Success Story
Anthony* was a new father struggling with anxiety. He desired to understand what was happening to him and eager for help. He started therapy for the first time in his life and was able to gradually understand the different things that made his anxiety worse or better. He thought back through his life and began to understand some deep wounds he'd been carrying. Anthony learned specific coping skills that helped him keep control over his anxiety and as a result change the deafening negative self-talk that had left him defeated for years.

The anxiety continued to decrease over the ensuing months and his outlook and self-confidence skyrocketed. He began to believe the positive things about himself and make more consistent connections with others. He gradually stopped needing therapy as he had acquired the skills, he needed to care for himself. When the anxiety returned a few months later, he returned for therapy - discouraged and feeling that he made no progress. However, at the end of one session, he remembered all the things that helped him and had a plan to implement them. At the next session, he reported that the setback had ended, and he understood what to do when the anxiety inevitably creeps back in.

*Name changed for privacy
Catholic Charities Bloomington Update
There are been a significant increase in the demand for our services. Since August, the number of people seeking help with their mental health has tripled! To meet the community’s needs, we have hired a new therapist, Jessica Ullrich. Jes worked with us as an intern the past year and earned her M.S.Ed in Mental Health Counseling from Indiana University. She is a passionate advocate on behalf of her clients and loves working with kids and teens of all ages. We are excited to add Jessica to our team. 
CCB Therapist Recognized as Student of the Year
Catholic Charities Bloomington Therapist, Sara Farmer, was named the 2020 Co-Master of Social Work Student of the Year by the Indiana Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

Sara interned at CCB before being hired on as a full-time therapist following her graduation. Sara was also one of four authors on an article entitled "Closing the Gap: Increasing Community Mental Health Services in Rural Indiana" that was recently published in the Community Mental Health Journal. The article can be found here. Congratulations to Sara on all her recent accomplishments and recognition.
Phase 4 United Way Grant
The United Way of Monroe County recently awarded COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Phase 4 to area nonprofits who contribute critical services to Monroe County’s safety net. Catholic Charities Bloomington received $9,449 to purchase technologies for producing high quality videos to be shared with clients and the community. 

These videos will be ‘tips and tricks’ from CCB therapists on how to navigate challenging time, with guided exercises on deep breathing, creative tools for coping with anxiety, and tips for helping children regulate their emotions. Additionally, CCB will create trainings and webinars for our partner agencies to use for staff development. This effort will be supported by Jay Kincaid, IU Media School Professor and husband of CCB Advisory Council member Jenny Kincaid. 
Save the Date!
Archdiocese of Indianapolis Legacy Gala
Date: Friday, April 16th, 2021 
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Virtual
Details: The first annual Archdiocese of Indianapolis Legacy Gala benefitting Catholic Charities, Catholic Schools and Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary. For more information or to sponsor this event click here.

Catholic Charities Bloomington Annual Benefit
Date: Spring 2021 
Details: More information and registration will be available in early 2021 
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