VP Corner

A word from our VP of Programming, Donalda Jones: 

Greetings! In an effort to continue to promote safety within all of our sites, CCI is pleased to announce that we will begin installing and operating surveillance cameras at all of our residential group homes. The first home with the cameras will be the Sydney group home and then we will roll out the process to all of our 19 residential sites within the next 6 months. As some of you may already know we already have cameras at our Community Visions Day Programs and we have found video surveillance to be a great tool in ensuring that both staff and program participants are safe.

It is very important to note that the cameras will not take the place of staff supervision and staff will always have the primary responsibility of supervising the residents. Cameras will be located in the exterior of the sites as well as in the interior, in common areas only! Video monitoring will not be permitted in private areas including bedroom and bathrooms. Due to very strict privacy laws (HIPAA), only select CCI management will have access to the recordings. State officials and law enforcement may gain access via a formal request.  Signs will be posted at each site to inform clients and visitors that video surveillance is in progress.

Family members/guardians and residents will be given the official policy for review and acknowledgement before the installation of cameras in the home. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our newest efforts, please feel free to contact me directly at 703-229-6122 or via email at donalda.jones@comconinc .net.

Our New Look

Our company logo and website have been updated and are both sporting a new look!  Our company and services have grown and evolved over the last decade, and we felt it was time for a change!

Check out our website by visiting us at www.comconinc.net 

Is your home prepared for a weather emergency? 

Severe weather is impacting people across the U.S. and internationally and can occur at any time. Being prepared for a weather emergency to ensure that you and your loved one is safe is all too important! 

If you need to leave your home, remember to:
  • Listen to the radio or television for the location of emergency shelters. 
  • Wear appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes.
  • Take your emergency kit with you.
  • Lock your home.
  • Use travel routes specified by local authorities and don't use shortcuts (these may be dangerous!)
  • Confirm that the emergency shelter can meet your special care needs, if you have any, as soon as you get there
  • Notify your support network and out-of-town contact of your location and status.
There are a few additional things that you can do that can help prevent greater damage to your home if you are asked to evacuate: 

Utilities: turn off ALL utilities at the main source. Water and gas lines, and main electrical breakers should be turned off at the source. 

Personal Belongings: Most of the damage from any storm is from flooding. Place personal property in water tight containers and as high off the floor as possible may help preserve these items should water enter the home. Also include food and water supplies! 

Insurance Know your insurance policy and contact numbers and take that information with you in case you need to file a claim! 

Photos: Take a few general photos of the inside and outside of the home before you leave. Don't worry about the details, just what things look like before you leave. 

Notification: Be careful and use caution once you can return to the home. Contact your insurance company immediately to notify them of damages so that any damage can be assessed as soon as possible do that adjusters and contractors can get to you quickly. Again, take photos, they are essential to help assess the extent of the damage! 

Health & Safety

Have you gotten your flu vaccine yet? 
The time is here! 

The VDH and CDC recommend an annual flu vaccination as the first and best way to protect yourself against the flu. You can easily find locations near you where the vaccine is available by visiting  HealthMap Vaccine Finder

Have insurance? Flu shots are available free of charge for most anyone covered under insurance. Also, f or Prince William County residents, the Prince William Area Free Clinic has a stock of flu shots for patients without health insurance. 

Don't have time to schedule an appointment with your doctor or find in coverage providers? No worries! Flu shots are available at most pharmacies, no appointment needed.

There are a couple of opportunities this year to even cash in for getting your vaccine:

Out for your holiday shopping and errands? You'll receive a $5 Target Coupon when you get the no-cost flu shot at Target Pharmacies

Avoiding the holiday rush? CVS pharmacies are giving out $5 off of $25 coupons when you get the no-cost flu shot. Walgreens is also offering $10 reward coupon off your next purchase of $30. 

In addition to the flu shot, there are every day prevention steps and good health habits can help prevent the spread of flu and illness in any season:
  • Avoid close contact and try to stay home 
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing
  • Washing your hands often with soap and water 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
  • Take care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids and eat nutritious food!

VA's New Health Coverage for Adults

Pulling your hair out over insurance coverage, premiums and deductibles? 

Beginning January 1, 2019, more adults in Virginia will have access to quality, low-cost health insurance. Thousands of Virginians aged 19-64 will soon be able to get the health care they need so they don't have to worry about getting sick or having an accident.

Get more information at Cover Virginia and use the eligibility screening tool so see if you can qualify! 

What's Been Going On!?

Fall festivities are in full swing and we've been enjoying fall festivals and events across Northern Virginia. We've been busy in the community enjoying the  Occoquan Arts and Crafts Fair, Fall Festival at Parkridge Center, Clifton Day Festival, DMV Appreciation Cook- Out, Fall Harvest Family Day, Farm Harvest Days, Fall Jubilee/ Festival, Cox Farms Fall Festival, Battle of Bristow Station Anniversary Weekend and Luminary and Temple Hall Farm Fall Festival & Corn Maize. Individuals have continued to enjoy exploring local produce and craft goods at local farmers markets. In addition, we've continued to take nature walks and hikes at local parks and enjoying time outdoors with the cooler weather and exploring other activities at National Harbor, Downtown Manassas, Dave and Busters, local ranches, horseback riding, fishing, bowling, ice cream socials and spa nights. 

Who could forget that Football season is here! We've been tuning into the games and keeping track of our favorite teams. A couple of our residents bundled up and enjoyed the Redskins recent WIN at FedEx Field!!

Celebrating October Birthdays!
Happy Birthday to Andrew, Robbie, Ashley, Deborah, Jimmy, 
Sang, Mary, Edward, Deannah, David and Dan! 

Employee Appreciation

We are sincerely grateful for the team of employees that we have at both CCI and CV! This month we hosted an Employee Appreciation day at Kings Dominion in honor of our employees and all of their hard work and dedication to the Individuals that we serve. It was a pleasure to see everyone there to celebrate! 

Join us in congratulating the following employees who were recognized for their service, dedication and who emulate our core values!


                           CCI                                                                               CV
   Health and Safety- Abdul F. Kamara                        Health and Safety- Frederick Craig
   Dignity- Suzanne Popejoy                                         Dignity- Letty Longoria
    Communication- Tiffany Walker                                 Communication- Jennyfer Velez
    Technology- Ernest Adu-Afram                                   Technology- Andre Hill
   Community Integration- Hawa Kimba                        Community Integration- Tynisha Jones

Employee of the Year
Linda Lovelace

Residential Manager of the Year
Regina Owusu

Day Program Manager of the Year
Mychal Hudgins

10 years of Service Award
 Samuel Boateng
Jennifer Chellis- Jones
Tana Chong-Inhin
Donalda Jones
Bai Kamara
Belinda Laryea
Kimberly Marek
Albert Osei
Ryan Welsh


ATTENTION: CCI's Quarterly All-Staff Meeting is this month!

Who Must Attend :   
ALL  CCI Residential Staff
This is a Mandatory Meeting
Choose a date you are able to attend:

                        Tuesday, 10/30/18 @ 1pm
                  Wednesday, 10/31/18 @ 3:30pm
                      Thursday, 11/01/18 @ 10am

RSVP to Belinda Laryea, Director of Residential Services, by 10/24/18 via PHS

We are officially in Fall, and with this change in season comes the flu! 

In order to protect our employees and the individuals we serve, CCI is encouraging all employees to follow the recommendation of the CDC and get immunized for influenza. These are measures that we are taking as a health care profession to improve the safety of our facilities for the benefit of our staff and individuals. 

Where can you get vaccinated?

We have compiled a list of pharmacies participating with our Anthem Healthkeepers insurance plan, where all employees who are enrolled on the company health insurance can receive influenza vaccinations at no cost! For Prince William County residents, the Prince William Area Free Clinic has a stock of flu shots for patients without health insurance. 

Thanks for working with us on this effort, and stay healthy! 

Lucy K., Julie B., Aminata B., Ibrahim C., Mohamed K., Lola D., Anita A., 
Victor F., Gloria B., Felicia O., Jordan T., Akyaa P., Alusine K.,
 Raihanatu K.,  Genwan Z., Melanie M., Yolanda M., 
Lakisha P., Jaihna W. and Ryan K.

Reminders for all DD Waiver Providers

1. The Plan for Supports should be revised as the individuals support needs change
2. Outcomes should be written so that progress can be determined
3. Notes and Quarterlies should be completed on time and detailed including the individuals response
4. Part V's should be signed by the plan writer, the individual, and Authorized Representative or the Guardian (as applicable) 
5. Criminal background check should be completed prior to the employee starting
6. Competencies should be completed in their entirety the first year (and every 5th year) and confirmed every 2nd, 3rd and 4th year;  per the 9-1-16 Medicaid memo


Resource Corner

We Need to Talk About This: Disability and Trauma Prevention, Identification, and Treatment
The Arc of Northern Virginia,  2755 Hartland Road - Suite 200, Falls Church VA
Thursday, October 25th - 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET
The Arc's expert panel of social workers, therapists, yoga therapists, and social skills coaches will share information on how to prevent abuse and trauma, how to identify trauma, and how to recover from traumatic experiences. Register to attend in person or via Live Webinar!

Social Security Publications
Check out Social Security's online publications. They have more than 100 publications about retirement, disability, wounded warriors, online services, and more. Most are available in PDF, Audio and Other Languages. You can click, save, and share "bookshelves" full of information created by their program experts. Visit www.socialsecurity.gov/pubs today! 

Fall 2018 Program Guides
Check out recreation, park & cultural activities coming up this fall in Alexandria in their  Fall 2018 Program Guide and in Fairfax in their  Fall Partakes 2018! These guides provide information about special events and community events in the area, available classes and even dog parks in the area. Explore and enjoy what Alexandria and Fairfax have to offer!