Ballard Performing Arts
July 30th 2018
Hey, do you know when and who needs to go the BPA uniform fittings?
Yes! Click HERE for details on all fittings for BPA
Do you know when the camp fees are due? Can my kid still go if I haven't paid yet?
It's not to late to sign up and pay for camp. Click HERE. All band, orchestra, and concert choir & adv. chorale students go to camp.
I can pay online, right?
Yes, it's quick and easy, but don't forget to fill out the paperwork too! 👍
And for WE and Sym Band, Disneyland deposits and paperwork are also now due.
Thanks, anything else I should know?
Can you help donate a dessert to the BHS Foundation Golf Dinner? It's on Aug 19th. We need 35 desserts and only have 5
so far! Sign up HERE 🍰 🎂 🍮 🍭
Band has many volunteer needs right as school starts. Chaperones for football 🏈 games, Leavenworth parade and dads for band camp. Sign up HERE
How do you remember all this? 😳
Check out the website and read the weekly enews and you will always up to date.