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LADWP Awarded $19 Million+ for Water Sustainability Programs, Including Free Turf Replacement in Underserved Communities

LADWP joined Mayor Karen Bass and California Department of Water Resources (DWR) water officials on October 5th to announce the City of Los Angeles will receive $19.1 million from the State for climate resiliency projects, including one that will pay for free yard transformations in underserved L.A. communities. The effort will help foster climate resiliency and water equity for our customers.

About $14.6 million of the grant from DWR’s Urban Community Drought Relief Grant Program will fund a free lawn replacement program that will save approximately 77 million gallons of water each year. The free program to replace lawns with water-efficient landscapes in disadvantaged communities will be launched next year.

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Turf Replacement Program

State Regulations Chart New Course for

Recycled Water Uses to Expand Local Water Supply

LADWP is working closely with the State Water Resources Control Board on draft regulations to govern direct potable reuse (DPR), which is the process of putting highly purified recycled wastewater directly into the drinking water system. The regulations, which are due to be finalized by April 2024, mark an important step toward securing a sustainable local water supply for Los Angeles. As stated in a recent Los Angeles Times editorial, LADWP has sought to ensure the regulations not only foster public health and safety but also provide the necessary flexibility to successfully implement a large-scale water reuse program such as LADWP's Operation NEXT. Currently in the planning phase, Operation NEXT would initially use highly purified recycled wastewater to replenish our groundwater basins. LADWP may later apply the new DPR regulations to develop additional drinking water supplies for the city. LADWP will continue to collaborate with the Water Board to finalize the regulations, and develop new water supply opportunities such as DPR projects.

Proposed Framework for Regulating Direct Potable Reuse

LADWP Recycled Water Programs

Anselmo Collins

WATCH: LADWP's Water Chief Discusses the Region's Future Water Supply

LADWP’s Senior Assistant General Manager for Water Anselmo Collins recently spoke at the Los Angeles Business Council's Annual Sustainability Summit on September 22nd. Collins participated in a panel focusing on the uncertain future of our region’s water supply as a result of climate change. Among other topics, Collins discussed the city of L.A.'s historical accomplishments in water conservation, thanks to our robust rebate programs and three decades of mandatory water conservation ordinances.

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LADWP Continues Conservation Outreach

Launches "My Water Insights" to Help Customers Save Water and Money

To help customers save water and reduce their bills, LADWP now provides single-family residential customers bi-monthly home water use reports and access to a user-friendly online portal portal through My Water Insights. Participating customers receive a bi-monthly home water report by mail or email, one week after they receive their bill. The personalized reports break down daily usage in gallons and compares usage to other households in their neighborhood with similar characteristics. In each report, customers learn if their water use was average or efficient for the last billing period, as well as receive a score for their overall water efficiency. The reports also include information about available water conservation rebates tailored to help them save more water. On top of that, customers will receive leak alerts to reduce water waste.

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