The Gift of Ourselves
May 2019
Building a Brighter Future
Archbishop Joseph Kurtz interviews Deacon Scott Haner about the “Building a Brighter Future” Campaign for Catholic Charities of Louisville.
An Absolute Blessing
By Deacon Tony Cecil

Last summer, I visited my best friend in Rome. We went to St. Monica’s tomb, and while there, the Lord spoke to me in the depths of my heart, telling me it’s time to invite my own dear mother home into the Church.

I love the Church with everything I’ve got, but I love my mother too. I’d seen others talk to her about this, and she just didn’t get it. She was defensive. I was nervous to have this conversation with her.

So later, I did a Novena to Saint Thérèse, asking her guidance. I asked for a yellow rose if it was time to talk to mom about this. After the novena, what crossed my path unexpectedly but a bouquet of two dozen GIANT bright yellow roses.

So, I prayed, and I talked to mom.

She said, “I’ve been waiting so long for you to ask me!”

The last few months, she’s been meeting with one of the Dominican Sisters at my parish to prepare to receive the sacrament of Confirmation and her First Communion.

A part of that prayer experience that I never told her, so as to not pressure her, was that I felt I would be the one to receive her into the Church when she was ready.

Recently, she told me she wanted me to confirm her and that she wanted to receive Communion at my first Mass of Thanksgiving. I told her the only way that’d work is if she was confirmed at my first Mass. She said that’s what she’s been wanting.

So, I talked to my pastor and the Archbishop. At the end of this last week, the Archbishop gave me permission to do what my mother desires and what the Lord spoke to my heart that warm day in Rome.

So, at my First Mass, I’ll have the joy of receiving my mother into full communion with the Catholic Church and giving her the Eucharist for the first time.

What an absolute blessing. Please pray for her.

The Lord is so stinkin' good y’all.

Sts. Monica & Thérèse pray for us!

Deacon Tony Cecil (along with Deacon Steven Reeves and Deacon Kirby Rust) will be ordained to the priesthood at 11:00 a.m. May 25 at the Cathedral of the Assumption.
Bringing Our Gifts
The Liturgy of the Eucharist begins with the collection and the presentation of the gifts of bread and wine, brought forward by representative members of the community. But the bread and wine are not the only “gifts.” The Church teaches that we also offer our very selves to God for sacrifice. The priest receives these gifts – bread, wine, and ourselves. In the Eucharistic prayer, he asks God to send the Holy Spirit for transformation – transformation of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, and transformation of all of us into the Body of Christ.  
This video is third in a new series, Work of the People: The Catholic Mass. For more information about this series on the role of the assembly in the Mass, go here. Resources on this page also include suggestions for how parishes can use the resource.
Archbishop's Tweets
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May 6
Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord. Rest in peace, Dr. Perry Sangalli.

April 27
On Easter Sunday at St. Bernard Church in Casey Co., Malachi Zurowski explained to me that he is receiving Holy Communion next Sunday and this is the last time for him to cross his arms! Alleluia, Malachi!

April 24
What a joy to confirm youth of St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral In Bardstown during the joyous Easter Octave!
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Resources & Recommendations
This month, we're highlighting some helpful and timely resources for Catholics throughout the Archdiocese. We encourage you to check out the resources below.

Senior Adult Resources
With the support of the Catholic Services Appeal, Catholic Charities of Louisville, the Office of Faith Formation, and the Family Ministries Office are collaborating to offer training and formation to those who minister to and with senior adults as well as seniors themselves.

Seniors are invited to a retreat day for maturing adults on Thursday, June 27, 9:00 a.m. to noon (followed by lunch) at Saint Stephen Martyr Parish (2931 Pindell Ave, Louisville, KY 40217) in the Marteen Room. Sister Janet Schaeffler, O.P., whose primary area of expertise is adult faith formation with a particular emphasis on senior ministry, will present this retreat. The retreat will focus on helping senior adults deepen the gift they are; enjoy the precious moments they have been given; continue to develop relationships with the many loved people in their lives; and celebrate how to give their special way-of-being to others, which makes this world a more caring place.

Please register prior to workshop to insure availability. Contact Lynn McDaniel at or (502) 636-0296, ext. 1267. Cost is $20.00 and includes a continental breakfast and lunch after the retreat. Make checks payable to ALMI. 

On Wednesday, June 26 from 8:30 a.m. to noon, a workshop for parish ministers will be offered entitled “Walking with Maturing Adults in Their Unique Years,” at Saint Stephen Martyr Parish (2931 Pindell Ave, Louisville, KY 40217) in the Marteen Room. Parish ministers have the challenge and privilege to walk with vibrant seniors in their spiritual growth and mission within the community and the wider world. Presenter Sister Janet Schaeffler, O.P. will provide the opportunity for parish minsters to reflect together on the vision to affirm, support, and engage maturing adults in their journey while also focusing on practical, successful, and beneficial resources that can be offered by parishes. 
Please register prior to workshop to insure availability. Contact Lynn McDaniel at or (502) 636-0296, ext. 1267. Cost is $15.00 and includes a continental breakfast. Make checks payable to ALMI. Catechist credit is available: 3.5 credits available in the area of catechetics.

Teaching Editorial Series on Faith and Science
Please check out the teaching editorial series being published during the month of May in The Record . Archbishop introduces this series , and joins Christopher Graney, astrologist and historian of science at Jefferson Community & Technical College, Dr. Kate Bulinski, Associate Professor of Geosciences at Bellarmine University, Dr. Jim Shields, a psychologist in private practice, and Tim Darst, Executive Director of Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light, in writing about the relationship between faith and science. 

Sexual Abuse
Archbishop Kurtz’s “Leadership Briefing” continues to update Catholics about the issue of sexual abuse in the Church. See all editions here
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