Back to the Books!
Faculty and Students Return to Campus
Summer whooshed by as it always does. With August comes the return of faculty and students to campus. The energy surge fueled the busy weeks of faculty and staff convocation, student orientation, and the start of a new academic year. Welcome to all new and returning Spartans!
Convocation Olympics
The Convocation planning group added a bit of competitive fun this year with the inaugural CNCC Olympics. Teams of faculty and staff from both campuses were pit against each other in rounds of tug-of-war and speed corn-hole. After a morning of meetings, everyone enjoyed the chance to socialize and have a bit of fun.
Speed Corn-Hole
Catching up and meeting new staff/faculty
New Student Orientation: Craig Campus
Following a day of workshops and a motivational speaker, students, their families and the community were treated to a barbecue dinner. Following the dinner, students participated in a pie eating contest sponsored by Village Inn of Craig. Winners received a free pie!
Science faculty member Dr. Liz Johnson wowed with crowd with a spectacular showcase of science. Here, Fifi the Wonderdog shrivels to its uninflated state after being dipped in a cup of liquid nitrogen. Don't worry, she returned to her normal shape as she warmed back up!
2018 Rangely campus
RAs and Ambassadors
Student Resident Assistants provide mentoring and assistance to other students living on campus. Student Ambassadors assist with recruiting of new students by providing a student view of life at CNCC to prospective students when they visit campus.
Fun at the Dental Hygiene Inservice
At the Dental Hygiene inservice, staff participated in a team-building exercise, trying to make the tallest structure with 20 noodles of spaghetti, 1 yard of tape, 1 yard of string and 1 large marshmallow. According to the rules, the structure had to be free-standing with the marshmallow on top.  
Spartan Softball Update
The Spartan Softball team has 22 freshman this year representing 11 states. This is the largest recruiting class in CNCC softball history according to Assistant Coach Danielle Walker. "We are excited to have this many new athletes," said Walker. The Spartans start their fall season the first weekend in September. See the link later in the newsletter for their full schedule.
NPS Update
CNCC's NPS SLETP ( Park Ranger Academy ) welcomes a new Academy Director, Charles Huyck, and new Lead Instructor, Don Miller. This is the first time the academy has had both lead and director positions filled since Fall 2016! This academy class may be small (13 students), but there are 3 female trainees and 4 military veterans in the cohort. The group is adapting to the Rangely elevation and the academy schedule. 
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