NewsletterDecember 2013
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I have been sitting with this unfinished December newsletter for about 2 weeks now & for various reasons been unable to complete it. We have had some fabulous insights and experiences with the online Magic of Colour workshops ("This is fantastic & just what I needed" R.B, UK - week 2), have attended some exciting community meetings in respect of the Diamond Foundation, been priveleged to have shared in some amazing remote diamond activation/alignment sessions and experienced more powerful personal releases of inherited emotional locks (among other things!). It has been 2 weeks of literally 'riding the tailwind' of the energies bathing us this month.

At the beginning of December, I started tuning in to the energetic environment & the focus needed for the solstice, and was prompted by a single key word - Liberation. I have been sitting with this so I could understand the real essence as it doesn't mean that there is a magical intervention that is going to liberate us from anything, least of all ourselves.
In fact, I was reminded of a quote that goes "Liberty isn't given, it is taken".

It is from this perspective that this month provides us with an impetus, the energy for a fresh start, the support to liberate ourselves from whatever we have been allowing to perhaps hold us back in some way, even if that has been unconscious (like inherited emotional patterns). It is in taking our power back in whatever way it is appropriate. It is an even deeper recognition of the truth of who we are. The energy of liberation is also a natural flow through from the deeply emotional and incredible releasing work we did through the 11:11 in November.

Since then, the confirmations have been coming in from many different directions. The first was from Carl Boudreau's astrology blog outlining the planetary influences for this month. It was Carl's phrase "we have the power of the tailwind to drive things forward" that I adopted for this newsletter, as I began to observe it at play. He also comments that the energies don't obstruct us this month. Instead, they provide us with a moral and spiritual realignment opportunity as well as a resurgence of conscience, common decency, common sense and reconciliation. According to Carl, the upcoming solstice takes us further than before in terms of 'Karmic account settling". A wonderful opportunity indeed (see the link to Carl Boudreau's full report in the links section at the end of this newsletter).

Then we have the really sad passing of Nelson 'Madiba' Mandela this month. I was fortunate to have lived in South Africa at the time that we were embraced by the 'Madiba Magic', and the potential for deep and meaningful change. He was certainly the glue that prevented possible explosive situations from deteriorating into mayhem and he provided a focus for Reconciliation among cultures and races. His personal liberation from hatred, bitterness and anger became a message of hope and liberation for others. The greatest pity is that subsequent leaders were not in the least bit capable of managing his grand vision or living with the ideals he awakened, and so the Madiba Magic faded over the years since he withdrew from the presidency.

Not surprisingly, his transition this month has brought his energy and what he stood for, clearly back into the forefront of consciousness - reconciliation and liberation. Already there is a movement afoot in South Africa where the citizens of all creeds, races and tribal origins are now waking up and calling for the resignation of Jacob Zuma, the current (and exceptionally corrupt) president. They are taking their liberty into their own hands, demanding and taking action as the masks of complacency fall away and common decency and common sense rise to the surface. In reconciling what is unacceptable within themselves, they are calling for actions to support their own freedom and liberty. They are reconciling internal values with external behaviour and driving a new change forward for the benefit of all.

I have a strong sense that this will also become more evident around the world as people begin to feel the real power that they have, with down to earth practical actions walking side by side with the highest spiritual ideals and visions. The tyranny of psychpathic corporations and governments is no longer acceptable, and in their current form can never sustain our planet, nor the diversity of life upon it. The changes we have been making within are creating a forcefield now within the collective grids, and more and more individuals are essentially beginning to 'walk the talk' from a renewed and recharged personal centre.

All of the seeds we have been sowing for what seems like aeons (and probably is !), are beginning to germinate. I'm not saying that this is all going to change overnight, because it isn't - however we have the 'wind at our backs' in support of pure intention and meaningful action as we move into 2014. Even the recent solar flares and associated CME's, I have found extremely invigorating, energising and uplifting as opposed to the flattening and fatigue of recent years. We are being renewed and recharged in order to stand in our power and claim our own liberation.

Can you feel it? It's not simply the relief of coming to the end of what has been an extremely challenging, emotional and exhausting year. It is a vibrant and exciting energy that opens the doors to potential if we choose to walk through them. It is an externally oriented energy characterised by a greater willingness to move forward, to bring long-cherished dreams and visions into reality. It is the physical action and work necessary to achieve them, and it is what we have available to us at least for the foreseeable future. We are transforming our so-called masculine energy into it's divine or sacred essence working in partnership with intuitive and sacred guidance from within.

Time to put the gloves on so to speak, and get to work!!

So, please join me for our final Diamond event of 2013 where we can use the energy of the solstice to reconcile more karmic debt and place ourselves firmly in the tailwind of liberty, justice and freedom. Details here
Again I have provided a donation option & if it is truly not possible to even donate a token amount, just send me an email as I do have some free spaces available!

I have also uploaded a new chapter to The Diamond Keys (here), as well as provided you with a fabulous free process to discharge anger from your cells and tissues (great preparation for the solstice - and at any time you need it!). Your free gift is here, and I am also busy with another gift for you with the beautiful music of will receive that one closer to xmas itself!

I heard a wonderful acronym today that was so aligned with the energy themes for this month and it was too delightful not to share :

HUGS = Helping Us Grow Spiritually

We have seen the power of a simple hug to bring a smile to the face and uplift the heart of both the giver and receiver. Movements like 'Random acts of Kindness' and 'Free Hugs available here' are part of restoring the heart of humanity, scattering seeds of appreciation and spreading love. Give a gift to yourself and someone else by offering a HUG today - you can't be angry or upset when you're embraced in a warm and loving hug!

Until next time....
In Loving Service


Diamond Light World
(PS, In hindsight I now see that the energy processes I was guided to create this year have all supported the movement into this current space with quantum leap potential. It didn't always feel like it at the time as there was a great deal of inner processsing happening on the journey, but all has been in perfect and divine order. One of the special series that has been brought back to light is the From Fragmentation to Wholeness web class series. We gained so much from it I would highly recommend it for this month & although it isn't upon the promotion page, I have provided a special price reduction for you for this recorded series which you can access immediately. Check it out here)
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Upcoming Events

1. 21 Dec : Solstice event
Focussing on inner Reconciliation and Liberation, our diamond solstice event is so perfectly aligned with the cosmic and planetary support we are currently influenced by! After the profound and emotional 11:11 event that helped with the 'liberation of ancestral paterns' and traumatised souls, we are given a beautiful opportunity to expand our presence and our light in the world through a deeply personal liberation process.
You can register and find out more information here

This is one not to be missed!

2.Antaneea Technique Treatments
On 20 and 21 December I will be offering a limited number of Antaneea treatments in Newcastle upon Tyne. These beautiful 2 hour sessions are an 'indulgent necessity' (to quote a client!). Deeply relaxing while clearing any trapped emotions from the body, these massage based treatments with 13 different coloured oils will transport you into a space of peace and calm, and rejuvenate body, soul and mind.
I have two appointment slots open on 20th and one (possibly two) on the 21st. Please email me ( if you are interested in one of the apointments.

I am also looking at the possibility of coming down to London in January between 19 - 25th. If you would be interested in booking a session in London (and if you know of a suitable venue with therapy rooms to hire), then please get in touch with me ASAP at the same email address.

More workshops/events for 2014 to be sent out shortly!

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My first Gift of December for you!

I promised you a number of gifts this month, and here is number one, offered in gratitude for your support over the years! There have been many times when challenges became overwhelming and it was tough for me to move through the obstacles and keep on going. Often an appreciative email or a welcome donation made all the difference in the world to me!
I am reminded of the wonderful quote by Dolly Parton, "It's hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World" - spot on Dolly!

This mp3, entitled Releasing Anger (and reclaiming Your Power!) is based on a process I have used often in my bodywork practice when I discover the emotion of anger suppressed and locked up in the muscles and tissues of the body. It is a powerful process that unlocks these blocks, and supports healing as well as positive energy flow. Every time we suppress an angry response, it reduces the amount of energy we have available for supporting our passion, purpose and forward momentum. Anger itself is a powerful emotion and is ultimately an energy that can be converted into fuel to drive us forward. We are often taught that anger is not an acceptable emotion, and the natural instinct is then to suppress it where it ultimately gets buried in our phsyical infrastructure. Locked up anger can lead to depression and illness, so our well being is ultimately dependant upon releasing this energy.

This mp3 will assist you in letting go of any anger you have stored or not acknowledged over the years, and to do so safely and without directing it in inappropriate ways. There is a soothing, healing section at the end, like a balm over wound or experiencing the calm after a storm. It is perfect for clearing and restoring our energy after a very intense year, and restoring flow for what promises to be a more upliftimg 2014! (see Carl Boudreau's astrology link below for more info on the planetary support)

The Balance Collection
Global Soul Chi Jewellery 

If you are looking for a beautiful, ethical, supportive gift for someone special this christmas, why not take a look at Jacqui Keaveny's collections of Chi jewellery under her business identity, Global Soul. With a generous percentage of profits going to various children's charities, these eye catching pieces provide upliftment where it is needed as well as personal upliftment in the wearing of it!
Each piece within the collections is designed and made with total love. I personally have a pendant from the Balance Collection (diamonds!) and every single time I wear it, it draws comments from those who see it.
Jacqui now has an affordable silver plated option, in addition to the solid silver pieces she started with. So, why not treat yourself or someone you love with one of the truly divine designs. You can view all the collections on her website here
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Update on the Diamond Foundation

Gosh, we have been learning so much on this new journey with our fledgling initiative, the Diamond Foundation. Here's a quick update for you on the past few weeks activities :

1. At the time we started doing our own research into actual needs in our local area, we happened (synchronistically!) to connect in with a group of highly motivated individuals also running small charities to provide specific niche needs. In the past few weeks there have been a couple of joint meetings & we have linked up with them as well as a couple of other social providers. The group has already grown amazingly & the overall objective is to be abe to utilise all the various skills to provide a 'One stop centre' in service to not only the homeless, but those in crisis or needing support that is not readily available through formal channels. There are some exciting ideas and good experience in the working group and we are now looking at a couple of successful working models in other parts of the UK. It also increases the potential for funding if we have a larger and varied group of service providers, so this is an exciting initiative with a shared ethos for upliftment of people and a community centred focus.

2. The Diamond Foundation itself has already collected bags of clothing for the kids & young adults on the streets with some really heartwarming responses and gestures from many in the Manchester area. Coats, jerseys, gloves, scarves. hats and even sleeping bags were donated and the distribution of these items has already begun. What is so sad is that we seem to be unable to give away the beautiful sleeping bags received - the youngsters have told us that they don't want them as they frequently get urinated on by pub-crawlers & they then have nowhere to be able to wash the sleeping bags. Some of the stories we are hearing are heartbreaking & there is no way to romanticise this.

3. The wonderful and generous donations you have already given, have gone firstly towards the purchase of toiltery bags and essential toiletries that we will be handing out to those on the streets, and others who need them. We have also connected with a local church that has a great kitchen facility, but only has the means to run one free 'supper club' evening per week. The rest of the funding we have will go towards the purchase of food & together with a few more willing volunteers we will be manning a second meal evening per week from this kitchen.

So, that's a quick update for you & there will be more on the way! The more we delve into this, the more we find is needed so we are also ensuring that there is a firm foundation (pun intended) to take this work forward, even while we plug a few small gaps with immediate needs.

Your donations have been so very much appreciated, and if you would like to support our initiatives, please consider any amount you can afford using the donation button below! With loving thanks.

Special Links of Interest!
Image courtesy of Nyako Nakar
As always, below is a selection of links for you to stimulate the mind, heart and spirit on your journey. All are chosen to expand understanding of the world we live in, whether seen or unseen as well as providing often practical support for wherever you may be at on your journey.

1. Random Acts of Kindness
A delightful and short story of a man in the UK who appeared to be homeless but was actually giving moiney away! A lovely upliftng reminder of the benefit of random acts of kindness.

2. Biophotons : the Human Body emits Light
Great article on biophotons and the human body, including growing evidence that the human body's emissions are impacted by solar and lunar forces. Some good insights here in respect of our relationship with light.

3. Mind Science Documentary
This is a lengthy video documentary, but there is so much information that it is worth watching and digesting in small chunks. Good info with some amazing research into subtle energy, remote influences, healing at a distance and more.

4.  The People's Voice
Switch off your Tv and tune in to this new internet Tv and radio station if you haven't done already. There are some great shows, fabulous and intelligent guests and presenters who are exposing what the mainstream media either ignores or distorts. Sonia Poulton and Richie Allen, among others, are providing some much needed exposure into what is really going on in the world.

5. Carl Boudreau's December Astrology
Carl Boudreau gives a brilliant, concise and uplifting insight into the support we are receiving from planetary interactions and configurations this month. It is like being given a breath of celestial hope! One of his quotes is, "we have the power of the tailwind to drive things forward" in December and into 2014. So take a deep breath and enjoy the energies supporting a 'moral and spiritual realignment' as we enjoy a new momentum to take us into 2014.

6. Divine Space Colour Academy
Penni du Plessis fabulous site about all things colour! Informative articles, beautiful products and insights into how colour can support you at all levels. The Magic of Colour online course uses Penni's workbook (I am one of her Colour Teachers) and takes you on a deeper, magical journey into your personal relationship with colour and how you can use it to support you. My latest online course has just started (2 December), and as each class is recorded, there is always an opportunity to catch up with anythimg you may miss live. Catch it  here

7. Fukushima : radioactive discharge into the ocean (article)
There is huge debating going on as to the hidden magnitude and actual scale of the Fukushima disaster. From starfish on the west coast of the USA 'dissolving' to alarming and elevated cancer stats in Japan itself. The powers that be are feeding the media machine with watered down information and not acknowledging the ongoing tragedy that is Fukushima. It has even been said that this is a potential Extinction Level Event. Nuclear power is never safe and to think that the UK and other countries are still planning new nuclear reactors is unbelievable.
There is a very sobering and excellent documentary called 'Into Eternity - Radioactive waste'  by Danish Director Michael Madsen that follows the construction of a nuclear waste facility in Finland. It addresses many of the issues of nuclear waste management and the length of time needed to render radioactive waste harmless. Very well worth while watching and being educated on.

8. Wal-Mart : The High Cost of Low Prices
This is a documentary video about the spurious business practices of one of the largest corporations in the world. Powerful testimonies from ex-Walmart employees and a powerful punch at the end which is testament to the power of the people & groundswell movements. Well worth watching.
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