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Cathy Harris 
Now Living in 
Orlando, FL 
"The Sunshine State"

by Cathy Harris, Syndicated and Advice Columnist at

Oct. 19, 2018

Hey everyone:

Life is great and I love you!!! Two weeks after my 62nd birthday on October 6 and after leaving Austin, TX after 4 years, I can see clearly now that the rain is gone and I want all of you to enjoy the next chapter of my life with me. 

If you live in the area of my new city, Orlando, FL, reach out to me. I am ready to surround myself with some good souls. #LetsBringBackTheBlackFamilyEffect,

I want to apologize upfront for making this article so long, but I need to move on to my NEXT BIG PROJECT and most of you need this info -- so take your time reading this article and let all the info soak in -- then read it again and then #TakeAction,

Why I Selected Florida for My New Home After 4 Years in Austin, TX

Make sure you share this article with those that you love especially ALL SENIORS. First of all why did I pick to move to Orlando, FL after being in Texas (Austin and Dallas) for 4 years? 

It's easy...Florida is known as the "Sunshine State,"  and it's the hottest tourist spot in the country so like most tourists, I just wanted to have some good, old fashioned fun, especially after experiencing 5 months of scorching heat.

The heat in Florida is nothing like the  dry, dusty heat in Austin, TX.  Plus it was late in the season, which meant it was too late to move up north or to another colder climate. Ideally, I would have loved to move back to Philly or even to Charlotte, NC. 

But with the winter weather getting ready to set in, I needed to get my footing after my long hot summer growing foods in excruciating heat (some days 120 degrees).  

I also needed my body to heal in anotherclimate so that I can go on to my NEXT BIG PROJECT Did you know living close to the water can actually REWIRE your brain? So therefore, I am looking for a total transformation of my mind, body and soul, while living in Florida for the next year.   

I lived in Tampa for 6 months 4 years ago and over 20 years ago, I lived and worked in Miami for 5 years, so I am very familiar with the #SunshineState, and I still have some great friends in the area.

After living in a LILLY WHITE city for 4 years, I just wanted to be around some Sistars for some good old-fashioned 
#GirlTalk and camaraderie so Florida feels like home to me.

Why We All Should Get Involved With Helping Seniors

Another reason why I needed to come back to Florida is that I have always been an ADVOCATE for the elderly (also an advocate for the poor, children and women) so maybe my Empowerment Platform and company,, can really educate folks on what they need to do before they become Seniors and teach others how to take care of Seniors -- and that's why I wrote the book "Golden Years: How To Age Gracefully and Take Care of Seniors."  Here is the "Book Trailer".

My last city treated Seniors horribly. We live in a country where people walk over Seniors on the streets as if they are nothing. 

In my last city someone or a "PIMP" would push this Senior, an elderly white man, all bent over in a wheelchair and missing both his legs, close to a busy intersection everyday, and leave him there for hours in order to collect money in a bucket. #MyHeartWeepedWhenISawHim.

To me that was "elderly abuse,"  so "elderly abuse" just doesn't occur in nursing homes. 
Aren't police officers supposed to act as "humanitarians?"  The police is the  first-line defense for protecting people, especially the elderly. 

It's their job to take Seniors to safety or reach out to social services about their welfare in their homes or on the streets.  The police or none of the social services' groups, NEVER TOOK ACTION to get this man off the side of the road. I was so afraid his wheelchair would slip into ongoing traffic.

If there is just one issue you need to get involved with in this world today or in your lifetime should be #HelpingSeniorsLiveDecent because eventually you will be a Senior -- for some of you -- sooner rather than later. #AgeDontWait.

Two Types of Seniors - Which Will You Be?

Remember there are two types of Seniors -- 
"Proactive Seniors," like myself, and others that have given up on life or allowed doctors to put them on medications, which have caused them to have  LIMITED USE  
of their minds, bodies and souls. 

Many have walkers, or are in wheelchairs, or have to use oxygen tanks -- everywhere they go. Y ou need to embrace growing old (#EmbraceGrowingOld), but at the same time do what you can to make sure you stay healthy as you age, because remember this always,  "Getting old doesn't make you sick, but getting sick makes you old." 

Respect These Individuals - #TheyEarnedIt, #TheyDeserveIt

Seniors are usually out in "full-force" on  Senior Discount Days. Who can blame them? Are you really going to turn down a
discount? They are in grocery stores with their walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, etc., but because we live in a #HurryUpAndWaitWorld -- many younger folks absolutely hate being around Seniors -- and even view them as if they are "contagious"  and many are viewed today as second class citizens.

Some Seniors take their time and shop online, which is great, but with all the doorstep robberies or doorstep thieves today, companies like, actually have locations where you can travel in your area to pick up packets 24/7, which is a great idea. 

Sometimes these stolen items are needed  medications, so it's unfortunate that many people can't even order online anymore because of all the thefts today. 

Some Seniors take their time to shop and many especially look at the expiration dates on foods.  #ThisIsAllTheyHaveToDo. Many get involved with politics, so Seniors are still  #WorthyIndividuals and can make a big difference in this country today. 

Why Seniors Move To Senior Communities

These Senior apartments in Florida are for ages, 55 and older. When many people become Seniors and move into these communities, they no longer want to deal with children so when families come to see them, they have to sign in and can only stay for a certain number of days. 

Many people, especially Seniors, who can afford it have at least two homes - one to spend their winter months in in Florida and other warmer climates and another one when they go back to their cities. 

I have never lived in an "Over 55" Senior Community, so I was curious about how it is to live in one so now I do. The good thing about living in these communities, you always have someone to talk with. 

You can hear some of the most fascinating stories about what happened years ago.  I think most folks are afraid to live in these communities because they feel they will end up having to help these Seniors or they are just afraid of getting old themselves and many are just ashamed of living in one. 

For many Seniors these Senior communities are their last stops. Ambulances are out here every week because Seniors haven't taken care of themselves -- so for many they never make it to other Assisted Living Facilities or nursing homes.

The state of Florida, especially in my area, Orlando, FL, had very few Senior apartments available. This is because many of the evacuees from "Hurricane Maria" in Puerto Rico, are now actually living in Florida so many of the Senior apartments and regular apartments have waiting lists. Some of the Senior Apartments waiting lists are for 3 years. 

And now with the latest storm that just hit the Florida Panhandle, Michael, many Seniors will be moving to these Senior communities in other areas in Florida and surrounding states. 

So again, it is nothing to be ashamed of. At the end of the day, all these individuals want to do is keep from becoming homeless and have a roof over their heads.  

What's awesome is most of these Senior communities or apartments are "rent-controlled", which means they have low-rent ($500-$700 for a "Studio/Efficiency" or one bedroom) and the rent usually covers utilities (electric, gas, water, etc.) also. 

Then cable and internet is also offered at very low prices ($50 a month for cable and/or $50 a month for the internet) to Seniors at these apartments.

So you can actually save anywhere from $500, $600 or even $700 a month by living in these Senior apartments. They are no different than living in a regular one or two bedroom apartment or your own home -- you just save money on rent (and utilities) and might have older people living around you.

Cable at Comcast, DirectTV, AT&T, Spectrum, etc. cost up to $250 to $300 a month today, and many men pay extra for sports channels and don't even eat organic foods. 

There is a food shortage in this country and if men don't get off their rear and learn how to grow foods again, many families will suffer in the long run. Check out my 90 Day Health Challenge for all women and men.

Many Seniors have had to go back to work because of the economy or they are 70 years old and still can't retire. Many are still suffering the repercussions from the financial crash of 2008, that happened 10 years ago. Some never recovered financially. 

I saw the devastation first-hand when I lived in Atlanta. The banks had taken back all these homes so you had entire families including children, living in the park in tents on one side of the street and EMPTY HOUSES (owned by banks) on the other side. 

Many homeowners were so distraught or mentally destroyed by losing their homes, so after receiving letters from the banks -- they just walked out of their homes leaving their furniture and other prized possessions --  even precious pets there to die. 

Dead pets, especially dogs, were found when bank representatives checked the homes and GARAGE SELLS to sell off these individuals' prized possessions went on for weeks afterwards. 

People were desperate to live. Everyone who could went out and got on some type of disability and many moved into Senior homes. #FeedYourFamilyGoodFood. #PrepareForFutureFinancialCrashes

Many Seniors can still grow foods in their apartments in pots and other containers or in plots in community gardens. You would be quite surprised at how much foods you can grow in a 4 ft. by 8 ft. raised bed garden - any season so stop making excuses and use your home for more than just living
#GrowYourFood. Believe me I know first-hand after growing foods in my own backyard for an entire year in Texas with my organic gardening initiative "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs."

These Senior apartments are located in EVERY CITY If you are poor or on Section 8, or looking at becoming homeless because you can no longer afford to live where you live, or just wasn't able to save money for your Golden Years , there is nothing to be ashamed of so these Senior apartments are ideal for you. 

And don't forget that Seniors up north die in the winter from lack of heat and in the summer from lack of air conditioners -- because they can't afford to pay for rent and utilities -- so again Senior apartments would be ideal for them.

Don't forget many Seniors have to live on $500 a month in Social Security (#ThisIsAllTheMoneyTheyMakeMonthly)
and this is why many have to eat cat food to survive. 

These Senior apartments are ideal  for me since I am planning on moving again in a year and living here will afford me the opportunity to have extra money for traveling, growing organic foods, eating organic foods, and just enjoying my life. 

This way also I can see 'first-hand' how Seniors live and be in a position to educate everyone on the "Plight of Seniors." #LiveYourBestLife.

Why Florida is an "Elephant's Graveyard" for Most Older Americans?

Most people might not know what I mean when I say an  "elephant's graveyard." In the old Tarzan movies, when the elephants were worn out and ready to die, they would literally come to their own graveyards and die alongside of other elephants. 

I hate to say the word "elephant's graveyard" because to me it seems like a "derogatory" or "negative" term and it's basically when a lot of Seniors give up living. 

I guess Florida can be a little like an "elephant's graveyard" for Seniors who can't deal with the cold weather, so many do probably come to Florida to live their lives out -- or to die.  

I been around several persons in their 50s and 60s and they absolutely hated sitting close to an air conditioner in a restaurant. They said it caused their bones to ache, so many older Americans have rheumatoid arthritis and types of arthritis or major health issues, so many Seniors have no other choice but to find warmer climates like Florida.

What You Need To Know About Medications and Your Eyesight

Common age-related eye diseases and conditions include:
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) AMD is a disease associated with aging that gradually destroys sharp, central vision.
  • Cataract. A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye. 
  • Diabetic Eye Disease. "Diabetes" is number one killer in the African American community. Read the book "Diabetes 101: 3rd Largest Killer" - available as e-book, paperback and audiobook. Most African Americans end up on kidney dialysis because of "diabetes."
  • Glaucoma. Glaucoma can be hereditary but not always.
  • Dry Eye
  • Low Vision
In some cases medications can correct what's happening with your eyes, but in other cases, the  side effects of some of the medications you are taking and lack of proper nutrition is the very reason you are losing your eyesight. 

Many folks today, especially Seniors, are going blind because of GMOs (aka Processed Foods). In the late 80s, India was the testing ground for GMOs and India today has the LARGEST BLIND POPULATION in the world so naturally GMOs today in the U.S. is causing folks to lose their eyesight. 

These foods have no nutritional value so naturally the foods can't be good for your eyes, body and brain, especially if you want to stay independent as long as possible. 

Seniors want to be independent for as long as they can.  They want to be able to read books and drive cars right up to the very end. There are many car accidents by Seniors in the state of Florida. Medications and GMO processed  foods  are probably the number one culprit for these accidents. 

When many have to give up their driver's license , it's like a  death sentence Many, not just Seniors, can't drive at night because of  night blindness  so as soon as it gets dark, they have to park their cars. If they are traveling, they have to stop at hotels before dark. 

Some types of night blindness are treatable, and other types aren't. See your doctor to determine the underlying cause of your vision impairment. Once you know the cause of the problem, you can take steps to correct your vision. 

Medicare is for those 65 and over, although certain people qualify for the program earlier. Medicare is available to people under age 65, who have been eligible for Social Security disability benefits for at least 24 months or who have end-stage renal disease.

If you don't have good health insurance Medicare will only give you back partial vision. It won't cover operations to give your full-eyesight back -- if that is even possible. 

The only way you can be guaranteed full-eyesight as you age is by 

Pill Mills vs. Medical Marijuana

I found out when I became housebound and bedridden, when I turned 50 years old, 12 years ago, "The Awakening," that a lot of Americans are suffering from pain in this country so I do believe, something must be done to remedy their pain. For instance, learn more about holistic healing.

A "pill mill" is an operation in which a doctor, clinic or pharmacy prescribes and/or dispenses narcotics without a legitimate medical purpose.  

Florida used to have a lot of ILLEGAL "pill mills" (also know as "Pain Clinics,") but now most of them have been closed down. With the legalization of medical marijuana, which causes the MUNCHES (#AppetiteIncrease), OBESITY will remain a major issue for many unhealthy communities. 

However though, many people feel it might be good for Seniors because when most of them lose their appetites as they get older, they waste away and end up dying, especially from malnutrition.

But I still have an issue supporting the legalization of marijuana for any purpose, especially after working with U.S. Customs where we seized (took permanently from owners) vehicles on the El Paso, TX border just for having 4 marijuana seeds in their ashtray, but this is a #NewDay.

Why Do Seniors Stop Eating
Face it many older people don't eat much. They really don't take in as many calories as they used to. Keep a close eye on family members and you'll see when they eat. They may take a whole portion, but they don't eat a whole portion - not at one sitting, anyway.  

They like to save some for later.  There are a couple reasons for this, and the simplest is because they eat slower. Many have issues with their teeth.  So naturally they chew slower and more thoroughly and have to take breaks between bites.

It only takes 20 minutes from first mouthful for the brain to send signals that you are full, but this is not good for Seniors, who have to eat slow because of the makeup of their mouths.  #MissingTeeth, #FalseTeeth. 

Then there's taste. With age Seniors have a decrease in their taste buds and sensitivity, so food doesn't seem to have as much flavor.  Plus, because of their health (#HighBloodPressure (same as #Hypertension)), most are supposed to LIMIT SALT, and salt is a flavor enhancer so now they can't even give the flavor a boost with salt. 

In black communities, these salt and pepper shakers are always found on most tables so this is why many African Americans, especially as they age, suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension

Other Reasons Why You Need To Stay Off Medications

Remember you don't need to be on medications if your important numbers are in range. But because many don't know what these numbers are supposed to be -- a doctor will still put you on medications because medications are BIG BUSINESS in this country. So it's important to know what these numbers are supposed to be. 

Medications can cause you to feel dizzy and interfere with your energy level, eye sight, both taste and appetite and another culprit, absorption

You aren't as hungry, you can't taste the food, and even when you eat, you may not be getting all the nutrition possible from it because of some medication you're on. 

So for many Seniors, they feel -- why even eat! #KnowYourNumbers, #SaveYourLife,
#MedicationKillsTasteOfFoods, #MedicationBlocksAbsorption, #SeniorsHaveMalnutrition, #SeniorsLackProperNutrition.

Here in Florida -- it's mandatory for these
Senior' services to pick up medications or to have families turn the medications back in when Seniors passes away because in many cases, other family members, even teenagers can overdose on all the medications that doctors have prescribed for Seniors.

Many times these Seniors don't even need these medications in the first place, but most Seniors 65 and over are on at least 4 medications.  Many times 3 are just for high blood pressure, especially in black communities.

Doctor's don't even bother to take you off these high blood pressure medications, they just pile more on on top of what you are already taking and look for side effects. So you are a guinea pig!!! This is why they call it #PracticingMedicine because they are only practicing on you.

I have seen many Seniors on up to 25 medications. How can you even keep up with that much medications? It's estimated that 80% of Seniors are on some type of medication. 

When nurses and doctors see that you are not on any medications when you have your doctor's visit, they try their best to convince you to get on something -- even if your numbers are in range (click here). It has happened to me several times with nurses.

And when you start taking medications, not only does it causes your organs to start dying, and for you to lose your appetite and suffer from absorption issues, you will end up on even more medications because of the side effects of what you are already taking. 

That's when you begin to #GoDownARabbitHole, #YouGetEvenSicker, #YouStartToDie, 

Doctors brag about living and working in the state of Florida.  They say they work only half a day because all they do is prescribe medications to Seniors and they spend the other half of the day on the golf course. 

That sentence alone should get folks and especially politicians working on "healthier eating campaigns" and even "No Smoking" campaigns, especially for Seniors. 

Doctors should be advancing the lives of Seniors, especially in the state of Florida with tons of Seniors -- not just piling on these medications that is doing nothing but ENDING THEIR LIVES. #AdvanceTheLivesofSeniors, #SpeakUpForSeniors, #BecomeAnAdvocate.

Because of all these medications, which zaps the nutrition right out of the body and GMO foods causing havoc in the human body, it's important to take daily supplements.

There is no way you, especially Seniors, can receive all the nutrition you need daily with your foods so supplements (also called "Vitamins" and "Minerals"), will be key to living a longer and healthier life. 

Many don't know what supplements to take. Read my Special Report here (click here).

And all of this is why it's extremely important for families to work with Seniors in their families to receive regular eye and body exams; take care of their teeth as they age; give up smoking; eat a good, organic diet; drink good water; take supplements; get regular exercise; and get plenty of rest. And read my first health book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days." Again, #DontGoDownTheRabbitHole,
#LiveYourLife, #TakeCareOfSeniors.

Why I Will Need To Spend Even More Time In The Gym in My New City

It's important for Seniors to exercise as they age. To keep from having to use walking canes and other walkers, it's important to exercise the long muscle in the front of your thighs. You can use a straight chair for this. Practice sitting and getting up throughout the day. 

Also do squats because 1 out of 4 women end up in adult diapers in nursing homes from prolapse, where your bottom falls out -- even your kidneys, if you don't do squats.

My first thought when I move to a new city is always #HealthFirst as soon as I get a roof over my head. I then think where can I gain access to good clean, organic foods, alkaline water, good supplements, exercise, then I make sure I have a comfortable bed to get plenty of rest. Then I register to vote.

I also usually do a FULL BODY 14 day detox program so in a couple of weeks, I can hit the ground running. I love fast walking in a park and especially working out at the gym.

A #GymRat is people who go to the gym twice a day or more or spend several hours in the gym.  A t 62 I am not a  #GymRat, but I do like to get my 6 days in every week. 

Most people don't know you can get the same results from the gym in 1 hour a day as you can in 5 hours.  I found that out a few years ago so you don't need to live in the gym to get great results.  

I have a good setup in my new city for the gym. My favorite machine is the  elliptical machine, and this LA Fitness is not just closer to my home, but it has a new piece of cardio
equipment that is to die for. It's call  "Octane Fitness." So looks like the gym will be my new best friend.

Another reason I will be spending a lot of time in the gym is to stay even healthier now that I realize that everyone in the state of Florida, or most Seniors smoke. Folks here just don't smoke, many are 

So therefore, I will need to keep these toxins moving out of my body by going to the gym and especially sweating in the sauna. 

I was trying to talk to a Sistar the other day and dang, she was sucking on that cigarette like her life depended on it -- like it was her oxygen.  #ChainSmokers.

Cigarettes cost $6.00 a pack at gas stations, $8.00 a pack at grocery stores, especially Publix, with 20 cigarettes in each pack here. 

In New York many said they are $15.00 a pack and in California, they are $20.00 a pack. For the life of me, how can these Seniors afford these cigarettes? How can people on Section 8 with EBT cards afford these cigarettes? 

Just think if they spent that money instead on  "organic foods" and instead of smoking "go for a walk" or "read a book", they could probably add 20 years on their lives. Not just 20 years, but 20 productive years.

It's been a minute since I have been in anyone's workplace (13 years) so now that smoking has been banned from many workplaces, restaurants, etc., it seems like more people just took it up more at their homes. 

This especially can't be good for our children today, where other health issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and obesity have already taken a toll on them.

Why Seniors and Others Can't Breathe

The air outside your home is full of Chemtrails, which is a "heavy metal", which are sprayed by the Air Force (aka "Government") to keep your sick. 

The government works hand-in-hand with the medical and pharmaceutical industry because it's all BIG BUSINESS -- to keep everyone sick. Their goals are to keep you going to doctors and taking medications.

So therefore, you can't really do anything about the air quality outside of your home, but you can do something about the air quality inside of your home.

Seniors can't breathe if they are smokers or receiving second hand smoke. They also are being mis-diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Asthma, Acid Reflex and other diseases that stops their breathing. This is because of their diets. 

Many folks don't know if you eat fried foods, dairy products, eggs and chocolate, these are MUCUS PRODUCING, which means they cause INFLAMMATION to form inside your body, causing it to swell from the inside out -- keeping you from breathing correctly and being mis-diagnosed with preventable diseases. 

Diet is not just key but let's look at the quality of the air inside your home. Most Seniors are retired which means they will spend up to 90% of their time in their homes. 

Did you know that the air quality in most homes is 2 to 3 times MORE TOXIC than the air quality outside of your home? This is because women who are in charge of buying groceries, cleaning and body products are purchasing TOXIC products -- that causes breathing problems and other issues for the entire family. So they are making the whole family sick.

The goal is to GO NATURAL from head to toe and clean up the air quality inside your home, by only using NATURAL PRODUCTS. This is something you can do something about. #StopMakingExcuses, #CleanUpAirQualityInYourHome.

What Smoking Do To You?

Remember Chemtrails that you breathe in everytime you leave your home are a "heavy metal." Smoking introduces BENZENE into your body, which is also a "HEAVY METAL."

When you pump your gas at the gas pump, you are breathing in benzene and inhaling heavy metals And having heavy metals in your body is one of the main reasons why so many people are so sick. 

They are also extremely sick because of their diets of GMO processed foods , which contains heavy metals, which comes from pesticides and herbicides , which is cloned into the seeds, which grows the toxic GMO processed foods

And don't forget that GMOs today are AIRBORNE, which means you are also breathing in GMOs when you leave the comfort of your own home so regular detoxifications and eating a good diet will be key in moving these toxins through your body -- if you don't want to come down with a disease or sickness.

Many people don't know it but they are exposed to heavy metals when t hey eat any processed food . Any food 
you buy in a package, bag, jar, can or some other container - any food that has been "altered" is a "processed food" and these foods contains GMOs.
The bottomline is, heavy metals are everywhere!!! They are in the air you breathe in daily and the products you clean your home with and put on your body. To remove heavy metals from

You will be shocked when reading the article -- of all the ways you are actually allowing heavy metals to enter your body and again, this is the NUMBER ONE REASON tons of folks are sick. #RemoveTheHeavyMetals, #RegainYourHealth. 

When I ended up housebound and bedridden 12 years ago, I had "heavy metal poisoning" so I am prone to come down with sickness because of heavy metals, especially since I have dental amalgam (silver fillings) in my mouth from the military.

Stop running on empty! Many women are not just running on empty, many can't think straight, which means they can't make good decisions because they are full of "heavy metals," which causes "brain-fog" and other brain issues. 

If you have been feeling sick, sluggish and/or run-down, take the 12 action steps (#12Chapters12Steps) in my first health book, "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Guide To Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days - Series 3" -- available as an e-book and paperback book. 

You can be feeling super in just 30 days. It is by far #MyBestNonfictionBook -- out of 26 books at

My Action Plan for Dealing With Smokers

I am being exposed to second-hand smoke, 24/7 so I need to come up with an action plan quick. So if I take all the below action steps, I should be able to stay ahead of any sickness dealing with heavy metals and smoking. 

Some of the steps I will take include: 
  • Buy several air purifiers.
  • Buy plants that can help with air quality.
  • Do more detoxes of my colon, liver, kidneys and especially heavy metal detoxes.
  • Keep the toxins moving out of my body by working out and especially sitting in a sauna or steam room at the gym. 
  • Make sure I am taking Vitamin C, E, Selenium, Magnesium, Garlic supplements and other supplements that is known to break down the effects of heavy metals.
  • Eating even healthier.
Why I Don't Date Smokers

I remember the day to this day when I stopped going to nightclubs. My main reason was because of all the smoke and how it would stink up my clothes. 

And now that I am single againI can't stand men who smoke and will avoid them at all cost. Sometimes the smoke would have turned their lips black (or blue) or when you kiss them, their breath taste like an "ashtray" or "ice cubes"

Even Obama had dark lips from smoking.  So I don't care how nice a man is, how gorgeous he looks, how much money he has, of if he is in line to be President of the U.S., if he smokes, that's a #D ealBreaker  for me. 

And a man who smokes can't seriously be looking at staying healthy as he ages, especially not today, and he won't be around me with that #CancerStick in his mouth, stinking up my car and my home. #NoWayJose, #ThereIsntNothingSexyAboutSmoking.

Cathy Harris BIO: Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Advice Columnist at, National Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Self-Publishing and Business Coach. Just some of the topics she speaks on include - Family and Community Empowerment, Health, Business for Youth and Adults, Workplace Issues including Sexual Harassment, Sex and Race Discrimination, Government, Law Enforcement, Domestic and Intl. Traveling, Car Buying and Selling for Women, Beauty/Self-Esteem, Aging/Retirement, etc.  Her Empowerment and Publishing Company is Angels Press, P.O. Box 19282, Austin, TX 78670, (512) 909-7365, Website:,  Email: She offers Seminars, Workshops, Webinars and Consultations at , Email: 

If you live in the Orlando, FL area, 
contact my company below so we can  set up Empowerment Events (Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, Consultations)  including Meetings. 

Also feel free to post your events through my 3 groups at the bottom of page. And we will be starting health and business webinars soon. 

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"We Can Sit Back and Watch As the World Goes By   or We Can Find Opportunities To Make It Better."   
....Cathy Harris

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