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February 11, 2016


"The body is nourished with food; the soul is refreshed with fasting.
Without their proper nourishment the limbs can be of no service;
without abstinence the ruling power of the spirit cannot survive."

The Sacramentary     

Seeking Model Catholic Rural Schools
Looking for exemplary programs in rural parishes
A rural pastor in North Dakota is asking if our network members in rural areas can point him towards well-run Catholic schools. He oversees a K-8 school in one of his parishes and would like to make contact with administrators and educators involved in other Catholic rural schools.

Please contact us at CRL with the name of the school and the name of the key contact at the school (including their title or position). We very much appreciate your help!

Call for Nominations: CRL Awards
Recognition of family farmers & rural advocates

Catholic Rural Life  presents two recognition awards, and we invite you to nominate deserving recipients in your rural community.

The first is the  Isidore and Maria Exemplary Award  for a farm couple who have made exemplary contributions to the achievement of the Catholic vision of a generous, gracious and pious rural life.

The second is the  Archbishop O'Hara Advocacy Award for Rural Ministry . This award is for a priest, religious or layperson who has excelled in service and advocacy to rural communities.
Please consider nominating someone you know personally. We will announce this year's recipients in August. Please click here for Nomination instructions.

Farmworker Advocacy Conference, April 24-27
Also soliciting stories by, about farmworker women
MAFO, a national partnership of farmworker and rural organizations, is holding their National Farmworker Conference on April 24-27 in Austin, Texas. This year's theme is "The Farmworker Woman."
MAFO is also soliciting stories by farmworker women, or by someone in their family, describing their strength as both a farmworker and family caretaker. MAFO will select some of these stories for presentation at the National Farmworker Conference; selected stories will also be published on the MAFO website. To learn more, please visit the MAFO website.

Pope Francis video: Care for Creation
Prayer Intention for the planet and future generations
Pope Francis recently offered this prayer intention: "That we may take good care of creation -- a gift freely given -- cultivating and protecting it for future generations."

The Holy Father also speaks to us through a special video that connects care for creation with the challenges facing humanity at this time in our lives.

Our mission is dedicated to  addressing and overcoming
the challenges facing rural America: social, economic and ecological.

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