News From CCF-LA | February 25, 2021

Catholic schools:
a gift to our world

What initially started as a weeklong celebration of Catholic schools is now a well-deserved opportunity to honor our schools for the entire month of February. The heroism of our teachers, students, and families who keep Catholic schools open and available to all who want to come is cause for celebration.
Whether students are distance learning or back in the classroom, our schools have never wavered from their sacred obligation to educate our young children and teenagers in Catholic values, a rigorous and disciplined education in STEAM (STEM with Arts), and an appreciation for family, faith, and our nation. The work of Catholic schools is truly a gift to our world.
The reality is that our schools are particularly needed in the most vulnerable neighborhoods where teachers and staff can provide tutoring and counseling to students while working with their families to educate their children.
During my years at the Catholic Education Foundation (2003–2012), we did three longitudinal studies that validated a 98 percent high-school graduation rate and a 98 percent college acceptance rate for the demographics of the students that received tuition awards. At that time, 84 percent of the students were Latino, and all lived at or below the poverty line. Their success stories were most compelling, with many pursuing careers in healthcare, social services, legal aid, and faith ministries that gave back to their communities.
My own 16 years of Catholic-school education profoundly influenced the choices I made throughout my life, including the work we do now at CCF-LA through 26 of our funds that support Catholic schools. They are indeed a gift to the world.  

Kathleen H. Anderson
President and Executive Director
From the Desk of Our CFO
While there is a lot of optimism for the 2021 economic outlook because of continued vaccine success, January proved to be a mixed month for returns in the financial markets. Small-Cap Equity investments provided positive returns while most of the other markets saw negative ones. Once again we are reminded of the importance of having a diversified portfolio. The total assets managed by the Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles as of January 31, 2021, was $448.8 million. The Balanced Pool results (net of fees) for January were -0.4%, which brought the return for the trailing 12-month period through January 31, 2021, to +14.1%. Our Intermediate Fund had a return of -0.1% for the month and +7.3% for the 12-month period. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact our client-services team with any questions or requests for additional information.
Andrew O'Boyle
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Voices of CCF-LA
Philanthropy as an investment in your community
Almost a year into pandemic life, we’ve realized how important community is to our everyday lives and well-being. The people and places around us help define our cultural identity and create meaning and purpose in our lives. Have you noticed that the music and art, community celebrations, religious and educational institutions that define a place are nearly always nonprofit organizations funded by donors? Read more here.

Scholarship Funds at CCF-LA
Our scholarship-fund clients place a high value on Catholic education, and their generous philanthropy through the funds below make a huge impact not only on the selected student recipients but also by supporting their respective schools. Any individual or group of people can establish a scholarship fund at CCF-LA by choosing a beneficiary school and the selection criteria for student recipients. Scholarship funds are a wonderful way to memorialize a friend, family member, teacher, or any individual that valued education during their lifetime. Read more here.
The Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles is committed to the prudent management of charitable investments to support the schools, parishes, and ministries that help our neighborhoods thrive in faith. To join our mission to teach and sustain Catholic philanthropy, please contact our Client Development team at (213) 426-1187 or via email.
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