Newsletter - Issue 2 - Sep. 29, 2021

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-Is JFK, Jr. 'Negative 48'?

-Was JFK, Jr. 'The Professor' at Mike Lindell's Event?

-Is Juan O'Savin JFK, Jr.?

-The Three Vincent Fusca's

-The CIA Mockingbird Media '5-Year Campaign'

-Vaccination Updates

-Van Life/Health Corner Updates

-65th Birthday & Van Life Anniversary Update

-Classroom Articles and Videos


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Happy 65th Birthday - Oct. 6.

Hello From 'Cathy's Corner'

Sep. 29, 2021

Hey guys:

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of "Cathy's Corner," an empowerment e-newsletter, which is written by to educate, inform and empower you, your family, and your entire community. This is a Special 65th Birthday edition and as promised this is another 'content-rich' e-newsletter so make sure you go back and read the first edition also. With so much going on, I was trying to publish another edition by now, however, I was side-tracked and had to take some time off for personal reasons (See Section Below "Van Life/Health Corner Updates)."

I am so glad I started this e-newsletter again to help clear up some of the misinformation and disinformation out there. Understand up-front that there are 'two realities' out here right now and both sides are having to put out misinformation and disinformation to keep people safe and/or to wake people up. If you conduct enough research as I do, you will be able to understand what information to ignore and what information to pay attention to. Just remember all of it is a 'movie' and/or a 'play' to help us transition over to the #GoldenAge, #Nesara, #Gesara.

Freelancer & Syndicated Columnist

Digital Soldier, Patriot & Truth-Teller

Is JFK, Jr. 'Negative 48' on 'The Psych Club' on YouTube?


Hey Guys:

Okay let's get to our topic at hand today, which is -- "Is JFK, Jr. Still Alive"? Even after all the evidence in this e-newsletter, I am still not ready to say that JFK, Jr. is still alive so you be the judge. However, deep down I do believe that there is a 99.9% chance that "Negative 48" is JFK, Jr. and he is still alive.

The guy in the blue and orange shirt on the top right along with the 3 other men was in a video (video located on Telegram or on "Fighting Back 101" on facebook) that came out on Sep. 11, 2021. He was at Ground Zero in New York and has been on youtube over the last month going by the name of "Michael Brian Protzman", who is also called "Negative 48."

On his Telegram Channel at "Negative 48 Channel," he goes by the #GematriaGeneral. On Telegram, he has been holding powerful #ChatRoom discussions with an attendance of thousands of people so this guy -- whomever he is -- is really inspiring people and giving hope back to the people.

Since he has been on The Psych Club and other youtube channels for the past month and sounds exactly like John Kennedy, Jr. -- many people believe he is John F. Kennedy, Jr.. At first, everyone thought he was JFK, Jr. because he talked like him -- had the same voice. Then people were saying he had to be a family member -- maybe Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, JFK, Jr.'s brother, who was presumed to have died at birth, but now we are finding out that Patrick Bouvier Kennedy is indeed alive along with another sister, Arabella Kennedy.

The guy in the orange shirt with the other guy on the right -- the other guy is Patrick Kennedy and so is the picture of the little boy and the guy in the background of the picture of JFK, Jr. and Carolyn.

Some people even think it could be one of JFK, Jr.'s sons. Children and siblings often sound alike. My oldest daughter and I use to have the same voice, but I don't think we do anymore.

'Negative 48' has been hiding his face on youtube up until Sep. 11 and in the video, he thought the guy was taking a pic ...not recording a video so he finally showed his face...or did he. Many people think he is JFK, Jr. but in this video/picture, they were trying to see if he had a mask on. However, a few days ago on Telegram, I found another recording of him saying he was 'Negative 48' and you could tell right away that he was wearing a mask. Not just a mask but a 'partial bodysuit' so this guy indeed could be JFK, Jr.. The last video on Telegram featured him wearing the blue shirt at the top right. Again, he sounds just like JFK, Jr. and that video too is on Telegram and my facebook group "Fighting Back 101."

JFK, Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Kennedy, which is also alive, have been spotted several times standing behind Trump, who is still your President, at his rallies along with their 3 kids. Since Trump is still your President, supposedly, JFK, Jr. is the Vice President (V.P.) of the U.S. especially since Mike Pence was Gitmoed a while back.

Some people are saying now it is not JFK in the orange shirt because this guy had 'jacked-up' teeth. Remember he has been in Witness Protection for over 20 years and are his teeth a part of the disguise? Remember in movies when they wear masks and disguises, they can change everything.

In the picture with the 3 other men, many believe that might be his son on the right and his brother on the left, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy. The guy standing by him on the right is Tom Numbers from the "Psych Club" on youtube. That is Tom's youtube channel.

There is also a John F. Kennedy, Jr., RealJFK, and Patrick Bouvier Kennedy channels on Telegram so join those channels too. Some people believe JFK, Jr. is over the Q movement but if you have been paying attention, the Q movement is a bunch of guys from military intelligence, but I do believe he has a major role in the Q-movement especially since he is Trump's Vice President.

Fess up already! Is this guy JFK, Jr. or what? What do you think? Listen in on the "Psych Club" on youtube or to the videos below. Curious minds want to know...

Was JFK, Jr. 'The Professor' at the Mike Lindell's 3-Day Symposium?

On the 3rd night of Mike Lindell's 3-day symposium in Aug. 2021 at, many believe the #LawProfessor that spoke was JFK, Jr. He did sound like him. Tell me what do you think? Look at the picture above and listen to the video and tell me if that is JFK, Jr. His microphone was able to disguise his voice, but he did sound like JFK, Jr. -- "Professor David Clements "The Vote Trafficking Parable" (click here).

For most of you who don't know it the Mike Lindell's 3-day symposium on the 'Nov. 2020 election fraud' at was a #StingOperation by the Trump camp. I heard so many Patriots and Truthers make negative statements about the event. Many were saying the event was too early, however, they did not know what was going on because they weren't insiders. Instead, that event was right on time because it was a #StingOperation.

The same as the vaccination movement was a #StingOperation to bring down Big Pharma and bring back Natural Medicine, Med Beds, and other Natural Cures. Mike Lindell's event and the entire Nov. 2020 election was also a #StingOperation because the Trump camp knew they would cheat.

Donald Trump is a wiz at putting together these #StingOperations and what you need to understand is -- it is all to keep us safe while we transition on over to the "GoldenAge." He has been playing Chess and many of you have been playing Checkers. He has been ahead of the Cabal, Illuminati, and/or the Deep State -- the entire time. And just remember, the Q-movement was out there fighting crime way before Donald Trump came on the scene -- even though he probably joined the team or was asked to join the team by the #WhiteHats or the #WhiteHatAlliance (aka "The Good Guys") way before he became the 45th President of the U.S.. Keep up -- remember the #BlackHats are the Cabal, Illuminati, and Deep State (aka "The Bad Guys).

Is Juan O'Savin JFK, Jr.?

Some people still believe that JFK, Jr. is Juan O'Savin, who is definitely a Trump Supporter and Insider. Juan O'Savin like "Negative 48" is another secretive player in the game. Many others believe Juan O'Savin is a former military officer with the Q-movement. Remember what you are watching is a movie to wake people up so we can move over into the #GoldenYears -- where we will be taking care of each other. #Nesara, Gesara.

I believe Juan O'Savin has been hiding his face on camera for over a year now so was that one of the 'first reveals' when Juan O'Savin accidentally showed his face on camera on The Michael Jaco show? Was it done on purpose?

Juan O'Savin has been conducting interviews walking everyone through a lot of what is happening especially all the Patriots and Truthers. I believe he was also instrumental in getting Jim Caviezel to play the major role in the movie on Child Trafficking, Sound of Freedom.

All you usually see on camera is Juan O 'Savin's legs, boots, and sometimes his hand. He wrote the book "Kid By the Side of the Road" and he even has a movie on youtube of him driving across the country...and all you can see then is his pants and boots.

Recently he mistakenly showed his face on camera when he was on The Michael Jaco youtube show. That video has been removed and I don't believe they ever mentioned it again on Michael's show.

Some are saying he did this on purpose. However, keep this in mind though...he could have been wearing a mask and/or bodysuit because the White Hats (aka "The Good Guys") use 'masks' and 'bodysuits' ...while the Black Hats (aka "The Bad Guys") (Cabal, Illuminati, and/or Deep State, etc.) uses Clones, CGI, and Masks/Bodysuits.

Many psychics even believe that Juan O'Savin is John F. Kennedy, Jr., and JFK's brother, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, who we just found out is alive said on Telegram that Juan O'Savin is JFK, Jr.. And we all know that JFK, Jr. is a 'Master of Disguises' so we have to just wait and see.

Right now there are 2 Presidents ...Trump and Biden..and two Vice Presidents...Kamala Harris and JFK, Jr. -- who took the place of Mike Pence when he was Gitmoed for "Crimes Against Humanity."

Again, just remember this is a movie...And there are at least 3 people playing the role of Joe Biden since he was executed for 'Crimes Against Humanity' -- Actor James Woods, Actor Tim Allen, and a British Actor."

Just grab more popcorn...sit back and enjoy the show...We are very close to the end of this movie. #EndGame.

The Three Vincent Fusca's

For months the Patriots and Truthers have been waiting for JFK, Jr. to make an appearance. We have had at least 3 or 4 different dates come and go and JFK, Jr...nothing but disappointment.

JFK, Jr. is a 'Master of Disguises' and now it looks like he was probably right under our noses the entire time. One of his aliases and most 'prominent disguises' might very well be Vincent Fusca, who can be spotted at many of the Trump rallies along with Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and their 3 children.

There are 3 of them and the short Vincent Fusca is being played by John Denver, who is still alive. We were even told at one time because JFK, Jr. did not show up that one of the Vincent Fusca characters was run off the road in a car accident -- maybe even by the bad guys.

Let's face it this might be all that we will see of JFK, Jr.. We can never be sure that we have all the bad guys so is he willing to fully disclose himself to the world? Maybe or maybe not...We will soon see!

The CIA Mockingbird

Media 5 Year #OrangeManBad Campaign

What I discuss in this section you are not going to believe. I write non-fiction books for a living at so understand that up-front. I don't even have time to read fiction books. A whole lot has happened and tons of events are occurring 'back-to-back' every week. I am posting most of it on my facebook group at "Fighting Back 101" -- on my facebook timeline at and on my Instagram channels at and/or

Look at all the media/news personalities that have walked away from their jobs or been fired or Gitmoed. This is not by coincidence. The media was always the LAST GROUP that was supposed to be taken down as we transition over into the #GoldenAge.

Understand up-front that the MEDIA, the CIA Mockingbird Media is part of the Cabal, Illuminati, and Deep State. Why do you think you never hear about all the children going missing or are being kidnapped around the world and country especially at Disney World, Chuckie Cheese, and other popular children's establishments?

Follow me now because I am trying to make a point. They have torture dungeons in Chuckie Cheese franchises in basements and underground tunnels at Disneyworld and once you turn your backs for one second, your children are gone forever. I knew something was up when they started serving alcohol at Chuckie Cheese.

Think about it! All these stories of the missing children are blacked out by the mainstream media -- the CIA Mockingbird Media -- which again is part of the Cabal, Illuminati, and Deep State. Mainstream media, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox News, etc. including (use for research instead) is part of the "Bad Guys."

Right before the March 2020 close-down -- women and children were being kidnapped from Walmarts and other stores all over the country after dark by men from other countries -- who sat in dark cars in the back of these venues. They had other men in stores on walkies talkies describing what these individuals looked like -- so once they walked out of the stores, they were kidnapped and taken into underground tunnels -- gone forever.

Women were also taken into warehouses by Uber and Lyft drivers in 'kidnapping attempts,' but many got away or had to jump out of moving vehicles. There were a ton of stories all over social media about 'attempted kidnappings' right before everything shut down in March 2020. This is why Donald Trump shut down the flight from England, which was one of the first flights shut down because a majority of Sex and Human Trafficking originated in Europe.

Google and other social media platforms, which is part of the Cabal/Deep State along with mainstream media, removed these stories but I can't believe people don't remember these stories. Even police officers were warning women especially about getting gas or shopping after dark -- especially during holidays. They were saying once people are kidnapped they are GONE FOREVER. The police officers wanted people to understand that there is NO WAY that any law enforcement agency can rescue you or a family member. You are GONE FOREVER!!!

Hundreds if not thousands of people especially women, children, and especially teenagers go missing from malls and other stores every year but you will never hear anything about it in the #Mainstream CIA Mockingbird Media.

Many college kids especially the ones that go to college out of town have come up missing or they are found with #MissingOrgans. Even in California at Wine Tasting Events, they were finding out if visitors had family members that would be worried about them -- if not -- they would kidnap these individuals and take them into underground tunnels for organ harvesting and other devilish purposes (#SatanistCultWorshipping).

They had tons of businesses all over the country with Pedophilia Symbols on their logos and/or business signs out in front of stores or on children's games or toys. Walmart even had T-shirts with Pedophilia messages on them. This is how Pedophiles knew the businesses they could contact and make appointments to have sex with children and/or receive a dose of #Adrenochrome. Even furniture companies and Nike Shoes were selling children online. These stories were all over the place but most of you were watching the TEL-LIE-VISION instead of really paying attention to what was happening -- sometimes in your own backyard and to your own families.

I saw all the stories...I was writing articles and posting on my website trying to wake people up so go back and read all my articles and newsletters at I have been relentless and haven't stopped because I want to help you transition over to the #NewWorld (#GoldenAge), but most of all I want to help show you how to protect yourself, your family, and your entire community.

And get this -- Police Officers in Los Angeles County have had the Pedophile Symbols on their badges forever. Hollywood and New York were two of the largest #HumanTrafficking areas in the country. The areas were plagued with Satanist Cult Worshippers who preyed on everyone, especially children for their organs and blood to extract #Adrenochrome. And this is why the #WhiteHats and/or the #WhiteHatAlliance (aka "The Good Guys") have had to take down all Hollywood (#Hellyweird).

Notice how quiet Hollywood is and how all the A-list Movie Stars have disappeared? Many have been Gitmoed -- serving time (probably LIFE) or executed. They replaced a lot of the movie stars with doubles or people wearing face masks and/or bodysuits but if you look close, you can tell these are different people.

Most people especially Democrats, if you speak to them -- within 5 minutes they will bring up their hatred for Donald Trump (#OrangeManBad) -- why -- because the CIA Mockingbird Media has carried out a 5-year campaign against Trump. They have programmed everyone who watches the Tel-LIE-VISION to #HateTrump. They have been very successful in their #MindControl campaign.

These individuals are so naive and because they are programmed with #MindControl, they blame Trump for all the evils of the world. Most of these people who think that way -- I am sorry to say are Democrats.

Most of you don't have any idea how close you came to danger of losing your own life, your family's life, your livelihoods, and losing this entire country to the Chinese Community Party (CCP), who already own many of the U.S. Sports Teams and over 8,000 movie theatres. All the movies made for 16-year-olds are now made in China. Over 90% of all antibodies are made in China. We have to carry out campaigns to bring all our products and goods (U.S. Made Products and Goods) back to the U.S.. #BoycottChina.

Do you understand yet the level of work that the #WhiteHats and/or the #WhiteHatAlliance and especially Donald Trump has gone through to save you and your family? Donald Trump has had over 50 assassination attempts on his life so you need to see how serious this is and the length the enemy will go to get what they want. Trump sacrificed millions of dollars and the safety of his family to sit in his position to make sure everyone was able to move forward and receive what they should have received years ago #Nesara, #Gesara. He had to step down from his seat as the U.S. President, even after winning in a landslide (over 80%) on Nov. 3, 2020, just so #Nesara and #Gesara could be activated.

Remember JFK, Sr. tried to implement #Nesara and #Gesara years ago, but this is when evil entities tried to take him out. The one percent especially the Satanic one percent -- aka "The Cabal, Illuminati, or Deep State," did not want that for families. Trump and the #WhiteHatAlliances are taking back all the technology and natural cures that have been suppressed for years by the 1% and giving it back to the people.

Trump has put it all on the line and not only the American people are hoping he succeeds, but many countries are now watching the U.S. and one thing they can't believe -- they can't believe all the #Sheeps and #Sleepers that are still putting a diaper on their faces and still willingly taking the vaccinations and boosters. Other countries are standing up and saying no to all of it.

Vaccination Updates

Personally, I am sick of all the talk around vaccinations. As I said in my first issue of "Cathy's Corner", there were some vaccination placebos with 'saline solutions' put out there. However, there were also some 'booby-trapped' batches of poisons out there too. Many are saying -- maybe 80% were placebos with saline solutions and 20% 'booby-trapped' poison batches.

This is what most Patriots and Truthers believe. I really don't know what the #Normies or #Sleepers believe. I keep my distance from them because these are the people still wearing face masks and still taking vaccinations and booster shots. They are also still glued to their #MindControl TV sets. And they are still following others around like a #Sheep because they can't think for themselves.

All I know is those who received a vaccination, it was like playing a game of "Russian Roulette" with your life. If you haven't had any side effects yet, maybe you were one of the lucky ones so 'count your blessings'. However, many scientists and health professionals are saying the 'side effects' will still occur down the line. It is like anything else -- once poisons enter the human body, if you don't remove it, there will definitely be consequences down the line but again #MedBeds will be available to those that received the vaccinations so I would not spend a large portion of my time at this time worrying about something that you don't have any control over.

I have seen all the reactions and 'side effects' of vaccinations myself on many of the platforms. Many people who don't die right away seem to die within the next few weeks and others seem to be suffering from some type of 'heavy metal' symptom such as they do with Parkinson's disease.

I have tried and tried to tell people that 'heavy-metals,' which is one of the ingredients in vaccinations is one of the main risk factors for sickness and disease in this country and heavy metals are the reason why probably up to 60% of people in nursing homes have Alzheimer's, a 'heavy metal' disease. Over 40% of people in nursing homes are in their late 40s or early 50s. The numbers are probably higher now since 2020 and these numbers should WAKE YOU UP and scare you and get you, your family, and your entire community -- taking action again.

Van Life/Health Corner Updates with

Cathy Harris

Hey All:

I haven't been able to put out a video for two weeks, instead, I took some time off. One of the hardest things I did my 2nd year on the road was to drive out to Portland, OR from Flagstaff, AZ in 5 days. I put so much pressure on myself to do the trip really quickly and because of that, I ended up with 'dehydration' symptoms. I am pretty sure because I came in contact with smoke for 3 hours going into Portland and 5 hours coming out of Portland -- that that too played a major role in 'dehydrating' my body.

During the drive, I wasn't drinking enough water even though I can now go to the restroom in my van. To add to that in the first 24 hours on the trip, even though I had an ice chest full of 'green' and 'antioxidant foods' for juicing, my juicer stopped working. Instead of stopping at a Walmart to buy another juicer, I took juicing off my schedule and kept driving and all of that proved to be a grave mistake.

To bring my body back into balance, it took a lot of work to get there. And at 64 years of age, my body doesn't recover like it used to. I had to literally take off from working on videos, writing, and working out to allow my body to recover.

This is what I did to recover quickly:

-Firstly, I made sure I was drinking enough water throughout the day or at least every half hour. Most of you know if I can...I only drink 'alkaline water' and I use 'purified' or 'distilled' water to juice my green foods. I found out later that the blender wasn't even broken -- just stuck -- so I could have been juicing the entire trip and avoided becoming 'dehydrated'. The green foods would have kept my body 'rehydrated'.

-Secondly, I had to go back to the twelve steps in my first health book that got me healthy when I came down with "heavy metal poisoning" in 2008. You can read my blog post entitled "The Awakening." The name of my book is "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days." And the reason I subtitled the book "A Self-Help Guide To Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days" is because I knew if I took the '12 Steps' outlined in the book, in just 30 short days, my body would recover and would come back into 'balance' -- and that it did.

Why did I do the trip in 5 days -- well it was because I was trying to finish with #Phase2 of my van build-out so I could be out of the Flagstaff, AZ area by November when it gets as low as 10 degrees here. My appointments for the installations is Nov. 2 and Nov. 3 to have everything hooked up so I will have to monitor the weather to see if I need to move to a warmer area and come back to Flagstaff for those dates.

The good thing is I was able to purchase everything I needed in Portland, OR from for #Phase2 of my van build.

The place in Flagstaff will be:

-Hooking up my All-In-One Box, which contains two Lithium Batteries with a total of 2,000 watts, my MPPT Comptroller, and a 2,000-watt Inverter to my alternator so the 'battery box' can charge up when I drive. If you don't have solar, it's imperative to hook this 'battery bank' to your alternator to get power.

-My two Maxx Air Fans will be hooked up to the All-In-One box. I had the fans installed over a month ago with #Phase1 but did not have anything to hook them to.

-My 800 watts of Solar will be installed on top.

This is right on time because my "Jackery 500 Power Box" has been acting up and sometimes it allows me to only charge my phone or tablet, but not both at one time. They said the Jackery ( products give out close to 2 years so I am right at 2 years -- and even Bob Wells from -- said that on his channel.

My quick trip out west worked but I won't be doing that to my body again anytime soon.

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Happy 65th Birthday Celebration &

2-Year Van Life Anniversary

to Cathy Harris

Hello Everyone:

I feel quite lucky to be able to celebrate my 2-years on the road along with my 65th birthday celebration. I thought I would have had at least a couple more e-newsletters out before my 2-year #VanLife Anniversary Celebration on Oct. 1 and/or my 65th Birthday Celebration on Oct. 6 -- but at this point, I just want to finish this newsletter and start working on others as I prepare to shut down for my birthday celebration.


Since I am still in the process of getting Phase 2 of my van build completed, I did not want to venture too far from the Flagstaff, AZ area. Therefore, my goal is to go to a hotel with a spa area, especially a hot tub and pool area -- about an hour from here for several days and just chill out. Did you know in my 2 years on the road, I have never, ever stayed in a hotel, so this is the 'birthday present' I am giving to myself.

As I turn 65 on Oct. 6, I am taking a 'birds-eye' view of my entire life to see what I have to change. Firstly, instead of writing first thing in the morning, instead, I will start going back to the gym, walking, hiking, or getting some type of physical exercise.

Despite, having 'tons of thoughts' that I need to put on paper first thing in the morning, I cannot in good faith put anything before my health -- ever again. I have to stay focused and put my #HealthFirst.


As far as my 2-year #VanLife Anniversary goes, when I get time I would like to write a blog post about the differences in my FIRST and SECOND year on the road. There was quite a big difference and I would like to share it with others. All I know is that my second year on the road has been one of the 'best times' -- that I have ever had in my adult life -- even despite having to deal with fires in Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon, my second year still turned out to be a really awesome and special time out here on the road.

The best time that I had out here on the road during my second year was probably just seeing the beautiful state of Colorado. If I never engaged in #VanLife, I probably would not have ever visited the state so #VanLife has opened my life up to so many wonderful and awesome possibilities.

My biggest #VanLife accomplishment in my second year on the road is just being able to publish some wonderful traveling videos on YouTube at Instagram at -- along with my traveling blog posts at -- and almost completing Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 of my van build-out. What beautiful accomplishments and I am so proud of my 65-year-old self.

My initial reason for engaging in #VanLife two years ago when I turned 63-years of age was to -- 1) See family and friends on the road, 2) Make new friends on the road, 3) Give my Seminars and Workshops on the road, and 4) See beautiful attractions on the road -- and I am doing all of it every single day -- and all of it has been a dream come true!

I am so proud of all my blog posts over the last year:

-My 20 Year Itinerary and Why I Love How I Live - #Nomadic

-Should You Travel Solo or With Camping Groups?

-What Nomads Need To Know About 5G

-How I Got Rid of A Mice in My Van

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-FDA Purchased Intact Aborted Baby Heads, Fetal Organs on ICe for Experimentation with Mice

-Sidney Power Goes FULL Kraken Mode Against the Criminal Cabal

Whistleblower Corner

Part 1: Federal Government Health and Human Service (HHS) Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings "Vaccine is Full of Sh..t

-New Missouri COVID Whistleblower: HOSPITALS are LYING to the public about COVID… and I CAN PROVE IT

'Negative 48' on

'The Psych Club'

& Other Shows

I can't believe how quick 'Negative 48' videos are being removed off youtube so you need to go on youtube and in the search button -- put in the words "Negative 48" and/or "The Psych Club." Conduct your own research.

-Negative 48 and SubrinaGal

Videos of

JFK, Jr's Family

-JFK Jr’s Family at Moon Township PA Rally

-JFK 18 Year Old Son At Rally

-Vincent Fusca at Erie PA Rally

-Vincent Fusca Gets a Makeover

-Vincent Fusca Haven't You Heard

-Vincent Fusca, Lauren, and Lisa Bessette Get Happy

-JFK Mystery Woman At Rally