One great irony is that Lowndes County is the birthplace of The Black Panther Party. The Party eventually moved to Oakland, California, where Stokely Carmichael became its famed leader, but, contrary to popular belief, the movement for change was begun in Lowndes County. The very place that served as the catalyst for one of the most noted organizations to play a role in facilitating historic national, social, and political change, was left behind, left out of the so-called American dream, and did not receive even the basics of civilized progress. According to an article by Green America ,

“While local and state governments brought basic infrastructure like good sewage systems to affluent, primarily white neighborhoods decades ago, many Black and low-income homes in Lowndes County just got running water in the 1990s. In addition, more than 35 percent of homes in the county have failing systems, and 15 percent have nothing but outhouses or a pipe that runs from the house to the woods.”