We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season, from our CCI family to yours! 

Have you been thinking about your New Year's resolutions for 2019? Planning all of the things you want to accomplish next year? Or, let's be honest here, including all of the things you had planned for 2018 but just didn't get to?

If health and wellness is in your plan, don't wait for January 1st to get started. Put your best foot forward and start walking! Unless you finished your holiday shopping, you're probably in the mall anyway. Count those laps!  Your fitness goals don't have to include running or workouts you dislike, hiring a personal trainer or buying the latest as seen on TV workout craze. 

Why Walk? Why Not! 

Walking has Health Benefits: 
1. Improved circulation Walking is an aerobic activity that brings up your heart rate. Walking can ward off heart disease, lower your blood pressure and strengthen your heart. You can reduce your risk of stroke with just a 30 minute walk a day!
2. Stronger Body (from your head to your toes) Walking can stop bone loss and tones your leg and abdominal muscles.  When walking, your breathing rate increases, causing oxygen to travel faster through bloodstream, improving your energy level and the ability to heal. Age-related memory decline, dementia and Alzheimers is also lower in people who walk! 
3. Improvement in mood and sleep Walking releases endorphins to the body and can help relieve symptoms of insomnia for a happier and more rested version of yourself! 
4. Weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight At the end of the day, walking burns calories. A quick 30 minute walk can burn 150 or more calories and increases the more and quicker you walk. 

Ways to increase your steps (no pedometer needed!)
  • Walk daily. Take a morning walk, a walk after lunch or dinner, walk with your Starbucks or when catching up with your friends and family on the phone. Make a point to add it to your day. 
  • Walk a lap around the grocery store or the mall before you start shopping (this gives you a chance to check out the sales while you're at it!)
  • At work, get up and move around once an hour. Instead of emailing or phoning a coworker, walk over. 
  • Park farther away from work or other places you're going. 
  • Walk with others
    • Ask family members, friends, and coworkers to join you
    • Take a walk instead of staying inside when you meet a friend
    • Join a walking group or club (meetup.com)
    • Set a goal to take part in an organized fitness walk or a walk for a cause
    • Plan family outings around walks or hikes

Health & Safety

Already having a case of cabin fever? Whether you're enjoying outdoor recreation,  working/doing outdoor chores or traveling, don't forget to dress appropriately and take some safety precautions when you're exposing yourself to winter elements! 
  • Dress warm! Wear outdoor clothing that is appropriate for the temperature/winter weather: 
    • wear a tightly woven, preferably wind-resistant coat or jacket
    • inner layers of light, warm clothing
    • mittens; hats; scarves
    • waterproof boots (you don't have to spring for winter boots, rain boots will do!) 
  • Can't find any ice-melt? Sprinkle cat litter or sand on any icy patches
  • Follow some safety precautions when outdoors:
    • Work slowly when doing outside chores. Take breaks to warm up indoors. 
    • Take a buddy and an emergency kit when you are participating in outdoor recreation.
      • cell phone, portable charger, and extra batteries
      • blankets
      • on perishable food and water
      • booster cables, flares, tire pump, and a bag of sand or cat litter (for traction)
      • compass and maps
      • flashlight, battery-powered radio, and extra batteries
      • first-aid kit
      • plastic bags (for sanitation)
  • Always carry a cell phone!

'Tis the Season. 


We're feeling the holiday spirit and we look forward to celebrating with you! 

Invitations are out and the parties have started! Please RSVP or feel free to reach out to the Operations Manager if you have any questions. 


Celebrating December Birthdays!
Happy Birthday to
Engelbert, Mitch, Erica, Greg & Glenn!!

Employee Corner

              CCI/CV Employee Holiday Celebration 
at the Main Office!
Let's eat, drink and be merry! All staff are welcome to join us for some holiday refreshments on Thursday, December 13th from 12p-4p during our Holiday Open House!
Not only are we serving up some treats, we'll be handing out turkeys! 

Stop by our Turkey Giveaway in the large parking lot across the street from the main office to pick up your free turkey just in time for your holiday dinner! 

*We are giving away one Turkey per staff member

It isn't too late to participate in our Angel Tree! 

Everyone deserves a gift this holiday season, so come support one of CCI individuals by participating in our Angel Tree gift giving activity.

Everyone is invited to join in on the joy of bringing holiday cheer to our deserving individuals!

Where: Christmas tree is located at the main office

When: 11/15/18-12/17/18

*All gifts should be delivered to the main office by 12/17/18 so they can be delivered to the homes. *

Mandatory Overnight Staff Meeting
Tuesday December 11th@ 10:30am

 All overnight employees, both full time and part time, must attend the staff meeting.  

If you have have any questions or concerns please reach out to Regina Goldston

It's Open Enrollment for Guardian Benefits!
Full time employees can adjust their coverage or enroll in coverage now! Review the 2019 Guardian Benefit Book for more information on available coverage options. 

HR is holding an information session on Tuesday, December 18 th at 11:00am at the Main Office.  Please RSVP to Sylvia Molina 

All applications for changes and additions MUST be received by December  21st to take effect January 1st.  

If you do not want to enroll, or do not wish to make any changes, there is nothing you need to do.  Your current enrollment status will remain the same.

Have you moved recently? Don't forget!

If you have a recent address update, please update your information with HR by December 18th so your W2 can be mailed to the correct location! 

Infiniti will be mailing out all 2018 W2's by January 31, 2019. 

Resource Corner

Give Back While You Shop!
AmazonSmile is a convenient way to support your favorite charitable organization while you 
shop online. Select the charitable organization of your choice and the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible orders.

VA's New Health Coverage for Adults - 3 Easy Ways to Apply

Virginians aged 19-64 can now apply for low or no-cost health coverage  so they don't have to worry about getting sick or having an accident. After applications are accepted and processed, they can begin using the coverage on January 1, 2019! 
  1. Call Cover Virginia at 1-855-242-8282 from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on Monday through Friday, or call from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday.
  2. Apply online at commonhelp.virginia.gov or healthcare.gov
  3. Visit your local Department of Social Services.