Happy Birthday Cathy Harris
Oct. 6, 2018
62 Years Young

Now this is what 62 
looks like...Still strong, still powerful, still wanting to change the world...

Cathy Harris company is AngelsPress.com, which is an Empowerment and Publishing company created to help women take control of their own lives. Cathy is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Advice Columnist at DearCathy.com, National Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Self-Publishing and Business Coach and author of 26 non-fiction books. She provides Seminars, Workshops, Webinars and Consultations at

Cathy Harris 
Ask Yourself....
Are You Aging Gracefully?

Golden Years: How To Age Gracefully and Take Care of Seniors
Golden Years: 
How To Age Gracefully and Take Care of Seniors

Stop living the life you thought you would and start living the life that you have been given...


My Accomplishments 
Over the Last Year

On October 6, 2018, I will be 62 years young. One of the things that I do on my birthday as I explained in my 60th birthday  e-newsletter that was released 2 years ago, is to prepare for my yearly ritual and purge negative things and people from my life. 

I look back over my life, especially over the last year and view all the blessings and successes that I was able to manifest into my life.

My greatest accomplishment
over the last year hands down was my ability to show my family, friends, and neighbors along with my audience how to grow organic foods successfully with my 21 gardening videos, new gardening book and through my organic food movement "VirtualOrganicGardenClubs.com."

However, before the release of my 26th non-fiction book "Green Thumb At 60: How I Started My Gardening Journey With Raised Beds and Pots and Containers" our women's movement "The Essential Women's Movement for African American Women" took a hiatus as we congratulated many African American women and gave them their wings. These awesome SISTARS 
were able to move on and form their own networks and engage in their own health and business ventures

I am proud to say that for the past 18 months, I worked alongside of some of the most  dynamic and phenomenal women on this planet. We brainstormed with our BlackWomenMastermind.com strategy meetings and helped each other come up with  ideas and creations sent to us from the universe and again, whatever you focus on you will be able to manifest into your life.  #GoodLuckSistars...

I am hoping this fall and winter that everyone
take a good look at and  investigate our 3rd movement that was launched in January 2018 by our women's movement, a business movement, MobileLearningClubs.comso this is our newest movement and the one everyone needs to pay attention to. 

With this movement we can teach each other from the comforts of our own homes.  As the cooler and cold weather sets in, it's time to turn your home into a learning center . It will be the time for everyone to look at their own skills, talents and passions and invite others into your space to teach you and your family - one-on-one skills We started these MobileLearningClubs.com out in Texas so I know first-hand these can be successful. 

In December 2017 just before launching the MobileLearningClubs.com, marked the release of one of the books I had been struggling to write for 40 years, "Military Dirty Little Secrets: My Tour of Duty."

This is not just an ordinary non-fiction book, but the book is about my 3 and a half year military life and how I found my way out of a web of deceit and pain experienced by myself and other soldiers, especially women, which was my first introduction to any type of injustice. 

My experiences made me into the type of strong individual I am today. Writing is healing so I was hoping this military book would be my last painful book that I ever had to write. 

However, because a National Economic Boycott is needed in this country -- to get this country back on track and stop police killings, I wanted to offer my expertise and knowledge as a Consultant, Advisor and/or Mentor, on how we could move forward and bring this country back to some sense of normalcy, while we build black businesses, buy from black businesses, bank with black banks, elect ethical politicians, etc. by launching continuous National Economic Boycotts. #BoycottKKKops, #ItsTime.

This easy-to-read book "Boycott Blueprint: How To Take Back Our Economic Power With Successful Economic Boycotts"
 ( coming soon-book #27) will lay out this action plan from beginning to end. Meanwhile, check out the online version of the "Boycott Blueprint", especially if you need to start your strategy and action plan for your city. #DontWaitToChangeorSaveYourLife. 

Out of our first annual  Black Love Summit in Feb. 2018, I launched " Black Matchmaker Clubin order to educate the black community on not 
just love and relationshipsbut also  sexual education, especially with the release of my book "Love After 50: Love Questions from DearCathy.com After Hours."

Topics discussed included - libidos; prostate cancer; herpes; yeast infections; tightie whities; impotency; Erectile Dysfunction (ED); GMOs and Homosexuality; Why Bald Men Make Better Lovers;  High Sex Drives; ED and a Younger Woman; High Blood Pressure, ED and Sex; Testosterone aka "Love Hormone";  Toxic Household Products and Sex; Penis Enhancement Pills Side Effects; Kegel Exercises; G-Spots; Sexless/Loveless Marriages; Booty Calls; Dating Coaches; Marriage Retreats; Introverts vs. Extroverts; Type A's; Online Dating; Dating Outside Your Race; and much more...

Join us on facebook.com with our database of eligible singles from ages 35-75. Winter is coming so there is nothing like being in love during the winter months. #LoveHim, #LoveHer, #EveryoneDeservesTrueLove, #BlackMatchmakerClub.

These humbling  experiences that I have had, especially over the past year, have helped me live a grateful life and I will always keep reaching for the stars as I age gracefully. 

I will never stop seeking to be my best -- to live my best life, to bring even more joy and happiness into my life and the lives of others. #StayStrong, #AllInDivineOrder

Keep Feeling Sexy And Alive
"No Matter Your Age"

Book Trailer I - Love After 50
Book Trailer I  
Love After 50

Love After 50: Love Questions from DearCathy.com After Hours
Book Trailer II
Love After 50

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