Office of
Catholic Schools
June 22, 2022
A Message Regarding Security
in Light of the Dobbs Decision
Thank you for your faithful and dedicated work in our Catholic schools. There is an anticipated decision on the case to overturn Roe vs. Wade coming any time. 

There have been some hints of violence or harassment against the Catholic church so we want you to be aware of potential situations. 

Any time you work for a Catholic organization people will think you are the expert in everything. You do not have to talk with anyone regarding this and it is probably in your best interest to not give any opinion. 

Please work with your Pastor and parish office staff on a plan for your campus. For assistance in any of the following areas, feel free to reach out to the following staff:
  • For situations dealing with facilities and properties: contact Barb Weiss at or 920-272-8260
  • For communications or media inquiries, contact Justine Lodl at or 920-272-8213
  • For Human Resource or personnel questions, contact Becky Bond at or 920-272-8343
  • For Mental Health or issues involving Catholic Charities, contact Karmen Lemke at or 920-272-8234
  • For general information regarding the Dobbs decision, contact Peter Murphy at or 920-272-8178
Of course, in the event that you would feel threatened, harassed, or there is violence, don’t hesitate to call 911. If you contact the police, please follow up with a call to Justine in order that we are aware. Continued prayer is always our first solution.  

Security reminders for your campuses:
  • Doors should remain locked at all times and not propped open. 
  • Communicate safety and security protocols with anyone in the building doing summer work. 

Enjoy the blessings of the day.


Jane Schueller
Assistant Superintendent
Diocese of Green Bay
1825 Riverside Drive
Green Bay, WI 54301

Office of Catholic Schools

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