Catch a Glimpse of God Moving Reach Out Forward!
Seeing my house in the rearview mirror calls to mind Henry Blackaby’s quote: “You cannot stay where you are and go with God.” In 2017, Reach Out’s 40th year was a time to “look back” through the rearview mirror. Now in 2018, we “live forward” on the move to “go with God." Take a ride with me through our 1st quarter to catch a glimpse of how God is moving Reach Out forward!
Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Online is in the making! Randy Riggins, Todd Slocum (our videographer) and Novologic (our technology team) have had extensive meetings to prepare for shooting video sessions and digital platform logistics.
Adopt A Country launches very soon. You can become a Country Advocate and partner with one of our Country Leaders and Teams. We see this as a Win-Win-Win for the Country Advocate, Country Team and Reach Out. 
New Parent Fuel Website will launch very soon—with 48 previously unseen, short videos to guide parents toward “loving God with all their hearts and leading their kids to do the same.”
Global Youth Coalition began our 3rd year together at our retreat April 4-6. This group of experienced, visionary and passionate leaders will launch initiatives in 2018. All of us will collaborate together in India, Ethiopia and Nepal. What a refreshing experience to lead the GYC !
Randy Riggins has fully engaged in his new role as Reach Out’s International President. He has very positively and actively begun to take the reins of the International Ministry
Africa continues its multiplying growth in spite of enormous challenges with political corruption and chaos, draught and internet inadequacies. Our Africa team weekly pursues our 2018 goals: 43 JFYM Forums to equip 1,720 leaders, 25 Eagle Leader’s Summits, and 50 new Eagle Leaders to certify adding to 442 current Eagle Leaders. Enjoy this rather astonishing report from Ethiopia.
Other Countries continue to bear fruit and grow in Cuba, Nepal, Ukraine, Russia and more. For example, we recently realized that five years ago, we had just 20 Eagle Leaders in Cuba. Now we have over 70! We could fill up this page with a report on each country! 
50 Virginia Youth Leaders came together last week in Richmond, VA, initiated by two good friends and JFYM leaders—Shawn Ames and Mike Cauthorne. Over 50 openhearted, hungry youth pastors interacted about “Creating A Culture of Intentional Disciple-Making With the Emerging Generation”. All bought into “I am a Disciple-Maker” with practical plans to disciple leaders and teenagers. 
Campus Alliance/Claim Your Campus 2020 gives Reach Out and me the opportunity to give leadership to the vision and practical plans for reaching “Every Student in Every School” in America. Hundreds of cooperating ministries have quite sophisticated plans toward the “Every Student—Every School" goal.
Much more coming later…
For now, I hope you will come alongside Reach Out
and move with us as we “go with God”.
Thank you!
Jesus is Lord,
Barry St. Clair