A Shared Responsibility
June 2018
Migration and Refugee Services
Below is the third of three reflections on the programs and ministries of Catholic Charities of Louisville. Staff shared these reflections at a series of prayer services held by Catholic Charities during Lent.
By Alix Davidson

Jesus was a refugee child. His parents fled from Bethlehem in Judea to Egypt after God warned Joseph in a dream that King Herod intended to kill Jesus. They stayed there in Egypt until King Herod died and it was safe for them to return.

Like many of the refugee youth we work with, Jesus was a child in exile. His family was separated from their home, from the support of extended family, and from cultural norms that were familiar. For me, this adds new meaning to the commands throughout the Bible that we are to welcome the stranger. And when Jesus says to us, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me,” he can honestly say that from experience.

Of course, we know we should do it because Jesus loves and has compassion for refugees and immigrants; but perhaps just as importantly, we should note that God actually became a person and experienced the pain and brokenness of being human. Jesus knows what it feels like to be invisible, to come from struggle, to be starving, and to run away from violence. He too, was a refugee child. The Gospel of Matthew does not really say, but we can only hope that Jesus’ family was welcomed when they entered Egypt. We can hope that someone welcomed them into his or her home, showed them where things were, and helped them learn the local customs.

The phrase “welcoming the stranger” has seemed a bit odd to me since I started doing this work. I think most of us who... Read More
A New Solar Array
On May 30, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz and Mr. Paul W. Thompson, LG&E and KU Chairman, President, and CEO, announced the partnership of the first diocesan-based solar array in the greater Kentucky region. The array, located at the Archdiocese of Louisville Pastoral Center on 3940 Poplar Level Road, also marks the inaugural Business Solar project for LG&E and its sister utility, Kentucky Utilities Company.
In making this announcement, Archbishop Kurtz said, “Pope Francis has called on all of us – churches, businesses, the civic community, neighborhoods and individuals – to have a shared responsibility in caring for others and the gift of God’s creation, and this Business Solar partnership generating renewable energy with LG&E is one of the ways we’re embracing his teaching. It’s our hope that this will motivate other businesses and organizations to begin similar partnerships to help care for our common home, the Earth.”
The Archdiocese’s solar array, which was filed with and approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission, is a rooftop-mounted system made up of 100 solar panels. The system is expected to produce about 30 kilowatts of power or about 45,000 kWh per year, which is enough energy to power about four typical residential homes for one year. The Archdiocese will receive bill credits based on the system’s monthly production.

Watch this brief video about the solar array:
Strong Women of Great Faith
By Abby Birk

As time draws to a close for the Sacred Heart Academy Class of 2018, and we prepare to begin our lives beyond high school, it is important to reflect on the many cherished opportunities that made us Valkyries — strong women of great faith.

From the first day we stepped onto the Ursuline campus as freshmen, we were presented with valuable opportunities, the first of which was the opportunity to receive an excellent education. The variety of courses offered at SHA ranges from college-level International Baccalaureate classes to unique electives, such as forensic science, ceramics, and convergent media, ensuring we each took classes that interested us and prepared us for the future.

We received instruction from dedicated and talented teachers who spent countless hours working to develop unique ways to teach us, whether it was creating a song to help us conjugate verbs in Spanish class or creating a poverty simulation in theology class to expand our understanding of the plight of others.

Of course, the opportunities SHA has given us extend well beyond the classroom. SHA encouraged us to develop our individual talents, providing life lessons and cultivating lifelong passions.

In athletics, our victories taught us the value of dedication and teamwork and the joy that comes with winning, while our losses taught us to pick each other up and filled us with a hunger and a drive that compel us toward greater success in the future.

Artistically, the countless hours spent in the studio or rehearsing to produce works of art and inspiring performances helped... Read More
Archbishop's Tweets
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June 5
How brightly blue is the sky over St Meinrad Abbey. Pray for priests of Louisville as we begin our annual Assembly.

May 28
At Franciscan Kitchen to serve meals on Memorial Day - great occasion, great co workers & great patrons.

May 25
Wonderful youth from St Francis Xavier, St Aloysius & St Benedict confirmed in Mount Washington on Wed evening.

May 22
I am pleased to share on my blog a lovely note from one of the great young people I confirmed this spring. This expression of gratitude from a @StAloysiusPWV parishioner is a great sign of the Spirit alive in the lives of our young people. See ow.ly/wpns30k7uAL .
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Resources & Recommendations
This month, we're highlighting some helpful and timely resources for Catholics throughout the Archdiocese. We encourage you to check out the resources below and get involved!

This month, the Church in the United States will observe Religious Freedom Week. Catholics across the United States are encouraged to pray, reflect, and act in support of religious liberty at home and abroad as the Church seeks to continue “Serving Others in God's Love.” The week begins on June 22, the Feast of Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher, and ends on June 29, the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul . Parishes have been sent a list of “top ten” suggestions for celebrating this week as well as additional resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. For more information, see our website or the USCCB website .

As we prepare to observe Father’s Day this month, read the reflection, “Let’s Make It Family Day,” by Martine Bacci Siegel, Director of Counseling Services and Victim Assistance Coordinator for the Family Ministries Office. She includes practical suggestions designed to celebrate families in the context of both Mother’s Day, which also provides opportunities for the observance of Father’s Day.

Did you miss viewing any of Archbishop’s 30-minute television program, Conversations with Archbishop Kurtz ? This past season’s (Season 9) segments will be in reruns over the summer on the Faith Channel (Spectrum Channels 19 and digital 279), with November and December airing in June; January and February in July, and March and April in August . For a listing of topics, click here . You also can view the programs anytime on our YouTube channel .

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