30 January 2019
Greetings from Mr. Gault

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and celebrate the members of our eighth-grade class. Through much hard work and dedication, each one has been accepted to a Catholic High School of his choice. The schools they were accepted to include; Kellenberg, Holy Trinity, Saint Anthony's, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Mary's. These students have been presented with many challenges and obstacles and some have had to overcome major hurdles, yet all have achieved their goal of being accepted at a Catholic High School for the 2019-2020 academic year.
Each student along with his family and his teachers has had a role to play in his academic success. Our student's families place a high value on the education their sons receive and the faculty and staff of The De La Salle School give 110% of their time, talent and energy to ensure that the students entrusted to our care receive the finest education in the Lasallian tradition. This collaboration between home and school is a major factor for our student's academic achievements and success. Of course, none of this would be possible without the generosity and love that we receive from our benefactors and supporters.
Listed below are our eighth-grade students and the Catholic High School they have registered with for the upcoming academic year and HOPE to attend in September 2019.  All have chosen either Kellenberg Memorial High School or Holy Trinity Diocesan High School.
Jaime A. - Kellenberg
Bryan M. - Holy Trinity
Brayan A. - Kellenberg
Gabriel R. - Holy Trinity
Bernie C. - Kellenberg
Marcos R. - Kellenberg
Joseth C. - Kellenberg
Anthony R. - Holy Trinity
Brandon C. - Kellenberg
Kevin S. - Kellenberg
Derek G. - Kellenberg
Edward S. - Holy Trinity
Randy L. - Kellenberg
Elvis T. - Kellenberg
Stephen L. - Kellenberg
John V. - Kellenberg
Angel M. - Kellenberg
Tyrese W. - Holy Trinity

The challenge now is to assist our students' families to secure the financial aid they need in order to attend the Catholic High School that they have selected.   Unfortunately, scholarships are very limited. As part of the efforts of our Development Office and Graduate Support Program, the search for benefactors who are willing to help fund a portion of the school tuition for our alumni has become a vital part of the mission here at The De La Salle School.  Please consider supporting these Gentlemen by clicking this sentence to donate to our Graduate Support Program.
To our eighth grade - Congratulations Gentlemen! We are very proud of your achievements and we look forward to the next phase of your Lasallian journey as you join The De La Salle School Graduate Support Program.
With prayerful best wishes today, the feast of Saint Mutien-Marie, FSC and always,
William L. Gault
Executive Director

The De La Salle Journey of the Class of 2019

Week of 14 January

Word of the Week - comprehensive (adj.) -  of large scope; covering or involving much; inclusive; having or exhibiting wide mental grasp.

Gentleman of the Week - John V., 8th Grade
Artist of the Week - Tyrese W., 8th Grade

Week of 21 January

Word of the Week - exemplar (n.) - one that serves as a model or example:  such as a. an ideal model; b. a typical or standard specimen.

Gentleman of the Week - Gabriel R., 8th Grade
Artist of the Week - Brian H., 6th Grade
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