June, 2019
Ordination, Formation, Creation!
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Today: ordinations!
All Saints Chapel Window Restoration Project
Upcoming Formation Series
Creation Care
Half Pint Jars Needed
Pray for our Pilgrims
Upcoming Parish Events
Today: Ordinations!
Come be part of the celebration of the ordination of four persons to the priesthood, including our deacon, Jake Andrews. The service begins at 2 pm at the Cathedral. Curious about what an ordination service is like? The liturgy for the ordination of a priest can be found beginning on p. 525 of the Book of Common Prayer.
All Saints Chapel Window Restoration Project
Next time you in are in All Saints Chapel, take a moment to enjoy our repaired and returned windows!
Smaller window pieces ready to be placed
A side window being repaired on site
Exterior view
The more transparent temporary window
The newly cleaned and repaired
Notice how the medallion is flat, no longer bowed
Upcoming Formation Series
Faith, Hope, and Love

Sunday Formation Forum is on hiatus until the end of July, having just concluded our series, “A Great Cloud of Witnesses,” in which we learned about sainthood in our tradition and about the lives and work of many saints, from Perpetua to Polycarp, Harriet Tubman to Florence Li Tim-Oi.

When we return to programming, we will not be meeting for coffee and conversation in the Guild Rooms – we’ll be meeting in the Cathedral itself! Have you ever taken a tour of the Cathedral? Do you know the stories and symbolism of the stained glass? Are you curious about the carvings on the pulpit? How does the organ work? Starting July 28 and running in August, we will take time together to learn about our worship space as the beginning of an ongoing program, “Faith, Hope, and Love,” in which we’ll explore the beliefs, practices, and resources of our Episcopal and Anglican heritage as we walk in the Way of Love. Watch for more information in July!
The Episcopal Church affirms a commitment to creation care . Creation care ministries seek to heal, defend, and work toward justice for all God's creation and to respect the kinship and connection of all that God created through education, advocacy, and action . In support of these ministries we share resources each month.

Creation Care and the Episcopal Church
The Gift of Water
Blessed with easily accessible water, those of us who live in areas with a clean and dependable water supply often forget that water is a God-given gift, not a convenient miracle of municipal government and indoor plumbing. Without water, we, and the rest of God’s beloved creation, would not have life.

Conserving water is an act of stewardship. Water is a precious gift that is not available to all people equally. We should seek to use only what we need so that there would be enough for all.

Simple Actions You Can Take
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  • Install low-flow shower heads and toilets
  • Shorten the length of your shower
  • Fix leaky toilets and faucets
  • Use rain barrels to capture runoff from your roof and use them to water your garden.

All the drinking water in Spokane is drawn from the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. You can learn more about it, including what an aquifer is, how it is managed, and what you can do to help ensure that we all have access to safe and clean water at this website.

Main text adapted from Earth Ministry
Half Pint Jars Needed
It is almost time for Champagne Mustard! Altar Guild is collecting half pint jars (and rings) for this year’s supply. Please drop off your jars in the collection basket near the Great Hall. We appreciate it!

– The Cathedral Altar Guild
Pray for our Pilgrims

Several Cathedral youth and adults will be going to Ireland this August to be pilgrims on Walking the Way of Love. You can still support them financially, writing a check payable to St John’s Cathedral and “Youth Pilgrimage” in the memo line. Additionally, we can all support the pilgrims with prayer. Here is one you might try, adapted from Jenny Child’s Pilgrimage Prayers.

God of pilgrimage,
you have given our pilgrims a desire
to take the questing way
and set out on their journey.
Help them to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus,
that whatever they encounter as they travel,
they may seek to glorify you by the way they live.
Upcoming Parish Events

June 15: priestly ordinations, 2 pm.

June 23: Yoga in the Cathedral, 3 pm. Join instructor Lisa Silvestri Wehr for a one-hour class in the Cathedral; for all experience levels; bring a mat if you have one.

July 4: Carillon Concert, 9 pm. Celebrate Independence Day at St Johns! Enjoy the music and then watch the fireworks. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket.

July 14: Potluck Picnic with St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 12:30 pm. Bring a dish to pass, tableware, a lawn chair or blanket. Location to be announced.
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