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Acquiring and Distributing Knowledge                       February 15, 2018
Regarding God's Creation
Gen 7:19  The water prevailed more and more upon the earth, so that all the high mountains  everywhere under the heavens  were covered. ... 8:4  In the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat. 5 The water decreased steadily until the tenth month; in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the tops of the mountains became visible.   - NASU       (Bold emphasis added.)
      Pray daily for Tom Henderson and other flood victims.

            Catastrophic Plate Tectonics and the Flood

This month we will hear and discuss the second lecture in our six-month series on geology. Last month we heard Dr. Kurt Wise's introductory lecture on the central role of conventional slow gradual plate tectonics and seafloor spreading in explaining a vast body of geologic evidence in a systematic way. This body of evidence is indeed impressive and makes conventional geologists confident that they have the big picture and many details well understood. We will do a quick review of the high points of that material before we continue with Dr Wise's second lecture.
On February 15, we will hear Dr. Wise's second lecture  examine a second body of geologic evidences that conventional slow and gradual plate tectonics does not explain well, or at all. He shows that this second body of evidence can be explained only by speeding up the presently observed tectonic processes by a factor of about three billion or so! But any such thing just boggles the mind! It is the very opposite of the reigning uniformitarian geology paradigm.
The obvious question is what could physically drive such an event? The answer is Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (CPT) which is physically powered by the gravitationally unstable configuration of vast areas of cold dense seafloor rocks resting on top of very hot less
dense mantle below. That configuration stores a huge amount of energy which can be suddenly released by an upset of the balance or equilibrium of that configuration. Once one edge of the vast seafloor rock sheet starts down through the hot less dense mantle, all the rest of the seafloor rock will follow until the lowest possible energy state is reached. As the ocean floor rocks fall down to lower levels, the mantle will circulate and cause the continents to move also. The stored energy is dissipated by circulating the viscus mantle and moving the continental fragments.  As the energy is dissipated the whole process slows exponentially toward a new equilibrium. The slow motion we see today is likely the tail end of such a process.
Detailed simulation studies of these CPT processes have been carried out on supercomputers by geophysicist Dr. John Baumgardner which demonstrated that this process can be fully consistent with physics. Baumgardner is a PhD geophysicist who spent most of his career in Los Alamos National Lab's esteemed Theoretical Division. These simulations show the Pangaean continental configuration breaking
up into pieces the shape of the continents we see today and moving to the positions on the globe we see today. This is an extremely impressive understanding of physical cause and effect mechanisms in Earth's geology. This is far beyond anything done before.
In Baumgardner's simulations the catastrophic subduction of the seafloor rocks started around the continental sea shores of the Pangaea continent configuration. It is widely agreed that there is much geologic evidence that all of the present continents were once connected as a single continent called Pangaea. As subduction began the
continental rocks along the Pangaean coast lines began to crumble and collapse. Catastrophic tsunamis pushed shallow sea life onto the collapsed coastal regions. If this is accurate, then Pangea is the pre-flood world. These early CPT processes produced the well-known Great Unconformity and above that the first set of strata with fossils, the Sauk Megasequence. These are the first strata of the Genesis Flood. As Pangea continued to break up into fragments moving to the places we see today, more strata were deposited in higher sequences spread over vast areas, often more than a thousand miles in extent or sometimes intercontinental. The vast world scale extent of these structures cannot be reasonably explained by conventional slow and gradual local scale processes. But Catastrophic Plate Tectonics can explain it quite well. Further, it can fit with the Biblical narrative of Genesis as well.       
For years geologists have been rejecting the reality of anything like the Genesis Flood because they could not identify a geologic stratum that might correspond to the Flood. That is because they were thinking far too small. CPT produced most of the strata we see today and often that CPT strata extend over thousands of miles or even intercontinental distances. And, it was geologically quick, compatible with a yearlong Genesis Flood and its aftermath.
The above descriptions are far too brief to convey more than a general impression, so come hear Dr. Wise's lecture and our Q&A that follows. In the coming months we will hear and discuss lectures by other PhD geologists on more detailed examinations of geologic periods and strata and isotope dating. Plan to take it all in. You will be amazed how well the evidence honors Him and His Word.

February 15, 2018
Catastrophic Plate Tectonics and the Flood
From an IGHC lecture recorded by Dr. Kurt Wise
Meeting space kindly provided at:
Houston's First Baptist Church
 7401 Katy Freeway at Post Oak
Room 143,   7 PM

Come and bring your students, friends, skeptics, or pastors! All are welcome to bring their questions and join the discussion.  There will be great fellowship, snacks, and array of creation books and DVDs as well.  Please forward this newsletter to all who might be interested. More at .  

Blessings to all,
 Frank Mayo 

Examples of Important YEC Scientific Evidences 

Some major examples of physical evidence we point to include:
  • Remains of original soft tissue still found in dinosaur bones. Along with that tissue is C-14 that would decay completely away in less than a hundred thousand years, a tiny fraction of the dinosaur fossil's supposed age.
  • For many years geologists have found C-14 in fossil carbon throughout the fossil record.
  • The origin of the information and molecular machinery in the first living self-reproducing cell remains a complete enigma for biologist and biochemists.
  • In the origin of the universe, big bang theory is being recognized as a dead end by increasing numbers of secular scientists. The hypothesized inflation has nothing to start it, drive it forward, or stop it. Without inflation fatal flaws appear with the absence of predicted antimatter, magnetic monopoles, or any means for the whole universe to come to the same precise background temperature. Then the formation of the first stars is as enigmatic as the origin of the first biological cell. Dark matter and dark energy are as enigmatic as the deep space motions they are needed to explain.
At the root of all standard science are many assumptions that may be quite incorrect. At the top is that there is no God. Another is that present process can be used to explain everything in the past. When we look at a canyon we are taught to assume the river at the bottom cut the canyon. But perhaps tectonic events made the canyon and there is a river at the bottom because water always flows downhill. At the root of big bang theory is a pure assumption that has been named the "Cosmological Principle". Perhaps inaccuracies there are responsible for the big bang's multitude of problems.    
There is more about the role of assumptions in science found on our website here. There are many more resources on young earth and young universe evidences here.

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