Directors Update
Inclusion. Diversity.  Love.  

June is a month that reminds us that love will always trump hate.  Love is above all else. Love always wins. As we celebrate Pride month, we recognize the decades-long—and still ongoing—fight for equal rights in the LGBTQ community. Pride is meant to be a celebration of all that the community has accomplished. There  are many ways to celebrate Pride, from learning the history of the movement, to supporting the diverse array of LGBTQ voices, watching a family-friendly film, supporting local LGBT businesses and charities, and more.  I hope you celebrated! Our family celebrated by raising our rainbow flag and have flying it proudly all month to support our LGBTQ+ family and friends.

Even though celebrating is my favorite thing to do, I also took time in June to learn more about the Stonewall riots, the legendary leaders of riots, and the oppression that LGBTQ+ folks still face today. And, if there is anyone better at oppression, it’s the tobacco industry.  It’s no surprise that LGBTQ+ adults smoked cigarettes at rates significantly higher than straight adults and were nearly twice as likely to use e-cigarettes and little cigars — trends created by targeted marketing by Big Tobacco.  For years the tobacco industry has made efforts to appeal to LGBTQ+ consumers through things like advertisements in LGBT press, cigarette giveaways, and free tobacco industry merchandise. Today, the LGBTQ+  community is among the hardest hit by tobacco.  

Let’s remember to not judge those who are smoking and do a better job to understand more of the WHY they are smoking.  It could be deeper than you think. 

Happy Pride Month, everyone!  

Drug Free Communities
Relax. Talk. Listen. Repeat. 
Kids who drink alcohol are more likely to have problems at school, with their friends, and with the law. Worse, alcohol can harm kids’ physical and mental health. But you don’t need a big speech to help a kid understand the dangers of underage drinking. Start small instead. Having a lot of small, casual talks—at the store, in the drive-thru, or between video games—can make a big difference in a kid’s health. Start around age eight to prepare kids to make a lifetime of healthy decisions. Visit for talk tips, facts, and more.
REACH Summer Internship 2021
Seven Calumet County students are participating in the first ever REACH Summer Internship. This week-long experience offers select Calumet County youth the opportunity to come together and create a substance misuse prevention marketing campaign. Through the 2021-2022 school year, this campaign will be shared to unite local youth in committing to a substance misuse free lifestyle. 
RAISE - End of the Year
We officially completed our first year of the RAISE project at Chilton High School.

This project helped students build gratitude and awareness on important topics. The group wrapped up the year by sending encouraging notes to next year's classmates. Even with many setbacks during the school year, the students remained positive, empathetic, and most importantly resilient. Way to go RAISE students!
FACT Speaks Out on Teen Vaping & Covid-19  

Kaukauna FACT student, Cassie Phillips, submitted testimony to legislators on the Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee about the importance of youth prevention programs like FACT. 

“FACT is very important to me because we have the potential to change lives by educating our peers and community about the dangers of tobacco use.”

Read Cassie's entire testimony here.
Stay in the know
Tobacco use in LGBT communities

LGBT individuals may experience disparities that stem from social stigma and discriminatory treatment. On top of that, there is a different kind of disparity in the LGBT community that is often overlooked: disproportionately high tobacco use rates.

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Pride in Policy: Advancing the Health of the LGBTQ+ Community
Tobacco companies have been exploiting queer people since 1985! Learn more about the history and how we can stop them in this webinar presented by the Public Health Law Center and National LGBT Cancer Network!

STRESS = SUBSTANCE ABUSE "Being queer in a heterosexist society is very stressful. I'm willing to bet - in fact, I can tell you definitively that a lot of substance abuse within the queer community is directly tied to that...
Past studies show the LGBTQ population in Wisconsin, like other minority groups, has struggled with smoking. Health advocates say, while it's gotten better with time, there's still work to do. "It has to do with stress and...
No More Cheap Tobacco | LGBTQ Minus Tobacco

Nearly 70% of tobacco users want to quit; half make an attempt each year; fewer than 10% are successful - but more succeed when fewer cheap products are available. ​

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Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line

The Quit Line offers free help to quit smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco. This quitline offers enrollment by calling 800-QUIT-NOW, by texting "ready" to 200-400, or by visiting

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Wisconsin Wins is a science-based, state-level initiative designed to decrease youth access to tobacco products. Through Wins, investigations or compliance checks, are conducted to facilitate retailer compliance with the law. 

For more information about WI Wins, visit
Today's tobacco comes in every color and flavor of the rainbow. While we'd prefer to save the creativity and expression for Pride Month, Big Tobacco has other thoughts.

If you sell tobacco, make sure you and your employees are trained to spot tobacco hiding in plain sight so it doesn't end up in the hands of minors.

Wins offers free training to help you avoid costly mistakes.