An Opportunity to Serve
September 2018
The White Mass
By Dr. Fred Williams

The White Mass has been a tradition of the Catholic Church in the United States since 1932, which coincides with the origin of what later came to be known as the Catholic Medical Association. The term “white” refers to the white coats that physicians involved in patient care have worn for many years. Today, advanced nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other patient care providers wear white coats.

Archbishop Kurtz will celebrate this year’s White Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption on Sunday, October 14 at 5:30 p.m. 

The White Mass is a Mass of celebration and petition for all those involved in the healthcare ministry. We celebrate the calling to alleviate suffering and to preserve the good health of our fellow human beings. We petition the “Great Physician,” our Lord Jesus Christ to guide us, inspire us, and to deliver the grace of perseverance in our efforts. We also pray for the intercession of Saint Luke, the patron saint of physicians. The White Mass is usually held in proximity to the feast of Saint Luke, which is celebrated in mid-October. 

Healthcare professionals and students-in-training of all faith traditions are invited. Our Archbishop has been very supportive of this annual Mass, and last year all of the attendees enjoyed his words of encouragement and recognition of the importance of our work and how we are God’s hands in caring for the humanity created in His image and likeness. Every year as the Mass concludes, I feel particularly rejuvenated and re-energized when I leave the Cathedral, knowing that what I do as a physician is so much more than just a job. It’s an opportunity to serve, to heal, and even to evangelize by allowing Christ to work through us.

Representatives of the St. Joseph Guild of the Catholic Medical Association will be available at the Mass and will distribute information concerning CMA and the local guild. Physicians and all other health care professionals who attend the liturgy are encouraged to wear their white coats.

Dr. Fred Williams is an endocrinologist in practice with Endocrine and Diabetes Associates, current President of the St. Joseph CMA guild and is a member of Saint Boniface Church. 
Catholic Services Appeal Video 2018
Each year, people throughout the Archdiocese of Louisville give generously to the Catholic Services Appeal so that, together, we may bring Christ to others. The Catholic Services Appeal helps fund more than 100 ministries and services throughout the Archdiocese, and your gift supports the needy, vocations, prayer and worship, lifelong formation and education opportunities, work with teens and young adults, and the ministry of our parishes and schools. 

Click on the video below for an advance viewing of the inspiring message for CSA 2018.
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God Calls, We Respond
By Leisa Schulz

A new school year is upon us, and students, families, and educators are entering our community of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Louisville where we recognize we are all called and gifted. We are blessed to have 40 Catholic elementary school communities and nine Catholic high school communities that live out their missions in diverse ways within our overarching vision that we are called to faith and holiness within one Church. Each day is an opportunity for each of us to say, “Yes,” to God again by growing in our knowledge and faith and sharing those gifts with the broader community.

This year our Catholic elementary school students will experience a new set of religion standards that will teach them about their Catholic faith, strengthen their beliefs, and provide opportunities for them to practice their faith. The standards are built on the pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the six tasks of catechesis from the National Directory of Catechesis. The standards also incorporate an intentional strand on Theology of the Body from the teachings of Saint John Paul II. Students will learn that every person is made in the image and likeness of God through the themes of love, gender, gift, vocation, creation, redemption, purity, and covenant.

Several Catholic schools have updated or renovated existing facilities to create spaces that are more conducive to programs such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) that require integrated technology and maker spaces. New classroom furnishings are focused on group work, and learning spaces are easily arranged and adapted to fit the specific classroom activity. Technology is more fully integrated throughout schools and accessible in public areas throughout buildings. Schools are focusing on new models, such as blended learning, to meet the needs of students and deepen their engagement in the learning process.

Every student is experiencing a transition as the school year begins. Students are moving from one grade level to another, and many students are moving from one instructional level (primary, intermediate, middle school) within a building. We also have students transitioning from one school to another as they move on to high school. These transitions are part of progressing through education, and they can be very exciting for students as they reach milestones such as moving from eighth grade to high school. Students look forward to these passages. Students may also be a bit nervous about moving to a new grade level or on to high school. Those feelings are also to be expected.

Our Catholic schools provide many resources and supports to students and parents to address these transitions, and students have the opportunity to learn skills that will assist them with all the transitions that await them in the future. Please be in touch with your school if you have any concerns or questions about your child’s progress.

Growth and change are important, and our Catholic school communities provide value-based environments where students are formed in their faith and prepared academically to make a difference in the world. Our children and young people have the opportunity to learn each day how God calls and we respond.

Leisa Schulz is Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Louisville.
Archbishop's Tweets
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September 9
At St Rita Church to celebrate La Senora de Caridad de Cobre (Cuba) & treated to beautiful song of praise from 55 women returning from weekend ACTS retreat. 

September 2
We give thanks for Fr Chuck Walker- this morning installed as pastor of St Martin de Porres Parish.

August 25
After the closing Mass for Archdiocesan Junior High School retreat - at St Michael Church 

August 21
How grateful we are to the Priest’s parents club for gathering newly ordained priests with us for a luncheon. 
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Resources & Recommendations
This month, we're highlighting some helpful and timely resources for Catholics throughout the Archdiocese. We encourage you to check out the resources below and get involved!

Sexual Abuse Crisis
In response to the terrible accounts detailed in the Pennsylvania Grant Jury Report of sexual abuse by priests and others representing the Church and the abuse involving Archbishop McCarrick, Archbishop Kurtz has written a number of columns, as well as a letter to the Catholic people.  Click here for Archbishop’s statements .

Archbishop Kurtz invites Catholics throughout the Archdiocese to join him in a Day of Prayer and Fasting on Friday, October 5. This day is being observed to inspire solidarity with victims of sexual abuse, to highlight efforts to renew and repair our Church, and to renew our clergy in their faithfulness to Christ in virtue and in service. The day will end with a prayer service, 6 p.m. at Holy Family Church, 3938 Poplar Level Road. The prayer service at Holy Family is open to the public; Catholics also are invited to observe a time of prayer in their homes or parishes. 

Click here for information about archdiocesan policies and programs related to the sexual abuse of minors.

For information about the recently completed audit of the Archdiocese of Louisville policies and procedures, click here .

Parish Discernment
The results of Wave 3 of the parish discernment process as well as Archbishop Kurtz’s pastoral letter in response to parish discernment, The Soul of the Parish: Being Led by the Holy Spirit Alive in our Midst, will be published in the September 13, 2018 , issue of The Record . This information also can be found here .

Conversations with Archbishop Kurtz
The 10th season of Conversations with Archbishop Kurtz began this month. For the September episode of Conversations, Chancellor Dr. Brian Reynolds and Archbishop Kurtz discuss the recently completed parish discernment process, and Archbishop answers the question “What is an Archdiocese?” Archbishop also welcomes guest Leisa Schulz, Superintendent of Schools, to talk about the new school year and the Merton Leadership Institute. 
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