April 2019 / Issue # 4
The Mid-Fairfield Record

24 - 9:30 a.m. Social Media Committee Meeting
26 - 10:00 a.m. MFCAR Board of Directors Meeting
30 - 9:30 a.m. P & P Classes – MFCAR Board Office

2 - 9:30 a.m. P & P Class – MFCAR Board Office
13 - 18 NAR DC Meetings
21 - 9:30 a.m. P & P Class – MFCAR Board Office
23 - 9:30 a.m. P & P Class – MFCAR Board Office
24 - 10:00 a.m. MFCAR Board of Directors Meeting
27 - MFCAR Closed – Memorial Day
28 - 9:30 a.m. P & P Class MFCAR Board Office
30 - 9:30 a.m. P & P Class MFCAR Board Office

DID YOU KNOW – Mark Mathias, Karen Kleine and Neil Phillips from the Westport Board of Education gave a Coleytown school update on April 11, at the MFCAR Board office. Mark has graciously offered to answer any questions you or your clients may have about Coleytown. He can be reached at (203) 226-1791 or mmathias@westportps.org

Some of the meeting highlights are:
  • There will be modular classrooms for grades 6-8 in Bedford next year.

  • They are waiting for cost estimates to repair or replace Coleytown which they expect to receive in May or June.

  • The decision to go back to 2 schools won’t be made until August of 2019 for the 2020 school year.

  • At the April 22, Board of Education meeting they will discuss the idea of having a 6th Grade Academy. Members of the Glastonbury 6th Grade Academy will attend the meeting to discuss how it is working for them.
I KNOW YOU KNOW, BUT HERE’S A REMINDER - The CTR Board of Directors approved a $100 dues increase for 2020.  Individual members can receive a $100 dues discount in 2020 under the criteria approved by the CTR Executive Committee. 

The criteria are:
  • Respond to any CTR Call for Action (CFA) by September 1, 2019; OR

  • Participate in a CTR Advocacy or CTR Charitable event, should there be one, by September 1, 2019.
Text CTR to 52886 to opt-in. When you opt-in to CTR's New Text/Messaging Program you will receive occasional alerts by text or electronically recorded voice messages to keep you informed about developments on important issues.   The alert system maps members to the address in their membership record so you’ll receive alerts that have an impact on you personally.

That’s all for now. 

Deb Alderson
MFCAR President

CTR 2020 Dues Increase and Dues Discount Options:
The CTR Board of Directors approved a $100 dues increase for 2020. Individual members can receive a $100 dues discount in 2020 under the criteria approved by the CTR Executive Committee, noted below.

Respond to any CTR Call for Action (CFA) by September 1, 2019; OR
Participate in a CTR Advocacy or CTR Charitable event, should there be one, by September 1, 2019.

For those REALTORS ® who join on or after September 1, 2019, or after the last CFA or designated event, there will be an opportunity for that new member to respond to a generic CFA established by CTR before December 31, 2019. That option will NOT apply to those holding membership prior to that date.
Note: There are no provisions or goals that will rescind the dues increase for the entire state's membership in 2020. Responding to a NAR Call for Action cannot meet the requirement as the accuracy of the reporting in that system is not reliable.


CTR – Connecticut REALTORS® asked us to reach out to all MFCAR members who are unsubscribed from CTR Emails and ask them to reconsider and opt back-in to their communications. CTR has a lot of campaigns in process that are directly related to their members. Legislative priorities include property taxes, school consolidation and regionalization, taxes on short term rentals and many more. CTR can’t fight for its members without members support.
If you received an email from us please opt back-in so you will be informed of upcoming Calls for Action that need your support. With just a few clicks, you can take action on important real estate issue that effect your daily business and livelihood. This is a very effective way to get REALTORS® voices heard by lawmakers.

Please remember if you choose to opt back-in you will receive a confirmation email through Constant Contact from david@ctrealtors.com with instructions on how to confirm your opt back-in decision.

If you have questions related to this please email david@ctrealtors.com.

Case #2-7: Obligation to Determine Pertinent Facts (Revised Case #9-13 May, 1988. Transferred to Article 2 November, 1994.)

REALTOR® A, a home builder, showed one of his newly constructed houses to Buyer B. In discussion, the buyer observed that some kind of construction was beginning nearby. He asked REALTOR® A what it was. “I really don’t know,” said REALTOR® A, “but I believe it’s the attractive new shopping center that has been planned for this area.” Following the purchase, Buyer B learned that the new construction was to be a bottling plant and that the adjacent area was zoned industrial.

Charging that the proximity of the bottling plant would have caused him to reject purchase of the home, Buyer B filed a complaint with the Board of REALTORS® charging REALTOR® A with unethical conduct for failing to disclose a pertinent fact. The Grievance Committee referred the complaint for a hearing before a Hearing Panel of the Professional Standards Committee.

During the hearing, REALTOR® A’s defense was that he had given an honest answer to Buyer B’s question. At the time he had no positive knowledge about the new construction. He knew that other developers were planning an extensive shopping center in the general area, and had simply ventured a guess. He pointed out, as indicated in Buyer B’s testimony, that he had prefaced his response by saying he didn’t know the answer to this question.

The Hearing Panel concluded that Buyer B’s question had related to a pertinent fact; that REALTOR® A’s competence required that REALTOR® A know the answer or, if he didn’t know the answer, he should not have ventured a guess, but should have made a commitment to get the answer. The Hearing Panel also noted that although REALTOR® A had prefaced his response with “I don’t know,” he had nonetheless proceeded to respond and Buyer B was justified in relying on his response. REALTOR® A was found to have violated Article 2.



New Affiliate Member:

  • Arnold, Andrew  Key Bank, New Haven
  • Seaborne, Chris   Gault Energy, Westport  

Total Affiliate Members - 30

New REALTOR® Members:

  • Aubin-Clarke, Lynda --------- Real Estate Marketing, Norwalk
  • Chevrier, Tracy ---------------- Higgins Group, Westport
  • Healy, Lauren ------------------ Compass CT, Greenwich
  • Johnson, Thomas ------------- Halstead Property, Wilton
  • Marrelli, Jennifer --------------- Compass CT, Westport
  • McGovern, Christine ---------- Higgins Group, Westport
  • Perschino, Patricia ------------ Real Estate Marketing, Norwalk
  • Peters, Jody ---------------------Riverside Realty Group, Westport
  • Reyes, Mildred ------------------Lasko Real Estate, Stamford
  • Rochlin, Geoffrey “Scott” ---- Higgins Group, Westport
  • Scherb, Kristen ----------------- Coldwell Banker, Westport
  • Scott, Liam -----------------------Lasko Real Estate, Stamford
  • Smilowitz, Jon -------------------Douglas Elliman, Greenwich
  • Ventura, Carlos/DR ------------ Ventura Group Realty, Norwalk
  • Vitti, Melissa --------------------- Lasko Real Estate, Stamford
  • Walters, Nicholas -------------- Douglas Elliman, Greenwich

Total REALTOR® Membership - 1103

CE Connection

We are currently in the process of scheduling some CE Classes for June, we'll email you once our schedule is set.

Every even-year, all RES/Salespersons & REB/Brokers must complete four (4) - 3hr CE Classes.

The 4 CE Classes you must take (in any order) are:

  • 1. CT Real Estate Agency Law & Fair Housing 1

  • 2. CT Real Estate Agency Law & Fair Housing 2

  • 3. Code of Ethics - Make sure you email certificate to mfcar@mfcar.com so that we can update your record in NAR.

  • 4. Elective

Classes due by:
Broker renewal period: 4/1/18-3/31/20
Salesperson renewal period: 6/1/18-5/31/20
Salespersons who passed their license test between 6/1/18-5/31/20 or Brokers who passed their test between 4/1/18-3/31/20, are only required to take 1 class - Code of Ethics, which is available free of charge on NAR website: Click here to take the FREE Ethics Class . (make sure you email certificate to mfcar@mfcar.com   so that we can update your record in NAR) 
 Click for online classes:  http://mfcar.theceshop.com .