Every child is a gift!

Focusing on children with special needs for National Adoption Month

Jessica was pregnant with her second child, and excited for her daughter to have a sibling. But at 10 weeks a blood test revealed the little boy she was carrying most likely had Down syndrome.

Afraid, she considered terminating her pregnancy, but realized she couldn’t have an abortion. “Other than his diagnosis, he was a healthy baby, full of potential,” she says.

Meanwhile, Matt and Ally began their adoption journey, agreeing they would “be open to any child and happily accept whoever God brought to us.” When they heard an expectant parent was seeking an adoptive family for a special needs baby, they were eager to be considered.

 “We had many conversations about what this could mean for our family… what the child’s specific needs would be and how this would change our family,” Ally says.

“Every time fear would creep in, God would bring us peace,” she said. “Saying ‘yes’ to our son is the best decision we have ever made. He is the sweetest, most delightful person we could’ve imagined!” 

As November is National Adoption Month, Catholic Charities is highlighting the need for these special adoptions. We have encountered pregnant women facing a prenatal diagnosis and seeking services, and an increased need for families open to adopting children in medically complex situations. Creating a pathway for families to say “yes” in this way is an authentically pro-life response.

“Children with special needs are a true gift that our current culture is choosing to throw away,” Ally says. “If you are in a position where you are considering adoption, please consider these children too. There is such joy in embracing a child who reflects our Creator in such a unique way.”

If you are interested in learning more about Special Needs Adoption, please visit our website to learn more.

World Day of the Poor

"In Jesus' challenge to be attentive to the needs of the poor, marginalized and suffering, he intends our personal engagement-it cannot be merely delegated in ministering to the poor-and reminds us that in doing so, we are serving him."

Read the full statement from Bishop Burbidge

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