The Catholic Community Foundation (CCF) was blessed to have Kerry Alys Robinson , founding executive director and global ambassador of the Leadership Roundtable , present at its March board of directors meeting.

New to board meetings is the introduction of mission moments. In order to better educate members on the foundation's community-wide impact, each meeting will begin with a short presentation by a speaker or ministry representative. Through these mission moments, CCF hopes to bring to life its goal of spiritually and financially enhancing and sustaining the charitable, educational, and pastoral ministries of the archdiocese. For the year's inaugural mission moment, Kerry's presentation was linked directly to the foundation's new unifying vision: Fostering Generosity.

The author of Imagining Abundance: Fundraising, Philanthropy, and a Spiritual Call to Service , Kerry touched on several lessons she's learned during her career dedicated to working for the Church, including:

  • Generosity is humankind's birthright and can change the life of the giver.
  • Everyone has something to give, and that doesn't just mean money.
  • Be careful of cynicism; celebrate joyfully what is right so that you can find the energy to fix what is wrong.

Many thanks to our wonderful board of directors for their leadership and to Kerry for delivering such a thoughtful presentation!