Volume 9 | September 2022

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LADWP Customers Achieve Record Water Savings Three Straight Months

LADWP water customers have continued to heed the call to reduce their water use in light of the severe drought in California. Last month, Angelenos achieved the all-time lowest water use for August on record in the City of Los Angeles – marking the third consecutive month that L.A. has cut water use to all-time lows. The August 2022 water demand was 10% lower than the previous two years, despite hotter than average temperatures. Additionally, the average daily water use per person (gallons per capita per day, or GPCD) has now fallen to roughly 111 from 113 last year. LADWP implemented two-days-a-week watering restrictions on June 1 when moving to Phase 3, a stricter level of the City's Water Conservation Plan Ordinance.  

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Spreading Grounds Project Is a Win-Win

Expanding Stormwater Capture While Enhancing Community Open Space

The newly minted 150-acre Tujunga Spreading Grounds expansion will help ensure a sustainable water future for Los Angeles by doubling stormwater capture capacity. At the same time, the project provides beneficial open space with walking paths and educational stations, in the eastern San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. A collaboration with the Los Angeles County Flood Control District (LACFCD), LADWP anticipates the project to double the annual groundwater recharge capacity of the San Fernando Groundwater Basin to 16,000 acre-feet on average, with the potential to provide enough water to 64,000 households annually. 

“We’ve been talking a lot about the drought recently, but LADWP has been looking ahead and working on solutions for years. Projects like this have a big payoff in terms of stepping up our city’s local water supply reliability and sustainability."

--Martin L. Adams, LADWP General Manager and Chief Engineer

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Stewards of the Eastern Sierra

Lower Owens River Flourishes with 2,000 Acres of Wetlands

Did you know? As stewards of 490 square miles of land in the Eastern Sierra, LADWP employs best management practices to protect water quality, habitat, biodiversity and endangered and threatened species throughout the Owens Valley, Long Valley and Mono Basin watersheds. To support these efforts, we leave approximately half of the water that historically was exported to Los Angeles in the Eastern Sierra. We currently have over 100 environmental initiatives in Inyo and Mono Counties related to protecting and sustaining the environment. This includes restoring sixty-three miles of the Lower Owens River through our rewatering efforts and improving 78,000 acres of land along the Lower Owens River. We also enhanced almost 2,000 acres of wetlands to support the local ecology of the Lower Owens River. 

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Need Help Finding a Leak? There's an App for That!

Introducing a Way to Monitor Your Water Use Right from Your Phone

To help our customers check their water use, reduce water costs and detect leaks, LADWP recently launched a pilot program for a smart home water monitoring device in partnership with Flume Inc. With easy DIY installation, customers can gain real-time access to their water usage data straight from a smartphone app. Through a special offer, LADWP customers can receive the Flume Smart Water Monitor and Leak Detector at a significant discount through a streamlined direct discount process. Customers simply order the device directly from flumewater.com/ladwp.

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Higher Turf Replacement Rebates Coming Soon!

Starting October 1, LADWP's turf replacement rebate will increase from $3 to $5 per square foot for residential and commercial customers. 


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