Wellington, FL - March 23, 2022 - After watching one of her top performance horses, Bokai, struggle with respiratory issues, international showjumper Catherine Tyree wanted to do anything possible to help him live a better life. After some research, she found that using a high quality bedding was one of the best ways to create a healthier environment and prevent further issues for Bokai. That is when Tyree found Aubiose, a supreme hemp bedding product that is revolutionizing the horse care industry. With the difference it has made for the 16-year-old KWPN gelding, Aubiose has become a staple product in her barn. She is now joining forces with Aubiose and Chanvra Materials to spread the word about this incredible product.

Tyree's story is heart warming. "In 2020, Bokai bled twice from his lungs. After he made a full recovery from that, I did some research to try and make his day-to-day life easier and was introduced to Aubiose through Chanvra Materials," said Tyree. "With little to no dust and easy maintenance, Bokai couldn't be happier on their bedding, and I feel at ease knowing I am giving him an environment that mitigates the risk of this issue arising again. I am thrilled to say that with the help of Aubiose bedding, Bokai has made a full recovery and is back competing at the FEI level."
Tyree is just one of many equestrians whose stable maintenance routines have been improved and simplified by the world renowned Aubiose hemp bedding. This premium hemp material drastically reduces the amount of dust in stalls, effectively controls ammonia odors throughout the barn, and provides a comfortable surface for performance horses to rest and recover, since the top layer of the bedding remains dry and soft. With minimal upkeep, and only a small amount of bedding required each week, equestrians can make the change to this high quality bedding without a significant increase in their bedding budget. Plus, this fully biodegradable and chemical free material can be easily composted on-site to effectively cut down on the cost of manure removal. With many benefits outside of just improving respiratory health, the switch to hemp bedding would have a positive impact on any barn operation.
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Moving forward, Tyree is looking forward to her new and expanded partnership with Aubiose and Chanvra Materials. "It's been amazing working with Aubiose and the team at Chanvra Materials. I'm really looking forward to working with them to expand the knowledge of their product to people across the country with horses that can really benefit from it," explained Tyree. With Tyree's platform as an international athlete, Aubiose plans to tap further into the equestrian market by expanding their affiliate marketing to make a difference for horses both currently competing and in retirement.
About Aubiose and Chanvra Materials:
Chanvra Materials manages the Aubiose USA Distribution Network and introduced the Aubiose brand to the North American market in 2017. Their mission is to regenerate hemp farming in the USA by building viable markets that can eventually be serviced by locally grown hemp materials. The Aubiose brand has been the key product of Chanvra's ambitious plans to drive and support the development of the relatively young American hemp industry.

Aubiose has long been well established in Europe, leading the hemp market since 1985 and attracting the support of many highly regarded equestrian athletes, including Olympic gold medalist Astier Nicolas. Aubiose is considered the worldwide benchmark of Quality for hemp shives (the inner core of the hemp stem), and this is the specification Chanvra is basing their plans for North American production around. Their vision is to build a network of intricate hemp processing facilities in North America, which produce Aubiose grade hemp materials and become catalysts for broad-acre regenerative agriculture. They are working closely with the generational lineage of expert hemp farmers who produce the Aubiose brand to support the implementation of this vision. Along with Aubiose, Chanvra Materials offers a diverse line of Quality hemp products including hemp building materials, horticultural products, and much more. 
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