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Long warm days...
The pace of life slows...
A time for picnics and rest in the shade...
Lord, help me to rest awhile in the cooling shade of your presence.
Slow down my restless heart and fill me with gentle compassion for all your people.
Congratulations on your Retirement
Thank you Larry Konetzke, principal at St. Ignatius School, for his 45 years of dedicated service to Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Green Bay. We wish him all God’s abundance in his retirement. (and a lot of fish).
August 21, 2019
8 am - 12 pm
Meeting with Bishop Ricken for System Presidents and All School Principals. (THIS MEETING IS AT THE REQUEST OF BISHOP RICKEN!)
Question about Choice Students and Expulsion

Q: A student was caught engaging in behavior that violates our school policies as laid-out in our school handbook. It was a dismissible offense. However, we allowed the child to withdraw rather than being dismissed. The student is in a Choice program. The student wants to come back next year via the Choice program. Are we required to admit them?
A: State law says the only information private schools can use to determine eligibility for the Choice program is family income, prior year attendance, residency and age of students entering K4, K5, and grade 1.
However, once admitted, the school can then follow its policy on expulsion and/or dismissal of the particular student wanting to return. In this case, if the school had dismissed the student under its policy, and the policy forbade the student from ever returning, or returning after a time away, the school would then follow that policy.
But, in this case, since the school did not follow its policy and did not dismiss the student, it can not bar the student from attending the school.
Every school will have different standards for dismissal/expulsion and return. Those policies govern how such a situation will be handled.
Be sure to check you your Email issues of CURRENT EVENTS from WRISA for the latest news about Choice, Legislative action and DOJ.
Accreditation Teams Members Needed for 2019-2020
Please fill out the FORM and share this with your teachers. We are beginning to build the Accreditation teams for the 2019-2020 school year. Your help is appreciated.
Required School Submissions Update
Schools are reminded that they are required to submit blueprints or maps, safety assessments, safety plans, school safety training, and a record of completed violence drills to the Office of School Safety once a year. This is required for each WCRIS school, regardless of whether or not you received a school safety grant. All required materials can be submitted to .

Legislative Audit Bureau Survey
The Legislative Audit Bureau is currently auditing the school safety grant programs and is working with WCRIS to support this process. During the summer, the Legislative Audit Bureau will mail a survey out to all private schools. Please provide input.
Prayer Books 2019-2020 Order Form

 Click here to order Children's Daily Prayer and Daily Prayer books by August 2, 2019 . No additional order will be placed after this date.
How to Use Your Teachers to Increase Enrollment
F or most schools, the teachers are the greatest asset of the school. A staff of talented and caring professionals is more impressive to parents than a shiny building or inspiring mission statement and become a prominent marketing point. Here are some ways you can use your teachers to help increase enrollment.

Have Teacher Profiles on your Website
  • Consistency is the key. List the teachers name and then some fun facts about them such as Favorite Saint, Favorite Moment at the School, Favorite Book, Favorite Outside-of-Work Activity along with their education and certifications. 

Promote your Teachers on Social Media
  • If you used the previous tip on teacher profiles on your website, you have instantly created great material for posts that you can use again and again. Lots of schools do #teachertuesdays where you make a post that highlights your teachers.

Create Marketing Pieces highlighting your staff
  • Now that you have staff information, you can use it to easily highlight and call out facts about your instructional staff in a marketing piece. It could be that your staff has a combined 600 years of teaching experience or that you have four teachers who graduated from an Ivy League school or 30 percent have master’s degrees. Little data points like that are like gold to a parent when they are evaluating your school.

Include them in your school tour
  • One of the things that parents always want to see is the inside of a classroom and the teacher in action, after all, the quality of teaching is a key consideration for enrolling in your school. Parents want to see an engaging teacher that is reaching the students in her classroom. Parents want to envision my child in that class. If you have a tour scheduled, make sure to let the teacher know in advance you will be stopping in their classroom with a prospective parent.

Make them a key part in the enrollment process
  • Imagine you are a parent who is selecting a school for the first time. Or a parent that is trying to decide if they should change schools. You have done your research and completed a school tour, but you are still on the fence. Now, what if you get a phone call or email from the school and it is the teacher that your child would have if he/she started at that school? The teacher makes herself available to answer questions about what goes on in the classroom and also tells you how excited they all are that you are considering their school. Wouldn’t that make a big impression?

Making teachers the stars of your school’s marketing is a smart way to give parents a look into your school, and it gives the teachers the credit that they deserve for making your school a special place. If you need assistance in creating a marketing plan utilizing your teachers, please reach out to Lori Paul .
Kohl Applications Open August 1
Koh's Foundation
The Herb Kohl Educational Foundation will open its application process for students, teachers and principals on August 1, 2019.
In order for teachers and principals to apply, they must be nominated first. Students, however, do not need nominations in order to apply.
By nominating a teacher or principal, you give them the opportunity to apply for the competitive Teacher Fellowship and Principal Leadership Awards equal to $6,000 per winner and $6,000 per their school.
This is a great way to honor and recognize outstanding educators and leaders in your school.
Fellow teachers, school leaders, parents, community members, and even students can nominate a teacher or principal.
Upcoming Events
Once again there will be two options for the Discipleship II seminars for teachers and administrators this summer. 

August 7 will be at St. Mary Catholic High School - Neenah
This day will feature Bishop Ricken and national speaker Katie Prejean author of Room 24, Adventures of a New Evangelist  The focus of the day is on “Follow Jesus” helping us identify moments we’ve encountered Christ, how that changes our lives and how to bring it to our students. 
August 23 will be at The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help - Champion
This day will feature Bishop Ricken and other speakers who will focus on “Follow Jesus” It will be similar to August 7, although Katie Prejean can only be with us on the 7th.

Please share this link with your staff to have them register for the day they would like to attend. 
Accreditation Workshops
WRISA Accreditation Workshop - Self-Study  If you are working on your self-study this workshop is for you. This workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM in Bona Hall Room 216 (Families and Schools of Discipleship Conference Room).

WRISA Accreditation Workshop - Team Visit/Action Plans  If you will be hosting a visiting team or are working on your self-study this workshop is for you. This workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM in Bona Hall Room 216 (Families and Schools of Discipleship Conference Room).

If you completed your site visit this year and did not get a chance to be part of the virtual meeting to write your Action Plan, here is a link to the recording

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office, we are happy to help.
SITA - The Summer Instructional Technology Academy registration is open. The Academy features sessions on using technology across the curriculum. This year there are two opportunities for teaching CODING. is offering their coding fundamentals course and a second course fundamentals Deep Dive. Both these are all day courses.
If you are interested or currently have a subscription for teacherers to have Simple K12 for professional development, please contact Jane Schueller by June 25. We will have the ability to get a discounted rate with more subscriptions.
REMINDER: Total Board of Education/School Board/Board of Trustee

Training will be held on Monday, June 17, 2019 at 6:30 PM in Bona Hall Room 216 (Families and Schools of Discipleship Conference Room).
How to Build a Successful Donation Program
July 17th 9:00 - 11:00
The Chancery
J im Friend from Changing Our World will be providing a seminar on building a successful advancement program within a school. Jim’s experience includes serving as the first Chief Development Officer at Faith in the Future Foundation. He provided oversight and direction for all fundraising for 17 Archdiocesan High Schools and four schools of Special Education in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. By creating new resources, training programs and setting new standards, Jim led the high school system to nearly double the fundraising results over four years. Jim has been a presenter for parishes, schools, dioceses, NCEA and ICSC on development and stewardship. Please RSVP to Lori Paul if you and/or members of your team plan to attend.
Calendar Updates 2019-2020
We have made some changes to the calendar for next year. Please review the calendar and make changes as necessary. The Administrator Day that was scheduled for December 2 is changed to December 10. We are hoping to invite Pastors to this meeting to do some collaborative work.
Books You May Want to Consider
  • The Mulit-Age Learning Community in Action by Barbara Cozza if you have multi-age classrooms. Review

  • Room 24 Adventures of a New Evangelist by Katie Prejean gives a glimpse into our Discipleship II seminar on August 7.

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