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God of power and mercy,
you destroy war and put down earthly pride.
Banish violence from our midst and wipe away our tears,
that we may all deserve to be called your sons and daughters.
Keep in your mercy those men and women
who have died in the cause of freedom
and bring them safely
into your kingdom of justice and peace.
We ask this though Jesus Christ our Lord.
R/. Amen
Thank you for your commitment to Catholic education and being missionary disciples for many.   Tim Olson is retiring from Roncalli High School after 22 years of dedicated leadership and service. After 19 years, Deanne Wilinski is retiring from Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and will continue working with the parish. Special thanks for dedication and her many years of service to our DASA Executive Committee.
Upcoming Choice Deadlines

By Last Day of School
WISEdata: Schools that participated in the PSCP in the 2018-19 school year must complete a Data Quality Review of the 2018-19 Attendance Data.

June 1
  • Schools new to the PSCP in the 2019-20 school year may begin to establish their Choice Administrators as District Security Administrators. This allows them to manage access to the DPI secure reporting applications through the Application Security management tool.
June 11
  • Schools must go into OAS and indicated whether or not Voucher students will be attending in the 2019-2020 school year. This would mean they’ve completed your school specific enrollment forms. To do this go to:
  • Intent to Attend - there will be a list of applications. The school should indicate if the student will attend or not. Choosing “No Answer” could mean the loss of the voucher.

Annual Budget Continuing Schools & New Schools Choosing Surety Bond Option
June 30 - 2019-20

Schools that are not new to the Choice program for the 2019-20 school year and new 2019-20 schools t hat choose the surety bond option are required to complete their annual budget by June 30, 2019. Schools may either use the DPI’s 2019-20 Budget and Cash Flow Report, or prepare their own budget. If the school prepares its own budget, the budget must include the following:
1. Anticipated enrollments for all students enrolled in the school.
2. Anticipated enrollments for Choice program students.
3. Estimated total revenues and costs.
4. Estimated eligible education expenses and offsetting revenues for the Choice program.
5. A schedule of anticipated beginning and ending net assets.
6. Identification of the contingent funding sources the school will use should actual enrollments be less than expected.

The school’s independent auditor will ensure that this requirement has been met as part of the Fiscal & Internal Control Practices Report. Other than schools new to the Choice program in 2019-20 that selected the budget option for meeting the initial financial viability requirements, schools do not need to send the budget to the DPI unless it is specifically requested. If you have any questions on this process, please contact Dean Gerondale in the Office of Catholic Schools.

Financial Choice Audit Overview

If you would like a better understanding of what to expect in a Choice Financial Audit, there is a great YouTube site that shows the entire training. Check it out at

Choice Program Remains Intact Under New Budget

T he state’s Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee passed a Department of Public Instruction (DPI) budget today that provided $500 million more for K-12 education over the next two years, leaving funding for the state’s Choice programs generally intact.
Democrats on the committee criticized the move because it did not provide the $1.4 billion increase in funding that Gov. Tony Evers had proposed. The Republicans defended the budget as an affordable and sustainable option based on state revenues. They said it closely mirrors what Gov. Evers proposed when he was state superintendent and hoped he would approve it for that reason. Until the budget is passed, private schools in a Choice program should plan for the upcoming school year by using their 2018-19 voucher amounts. Those amounts are $7,754 for grades K-8 and $8,400 for grades 9-12.

Special Needs Scholarship Program Upcoming Dates

I f a school indicated on its 2019-20 ITP that it expected to receive $50,000 or more in SNSP scholarships in the 2019-20 school year and chooses to submit a surety bond in lieu of submitting financial information or is required to submit a surety bond by the department, the surety bond must be submitted by June 3 .

Wisconsin Department of Education Directory Review

Under DPI regulations, all schools are asked to provide information about the grades they serve. This information is then put into a Directory available at .  it is asked to provide information about grades served. Each school has a contact person who has received a password to access the directory data about the school that is stored at DPI. That person can go into the record and change and update information. Over the summer, please review the data to make sure it is correct. In the fall, schools will be required to report to DPI based on that data, and if the contact person that is listed is no longer in the school, the report does not get done, and sometimes that results in the school being dropped from the DPI list. If you need assistance you can reach out to Janice Zmrazek at DPI. Her email is .
Baptized and Sent Song Contest

Please pass along to creative, musical students. Students in grades 7-12 are invited to participate in Pope Francis’ Extraordinary Missionary Month by creating an original song focusing on Sharing the Godd News and Caring for God’s Creation. The submission deadline is August 1, 2019. Please pass the flyer along to anyone you would like. A great summer project for students. 
Mandated Reporter Required and Training
In addition to meeting the Safe Environment requirements of the Diocese of Green Bay, clergy and certain employees are also considered as “mandated reporters” by Wisconsin Statute 48.981 and so are subject to legal accountability beyond Diocesan policy. The purpose of this communication Todd Blahnik sent today is to ensure that Parish and School leadership is aware of which positions on their staff are subject to this law.

Effective with the 7/01/2019 – 6/30/2020 Charter Audit year all Diocesan clergy and those employees also considered a mandated reporter by Wisconsin Statute 48.981 must complete the online Mandated Reporter training available at:  which must be completed by the beginning of the 2020 school year.

Under 18 Background Check

With our Catholic Schools now subject to audit from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction because of participation in the School Voucher system, we must be able to provide proof of a criminal background check for an employee who is under the age of 18. Our current procedure would only allow the under 18 job candidate to start the background check in eApps but would not allow the background check to process until the under 18 employee reached their 18th birthdate. The Office of Safe Environment and Human Resources have developed a process with our two vendors, Austin Computing and ISP, to allow for the background check of an under 18 employee to now flow through and complete the background check. Click here for the process.
Lifest Tickets for Students
Please help us promote Lifest and the Buy One Ticket Get One Free offer to your students! The Diocese will be having Kristin Bird as a keynote speaker. All the marketing material is available at this link.
There will be a upgrade to version 19.4. We are looking for people who will log into the test server and test their reports, functions and daily tasks in order to know that everything works before the upgrade at the end of June. Please contact Becky Krahn for more information - (subject line - Test 19.4)
Early Childhood Standards - A group of Early Childhood educators have been working on getting 3 year old and 4 year old standards in Powerschool. We are in the process of putting them on a test server before they would be rolled out. If you are interested in seeing them on the test server, please contact Jane Schueller - or Becky Krahn (subject line EC Standards) and we will get you access directions. The deadline for preview and changes is June 21.
For High School Students: What is K.R.E.W.E?
Several schools have inquired about KREWE. Here is a brief overview of the program. KREWE is a peer discipleship training initiative for high school students. Student and their leaders are trained in a “Rule of Life”, emphasizing 5 pillars of formation, which fall in line with Bishop Ricken’s 4 Communities of Discipleship:

K nowledge of Christ
R esponsibility to Community
E verything is a Gift
W itness through Sacrifice
E vangelization to Peers

KREWE is a training process that occurs primarily over a 5-day summit in the summer, with regional follow-up days in the Fall and rounding off with a weekend-long winter summit in February. The purpose of the training summits and follow up days are to connect students with the larger diocesan community of intentional youth disciples. Ultimately, it will improve evangelization among youth because it shifts gears from event-based evangelization to relationship-based journey of discipleship. It empowers high school youth currently on fire with their faith to have the confidence of action and boldness of speech to share their witness of faith to their peers. If you’d like more information, please contact Callie Kowalski at 920-272-8285.
Upcoming Events
Once again there will be two options for the Discipleship II seminars for teachers and administrators this summer. 

August 7 will be at St. Mary Catholic High School - Neenah
This day will feature Bishop Ricken and national speaker Katie Prejean author of Room 24, Adventures of a New Evangelist  The focus of the day is on “Follow Jesus” helping us identify moments we’ve encountered Christ, how that changes our lives and how to bring it to our students. 
August 23 will be at The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help - Champion
This day will feature Bishop Ricken and other speakers who will focus on “Follow Jesus” It will be similar to August 7, although Katie Prejean can only be with us on the 7th.

Please share this link with your staff to have them register for the day they would like to attend. 
Purposeful Boards, Powerful Fundraising Workshop  June 7, 2019
Accreditation Workshops
For those who are getting ready for a site visit next year, there are Accreditation workshops scheduled for June 18. From 9:00-11:30 the focus will be on the self sudy. 1:00-3:00 will focus on hosting the visiting team and writing the action plan.

If you completed your site visit this year and did not get a chance to be part of the virtual meeting to write your Action Plan, here is a link to the recording

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office, we are happy to help. 
Register now for the Summer Instructional Technology Academy, July 30, 31, August 1 at St. Norbert College.  SITA is free because of our membership with the Eastern Wisconsin Instructional Technology Consortsium.
CESA Forum
Implementing Strategies to Prepare for Your Best Teaching Year with internationally recognized speakers, Kristin Anderson and Michelle Trujillo
July 31, 2019 at Glacier Canyon Conference Center   Click for more information
WCRIS Professional Learning Conference - August 9, 2019 at Glacier Canyon Lodge in Wisconsin Dells. Jump start your year with  Cynthia Tobias , author and speaker, who spent eight years teaching high school and six years in law enforcement. She has a message of building confidence, motivating students to take charge of their own success and bringing out the best in every child.  Register by May 31 for early bird rates.
Teacher Boost
Teacher Boost - in Tomahawk, WI on June 19.  Teacher Boost is a one-day version of Blended Learning Live! Workshop. It’s targeted for the busy classroom teachers who want to skip some of the strategy of blended learning and jump straight to practice implementation steps. Helping teachers replace traditional top down teacher led instruction with more student centered learning. Here is the flyer.  

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