttiness is pronounced, yet blends beautifully with the buttery sweetness. The crystalline crunch offers a nice contrast to the cheese’s creamy texture.

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A true flavor experience — spicy, sweet, tropical, and HOT. The warmth and sweetness of the tequila opens your palate to the smooth and creamy mellowness of a perfectly aged Cheddar. And just when you are wondering where the Habaneros are, the heat bursts for an unforgettable finish. 

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