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May 6, 2022
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May 20, 2022
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Calendar Items
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May 8: Deadline for Family Video Contest entries
May 10: State of the Diocese Webinar
May 13: Emergency Connectivity Fund window closes
May 13: Deadline to encumber or spend EANS funds
May 15: Deadline for private schools to report bus needs
May 16: Battle of the Books
May 20: Annual Safe Enivornment Survey from LoSEC due
EANS Funding
CRRSA EANS Funds Updates
On Thursday, April 28th, CESA 6 held an EANS update meeting. Copies of the slides can be found at EANS Webinar - 4.28.22 - Google Slides and the webinar can be viewed at The major points of the webinar included:
  • Schools in the CRRSA EANS Program will have until May 13th, 2022 to use or encumber their allocated funds for future reimbursement and/or direct service.
  • Any funds not encumbered or used by May 13th, 2022 will be pooled into a state level fund source to support schools with continued need due to COVID-19
  • The program expires 9-30-2023. If encumbered equipment or services are not used by that time the funds will be forfeited.
  • May 16th, 2022 at 8:00 am - applications for the state wide pool funds open and are available on the website.  
  • There is a new form to request the state-wide money.
  • First Come First Serve until the pool of money is exhausted.  
  • Have your invoices ready to go!

  • Schools in the ARP EANS have until 9-30-24 to use their funds and it must be for DIRECT SERVICES ONLY. 
  • There is no set date to encumber these funds. 
  • Work with CESA on what you want to purchase
  • While there is no statewide pool right now - there probably will be in the future so you should plan the use of your funds now

With regards to the equipment you have received via EANS:
  • For equipment worth more than $5,000 per item and/or unused supplies totaling more than $5,000 (depreciated value) (at the end of the program), there are two options: 
  • Transfer title for another allowable use; or
  • CESA 6 collects the property
  • For equipment worth up to $5,000 per item and/or any used supplies, there are two options:
  • CESA 6 may allow your school to keep the property; or
  • If there is an applicable use case under a different federal law, the title may be transferred. (This is not required.)

To find the depreciated value of your equipment, you can refer to the IRS depreciation schedule found HERE. You should also work with your accountant to determine you are depreciating the correct amounts.
What Happens When EANS Ends
The US Department of Education (ED) has issued an important clarification regarding the end of the EANS program in 2023 and 2024.

In an email from April 4, the department made it clear that equipment and supplies purchased with EANS funds may be used for the grant period. Once the program ends, in either 2023 (for EANS I or CRRSA EANS) or in 2024 (for EANS II or ARP EANS), all supplies and equipment purchased with those program funds must be returned to the state.

One option for the school to continue using the items is if the school participates in another federal education program such as ESEA or IDEA. The state may allow the use of the EANS items to be used within the allowable uses of those programs. However, the private school does not own the items and must return them to the state if the state requests it.

Under this clarification, there is no way for a private school to keep or retain ownership of EANS items indefinitely unless it moves to another federal program. Therefore private schools must be prepared to return the equipment and supplies purchased under EANS back to the state at the end of the program, or get your school signed up for another Title program through your local school district. That process must begin now so the title program is operative in your school well before EANS expires
Other New Items
Farewell, Lori!
Effective June 6th
Lori Paul, Advancement Director for Catholic Schools, has accepted a new position with Catholic Charities as the Manager of Social Ministry and Community Outreach and will be working from its Marinette Office, effective June 6.

We will miss her knowledge of Choice and other federal programs and especially her enthusiasm for Catholic schools. We are thankful to have had her on our Team!

Please keep Lori and the Office of Catholic Schools in your prayers during this transition.
Powerschool: End of Year
PowerSchool End of Year process is scheduled for June 30th, 2022 Please have all end of year reports, errors and setup completed before then. 

Please note that Becky is attending the PowerSchool University conference June 24th -July 1st and will be completing the process on California time. 

We are asking users to not log-into PowerSchool on June 30th until the process has been completed. A message will be displayed on the log-in Screen on all portals and a message will go out to all PowerSchool UserGroup contacts. If no errors in setup are found the process has been finished in about an hour in recent years. Please reach out to the helpdesk with questions.
Emergency Connectivity Fund
The FCC announced a third application window in the Emergency Connectivity Fund to help schools and libraries in the upcoming school year. The third application window will open on April 28 and close on May 13. Learn more.

The FCC's Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) is a $7.17 billion program that will help schools and libraries provide the tools and services their communities need for remote learning during the COVID-19 emergency period. ECF will help provide relief to millions of students, school staff, and library patrons and will help close the Homework Gap for students who currently lack necessary Internet access or the devices they need to connect to classrooms.

For eligible schools and libraries, the ECF Program will cover reasonable costs of laptop and tablet computers; Wi-Fi hotspots; modems; routers; and broadband connectivity purchases for off-campus use by students, school staff, and library patrons.
Substitue Teacher Changes
On April 8, the Governor signed 2021 Act 236 which updated the law around substitute teacher licenses.

Currently, a teacher who has completed a substitute teacher training program and has an associate degree is able to get a license. 

Act 236 has updated the statute so that a substitute license can be obtained by a person who is at least 20 years old, enrolled in a teacher preparatory program, if the program awards a bachelor’s degree, has completed the equivalent of a junior level, and completed 15 hours of classroom observation.
Free Concert for Teachers/Administrators
Fox Valley; June 9th
There will be a special concert honoring educators in the Fox Valley on June 9th from 5:30-8:30 at Jones Park. Present your school ID/badge at the entrance to get in free and receive a free drink token. Don’t forget to wear your school colors!! More information can be found on the flyer. 
Mental Health Series
Looking forward to 2022-23
This year, Catholic Charities provided a quarterly series of mental health topics for our schools. They will continue to offer another series for the 2022-2023 school year and would like feedback on which topics they should cover. Please take a few minutes to complete a brief survey.  
State of the Diocese Webinar

Bishop Ricken will host a webinar on Tuesday, May 10th from 6:30-8:00 to discuss the current state of the Diocese. Topics include the discipleship goal, vocations goal, One by One campaign, and other initiatives. You can view the webinar at:

There's also a FLYER available for this event.
Curriculum Corner
Newsela is a resource many of our teachers are using free. This product in its full capacity will link with MAP data and provide a rich resource for teachers in ELA, Science and Social Studies.  

Newsela qualifies for EANS funding.  

MAP Invoice
Jane has been working with the NWEA team on both this year’s invoice and next year ‘s projected costs in order that you can utilize EANS funds if you wish. 

Each school/system will be invoiced for this year from NWEA. For next year, you will need to anticipate a cost of $13.00 per student. This is the first increase we have had in over 10 years of using MAP.  
Kohl Scholarship & Fellowship Recipients
The selection committee for the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation Student Scholarship, Teacher Fellowship and Principal Leadership program has announced recipients of the 291 Herb Kohl Foundation awards for Wisconsin students, teachers, and principals. Awards of $6,000 are being made to 100 teachers, 17 principals, and their schools, and $10,000 scholarship will be given to 174 graduating high school students. 
This year we congratulate:
  • Crystal Blahnik - St. Bernard Catholic School, Green Bay - Principal Leadership Award
  • Tara Wildenberg - Holy Cross Catholic School, Bay Settlement - Teacher Fellowship Award
  • Marshall Koch - Lourdes Academy, Oshkosh - Excellence Scholar
  • Allison Matzek - Xavier Catholic High School - Excellence Scholar
  • Patrick McGreevey - Xavier Catholic High School - Excellence Scholar
  • Cecelia Wasco - Xavier Catholic High School - Excellence Scholar
  • Emma Holsen - Roncalli High School - Excellence Scholar  
Sophia Institute at the Shrine: August 10 & 11
Professional development workshops for all K-12 Catholic school teachers, DRE's and catechists.

Two dates, two topics. Choose either or both (separate registration required for each course).

Both courses are 8am-2:30pm at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion.

Free, online registration. Lunch and materials provided.
Curriculum Review & Connections:

Please fill out this form in order that as schools/systems are looking at reviewing curriculum resources, they might be able to collaborate with other schools/systems. You could also use this resource to connect with other schools using different resources at which you might be looking. 
Worth Repeating
Safe Environment Survey Due May 20
It's once again time for the Annual Safe Environment Survey for all parishes and schools. Your designated LoSEC will receive the Annual Safe Environment Survey link on April 22 and you are being asked as School Principal/Administrator to sign the Survey acknowledging that you have reviewed the information provided.

Please read the entire letter from Courtney Coopman, Diocesan Asistance Coordinator using link at right . . .
Busing Notification
State law requires that annually by May 15, private schools must notify each school board in its attendance area of the name, grade level, and address of each private school student eligible to receive transportation benefits from the district and who is planning on attending the private school for the ensuing school year. At its own discretion, a public school board can extend the May 15 deadline.

If you have students whose enrollment you are unsure of before the May 15 deadline, but know they will be eligible for busing (and need it ) if they attend your school, include them on your list.

It is also recommended that you add the following as the last item of the list: “Any student who applies for admission on or after May 15, 2022.” This will ensure new students and transfer students have access to busing.
Priest-Principal Meeting (Non-systems)
Save the Date: August 9th
There will be a Priest-Principal meeting for all parish schools (non-systems) on Tuesday, August 9th from 10-3 at Camp Tek. Dress is casual and lunch will be provided. 

More information will be coming but we wanted to make sure you had the time blocked off. Fr. Luke will be actively involved in getting the priests at the event.
Worship Jesus Years
Part of Disciples on the Way Journey
Dear Presidents & Principals,

We are now about to enter the Worship Jesus Years as part of our Disciples on the Way Journey. The outline for the Worship Jesus Years is as follows:
  • Kick Off: June 19, 2022 - Release of Bishop's Pastoral Letter
  • Kick off for the USCCB National Eucharistic Revival
  • Diocesan Encounter Jesus Retreat - October 11, 2022
  • Year 1: 2023-2024 Focus on the Word
  • National Eucharistic Congress - July 17-21, 2024 Indianapolis Indiana
  • Year 2: 2024-2025 Focus on the Eucharist
  • Diocesan Eucharistic Congress - July 2025

In preparation for Year 1 the Focus on the Word, the Office of Catholic Schools is requesting that ALL administrators take and complete the Franciscan at Home Course: Praying with Scripture: Lectio Divina by September 1, 2022. This will allow the school administrators to ask their faculty members to take this course during the 2022-2023 School Year.
Calendar Change and Addition
The New Teachers Orientation will be moved to August 15.

School Succes Summit:

For All Administrators, please mark your calendars for the School Success Summit, August 16 and August 17 (morning). The summit is being coordinated with CESA 7 and a couple other schools in the area, in order to bring national experts in the area of grades, grading and PLC’s. 

It is our hope that an administrator and/or lead teachers from each school will attend. Schools are able to use EANS funding for this Summit. Click for the tentative details and costs. CESA 7 will be happy to work with you to apply for EANS funding and/or the paper work needed.  More to come.  Feel free to contact Jane Schueller for more information.  
Graduation Diplomas
Just a reminder that graduation diplomas are available to order through the Office of Catholic School Digicopy Portal

When you log in, click on the DIPLOMAS button. You can order either diplomas where you will write in the name, or you can upload an excel file of the graduates and have their name put on the diploma. Please contact Digicopy at 920-857-2208 with questions or for assistance.
Please pass this link for MAP Resources to your teachers. There is a lot of information available to them for using the data to drive instruction and do goal setting with students.  
More . . .
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