Volume 8 | August 2022

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LADWP Customers Achieve Record Water Conservation Two Months Straight

LADWP water customers have continued to heed the call to conserve water during this historic drought. Angelenos achieved an 11% reduction in July, the lowest water use for any July on record for Los Angeles. July’s water savings surpasses the 9% reduction for the previous month, which also marked the lowest water use for any June on record in Los Angeles. LADWP implemented two-days-a-week watering restrictions on June 1 when moving to Phase 3, a stricter level of the City's Water Conservation Plan Ordinance.  Weather is often a major driver of water consumption, but despite the higher temperatures, Angelenos cut back their water use to record levels.

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Ready for a Refill?

LADWP Offers Recycled Water for Landscaping

With the hottest months still ahead and the urgent need to save water for drinking and other essential uses, LADWP has re-opened two free recycled water fill stations, providing customers with recycled water free of charge. Customers can receive up to 300 gallons of recycled water which can be used for landscaping purposes, such as maintaining trees, gardens or lawns.

In partnership with the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation and Environment, the program provides LADWP customers with an alternate water source for watering landscapes on restricted days, conserving use of drinking water. The filling stations are located at the Los Angeles-Glendale Water Reclamation Plant and the LA Zoo parking lot. 

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Stewards of the Eastern Sierra

Protecting the Bi-State Sage-Grouse in Long Valley

Working to improve habitat in Long Valley for the Bi-State Sage-Grouse, LADWP and many Eastern Sierra partner agencies took part in the 2nd annual bi-state sage-grouse summer meeting to assess field conditions and discuss the 2022 operations plan for the area. This summer, LADWP Watershed Resources staff is conducting vegetation monitoring in Long Valley to document sage-grouse habitat conditions. The collaborative working group will continue to meet quarterly to maintain and improve brood rearing habitat for the sage-grouse. This work is being implemented under the 2020 Long Valley Adaptive Management Plan, collaboratively developed by LADWP and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with input from other regulatory agencies and sage-grouse experts. The plan is a living document to guide land management decisions to preserve and enhance the bi-state sage-grouse population. 

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"Who Ya Gonna Call?"

Meet the Team that Teaches Angelenos the Value of Saving a Drop

During past drought years, LADWP staff patrolled the streets under the name, "Drought Busters," looking for evidence of water waste. Now called the Water Conservation Response Unit (WCRU), the staff focuses on educating customers about two days a week water and other restrictions under Phase 3 of the Water Conservation Plan.

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