Newsletter - Issue 3 - Oct. 15, 2021

Newsletter Topics:

-Are You Living in the Light or Living in the Dark?

-My Next Big Projects

-This is Red October so It is #GoTime

-My 65th Birthday Ritual

-The Death of a 'Patriot' - Robert David Steele

-Why We Can No Longer Deal with #CareerPoliticians

-The Death of 'Marilyn Monroe' or Was It Another #StingOperation?

-Van Life Updates

-Classroom Articles and Videos


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Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist

Hello from 'Cathy's Corner'

Welcome to the 3rd edition of 'Cathy's Corner.' As promised this is another good edition of my e-newsletter. I was just booted off and/or censored again on facebook for another 30 days so I would just like to say -- "Thanks Facebook" for giving me the time to work on my other projects. Everyone should still be able to view all the important posts in my group at "Fighting Back 101" ( and on my facebook timeline at

Telegram is the place to be right now. I follow about 30 people over there but I don't allow anyone to join my page there because all the back and forth chatter would drive me crazy and would be too time-consuming. As a business owner, my goal right now is to do my own thing and not be distracted by all the chatter of people you don't even know. People love coming on your platforms giving their own opinions about things that they haven't even conducted research about.

Many people are quitting their jobs so there is currently plenty of jobs out there for you to gain funds to take care of your family. Just remember when the #Nesara/#Gesara checks start coming in, which should be soon, it will initially only be enough money to keep your head above water so no one is telling you to go out and quit your jobs. You might not see this money until Trump gets back into office.

The people who will be working on humanitarian projects will be the people gaining more funding for their particular households because they will be the people working on 'part of humanity' to build a New World.

Your main priority right now should be gaining access to good clean organic foods so you can heal your body and especially turn your brain back on. So, therefore, check out my food initiatives at -- --

We will discuss these and the type of humanitarian projects you can easily get involved with on my upcoming Zoom presentations starting soon on Tuesdays, 8:00-9:00 p.m. (est). Everything will be posted on my group at and at

Again, if you have more questions, please reached out at, and/or

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Digital Soldier

Are You Living in the LIGHT or Living in the DARK?

Many people are afraid right now so they have chosen to live in the LIGHT. They are trying their best to stay uplifted even though the entire world seems to be turned upside down right now. Just remember this is a movie to wake up the masses. We need at least 80% of people to AWAKE so we can successfully transition over into the Golden Age (#Nesara, #Gesara).

People ask me if I want to be remembered for the LIGHT or DARK. As a former Government Whistleblower ( -- my reply is I want to be remembered for the Truth. Some might even call me a #FearMonger because I speak the truth. A fear-monger is a person who purposely put lies out there to deter the course of actions of people. I don't believe that is me. As a former whistleblower, I try my best to conduct research and then put the truth out there. I can't help the way that people see me. All I know at the end of the day, I have 'goodness in my heart' and if we are going to change this country -- the TRUTH has to come out.

Remember there are two realities out there and both sides are putting out misinformation and disinformation to keep people safe and to make changes. Remember there has been a lot of information put out there even by the good guys to scare you -- but I am trying my best to educate you so you can make informed decisions for yourself, your family, and your entire community.

Right now people need to protect themselves -- if you can't take what is happening then STAY IN THE LIGHT. Others, like myself, will be putting out some disturbing messages so stay off our platforms -- and just remain in the LIGHT.

Many people especially those choosing to stay in the LIGHT -- keep telling me that you manifest what is right in front of you by concentrating on certain things...yes and as a Spiritualist myself, I do believe that -- however, the bottomline is EVERY INDUSTRY in this country is getting ready to be changed and/or revamped as we go into the New Era, #GoldenEra, and there is no way we are going to be able to create these new industries or new opportunities if we all choose to stay on the sidelines and not get involved.

If we don't have people like Foot and Digital Soldiers, Warrior Queens, and other leaders building a path and staying proactive working to create change -- then why are we here?

Everyone has a role to play. The world need people who choose to stay in the LIGHT and those who can operate in the DARK. You don't have to have or be a #DarkSoul to be able to operate in the dark. You can actually maneuver out of the dark back into the light at anytime. This is how many people can go from the 5th Dimension, where there is peace and tranquility back into the 3rd Dimension, where there is sadness and depression -- to help others transition on over into the 5th Dimension. However, though the goal is not to get stuck in the 4th Dimension -- because that is where the devil resides. Keep ascending on to the 5th Dimension.

All you need to do is love all people and have a #GoodHeart. I believe that is me. I am an #InformationJunkie and an investigative journalist -- doing what the CIA Mainstream Mockingbird Media should be doing -- REPORTING THE NEWS.

I will be out there searching for and sharing information and some of it will be extremely DARK so it is time to chose a side - LIGHT or DARK. People who can operate in the DARK and use their wisdom and know-how to change the world -- need to step forward right now especially -- all Whistleblowers.

In order to change corporations, industries, and workplaces that have been entrenched with major corruption for years, decades, and even centuries -- we need the very people that work or have worked in these industries to come forward. We need all whistleblowers to step forward.

Just remember though that you don't need to be a whistleblower to work side by side with others who will be making changes. Just stand up and make your life matter!!! So which are you -- LIGHT or DARK?

My Next Big Projects

After getting my 65th birthday out of the way, I am ready to get to work. Most #BabyBoomers and the #SilentGeneration have stopped teaching -- but not me.


Right now I am committed to:

-Publishing one traveling video a week on Youtube and Instagram.

-Working on regular newsletters and articles at

-Starting my Zoom.US and/or meetings and presentations again.

-Traveling around the country giving my Seminars and Workshops


I came out on the road 2 years ago because I thought it would be a great opportunity to:

-Meet family and friends on the road.

-Meet new people on the road.

-See beautiful attractions on the road.

-Give my Seminars and Workshops as I travel around the country. If you would like me to come to your community and teach -- 1) Natural Health/GMOs, 2) Business Ownership for Youth and Adults, 3) Minimalism, and 4) Happiness -- then reach out at or


Everything was as I imagined. The first year was a little challenging with the ‘self-isolating’ events, but year two has proved to be one of the best years of my life.


Despite having a busy schedule, I am ready to take on more. I will be starting my Zoom Presentations back up on Tuesdays from 8:00 – 9:00 eastern time. This will be an opportunity for you to gain knowledge and wisdom from a Baby Boomer so that you can take care of yourself, your family, and your entire community. 

Everyone will be asked to introduce themselves and discuss briefly what is taking place in their cities -- so pay attention to what is happening around you. Please be respectful to others and keep the noise down. Mute your phones if you have to or I will need to block you on the call. I am not sure if I will be at a dashboard on every call -- so I need you to be respectful and keep down the noise.

This is #RedOctober...So It's #GoTime


Remember this is a play...a movie to wake up the masses. We need 80% of people AWOKE so we can transition over to the #GoldenEra (#Nesara, #Gesara).

I know most of you heard that social media – Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, went down over the last couple of weeks. It was a test and/or a warning so be prepared. The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) and Stock Market Crash are right around the corner.

It might be rolling blackouts -- on and off -- to switch the power over to Tesla Energy so prepare. With all the people on CPAP and other breathing machines, I doubt seriously if the power will stay off too long. However, stock up on food, water and have cash on hand. They will play up to 8 or 10 hours of facts on TV and other smart gadgets about what has happened.

Prepare to explain to others who will probably faint when they find out what has really happened. The people they thought were good are actually bad and the people they thought were bad are actually good. Be prepared to tell them “Everything is a lie. Everything they have been taught since they were a child is a lie. HISTORY IS A LIE!!!"

Remember the shutdown was about...

-Saving the Children

-Implementing a New Financial System as we go into a new era (Golden Age...#Nesara, #Gesara).


There was a COVID/Corona Virus in Sep. and Oct. 2019 made in the Wuhan Lab that was released at the World Games... but it was gone by Mar. 2020. Since then hospitals have been lying and profiting off everyone suffering from 'pre-existing conditions' -- and they have been letting people die in order to make money.

When a Senior goes to a hospital on Medicare and is admitted to the hospital, the hospital receives $13,000 and when they are hooked up to a ventilator, the hospital receives $39,000 so they have been putting people on the COVID floor and hooking them up to ventilators to make a profit.

There have been many nurses and doctors, who are #MedicalWhistleblowers -- saying that there is a 1% survival rate once they go on a ventilator. Many doctors who are whistleblowers stated from the very beginning that they were giving people the wrong treatment for COVID in the first place.


Remove your masks and say NO to vaccinations and boosters. Attend school board meetings and fight for your children to remove their masks too.

Remember also that 25% of McDonald's hamburgers are made from #HumanMeat. Instead of burying bodies that the Satanic Elite has been using in their Satanic Cult Ceremonies and Adrenochrome Harvesting, these bodies were sent to large corporate food chains to be added in with the food. When all the D.U.M.B.S. and tunnels were blown up and flushed out with water -- tons of children and baby corpses surfaced.

Burger King was warned a while back by the White Hats to stop serving human meat and supposedly they stopped, however, McDonald’s and Taco Bell are still serving human meat at their establishments.

Remember the Red Shoe Club are the Satanists including Ronald McDonald...who wear red shoes made out of the skin of dead children.


Also, prepare for Halloween by not allowing your kids to eat chocolate candy, which also contains human meat. Only buy candy from small companies or Mom and Pop candy companies. We are also eating aborted babies so as we transition over to the Golden Era it will be important to start back supporting Mom and Pop businesses again.


They are looking at closing down some or all of the McDonald’s because they are serving human meat and also the Walmarts because they have adrenochrome factories in their many tunnels located under Walmarts.


Remember the days of praising movie stars and entertainers is over. This is the only way we will save our children. Our kids are watching us and mimicking what we are doing so -- #WeNoLongerSupportCelebrities.

My 65th Birthday Ritual

I had an awesome time celebrating my 65th birthday on Oct. 6, 2021. The above is just one of the pictures I took. I also made several videos and created some great memories for me and my family to remember many, many years from now.

I have birthday rituals where I not only look back at the last year of my life, but I look back at my whole life. I look at the picture books that I carry with me on the road of my family and practice being grateful that I had all the experiences with them and then I look at the areas where I need to improve in my life.

For instance, instead of writing or doing early morning videos, my goal is to go back to working out first thing in the morning. Did you know that your metabolism even works better first thing in the morning? Birthdays are about getting you back on track with your life. #MissionAccomplished.

My Daily Skincare Regimen

A sign of being healthy is having glowing skin and eyes. This is how many Natural and Holistic Healers can tell that you are probably a healthy person. On my birthday I sent out a 65th Birthday video on social media and many women asked me what was my daily skin regimen. I will explain to you here what I do daily for my skin.

Understand up-front that I will never say I have 'good genes'. I have to work hard every single day to make sure my entire body is in good working order -- and whatever I do on the inside does show up on the outside.

Living in a van you come in contact with a lot of pollutants, contaminants, toxins, and poisons so you have to work extra hard to get the results you are seeking.

Support Your Liver

Understanding the liver, which sits under your right rib cage, and is the largest organ in your body, next to your skin, will be key to obtaining nice skin. The liver is the largest detoxification organ and it works hard along with your kidneys, another detoxication organ.

No matter how you look at it -- nice skin starts with a #FunctionalLiver.

The problem is most people's livers are only operating at 30 or even 20%. If it gets any lower than that -- you will probably end up diagnosed with liver cancer or another sickness or dis-ease. Skin issues such as -- eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, etc. are probably caused by a dysfunctional liver.

The liver is in charge of cleaning up your foods, which is extremely hard today because of GMO processed foods -- which the liver can't break down. It is also in charge of breaking down anything you put on your body (body products) and any smells (cleaning supplies) you come in contact with. If you are using TOXIC body products and TOXIC cleaning supplies in your home, you are rendering your liver dysfunctional.

The goal is to use only #NaturalProducts on it. The liver is in charge of your EMOTIONS, ENERGY, and OBESITY. So if you cry all the time or cuss all the time and just can't control your emotions...or if you have a lack of energy or just can't seem to lose weight -- all of it is probably caused by a dysfunctional liver.

For the past 13 years, I haven't put anything on my skin but olive oil. I also stopped wearing perfume 13 years ago. I know as I get older, I should be using some type of face cream, but all the ones I saw on the market have toxic ingredients in them -- which can affect the liver. Remember the more toxic products you put on your body -- the more you will render your liver dysfunctional.

Eat Foods That Supports the Liver: Go to and put in the search bar "Foods That Supports the Liver" (do this also for your "Kidneys").

Take Supplements that Supports the Liver: There are natural supplements that support the liver, which can help you have nice skin such as Milk Thistle, Flaxseed, and Fish Oil Supplements. Take supplements with your meals.

The other steps I take to support my liver and entire body are in my first health book above "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3)."

You won't go wrong once you implement the 12 steps into your daily regimen, which are discussed in the 12 chapters in the book. Not only will you have beautiful skin, but you will have the energy and vitality to live out a beautiful life. Good luck!

The Death of a 'Patriot' - Robert David Steele

Fighting for peace and justice is not a joke. You either have it in you or you don’t. Robert David Steele has either passed or is in Witness Protection or at Gitmo testifying against the Deep State. However, none of us will probably ever find out the truth of his whereabouts -- or will we?

Supposedly, he died in the hospital after going in there with COVID-like symptoms when he was on the #AriseTour. He had left his medications at home and he felt like he needed to be on a breathing machine, however, he had told the doctors not to put him on a ventilator. Supposedly, a family member showed up after his condition deteriorated and they ended up putting him on a ventilator and he passed away (like every other person that was put on a ventilator). But many people are saying now that he was part of a hospital #StingOperation by the White Hats to take down hospitals and BIG PHARMA, which could very well be true.

At first right after his passing, I believed he died in the hospital but now I heard that Negative 48, who is obviously a good guy but is he JFK, Jr., say he is testifying at GITMO against the Deep State.

He knew a lot and was taking on some of the evils in the world, Satanic Pedophiles, and was part of the "Arise Tour." He was a former Marine, CIA Agent, and he was quick to tell you he was a former spy. He left behind a library of information and despite his reason for disappearing, we all need to go back and study his material.

Whether he was a target of his former co-workers at the CIA, or is in Witness Protection, or actually did pass away from COVID-like symptoms, again, we will never know. But remember a lot of the people (especially 'Celebrities') who we think passed away are apparently in Witness Protection Programs -- about 900 of them so we will definitely be seeing some of these individuals again. Read my article "What Hollywood Celebrities Faked Their Deaths."

What we do know and have learned is that all the 3 letter agencies are evil. I know I worked for 2 for over 25 years of my life ( and and I witnessed 'first-hand' how they made people's lives miserable. The abuse in Corporate America, can't even come close to what federal agencies do to their employees and others affiliated with companies that have to deal with these agencies.

All of the 3 letter government agencies are suspect -,,,,,,, etc. We know that the CIA is responsible for 95% of all terrorist attacks on U.S. soil and probably other countries too.

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) (also called "Communist In America") is closely tied to Hollywood because they helped create the media and especially CNN (Communist News Network).

Now that we know the truth, we need to make changes. I don't know what happened to Robert David Steele but he had the enormous ability to go into the 'heart of communities' and organize especially with law enforcement officers including Sheriffs and that speaks volumes -- especially in this day and age.


I never met Robert David Steele, but I wanted to someday. He was one of the reasons I was redpilled when everything first closed down in 2020 but being a former government whistleblower myself – “The Cathy Harris Story” 

(, I was pretty much already there. I knew 'first-hand' what the government was capable of, but had no idea how Hollywood (and the Music and Entertainment Industry), was nothing but "Satanist Transgender Pedophiles." They run ACADEMIA and THE MEDIA. In other words, Hollywood (Hellyweird) runs the world.

Even Juan O'Savin, an insider and close associate of Trump and the Q movement, said that near the end of Robert David Steele's life, he became a #LightWorker, but it just might have been too late for a man with such a brillant life and career. Good-bye Robert David Steele. #JobWellDone, #RestWellMyFriend. #HopeToSeeYouOneDay.

The Death of 'Marilyn Monroe' or Was it Another #StingOperation?

Marilyn Monroe since her glory days was called 'Veronica Wolski'. She was a good friend of General Flynn. So we lost Marilyn Monroe, who was called "The Bridge Lady" because of her passion to hold signs up on a bridge, right after Robert David Steele. She too like Robert David Steele, supposedly died in the hospital from COVID-like symptoms. However, I believe both of these individuals were used by the "White Hats" (the "Good Guys") to bring down hospitals and BIG PHARMA.

Again, there are LIES being put out on both sides -- many for safety reasons and others so that we can make changes as we transition over to the new #GoldenAge with #Nesara and #Gesara.

When Veronica (aka "Marilyn Monroe") was admitted to the hospital she personally asked doctors to give her ivermectin, but they refused. After her passing her Power of Attorney (POA) and representative, Nancy Ross, who had medical powers over Veronica exposed what happened to her.

I even saw videos where Attorney Linn Wood, Trump's attorney (join Linn Wood and Sidney Powell on Telegram) was trying to get her moved to another hospital -- who said they could give her the drug she wanted.

It looks like to me they were running a sting on hospitals (#StingOperation) to see what type of drugs they were giving out for COVID/Corona. Most blue states in 2020 fired medical doctors and nurses and many refused to give out hydroxychloroquine. These #BlueStates actually refused to allow doctors in their states to give this medicine out, which had been proven safe and was used to treat malaria for many, many years.

I am sure all of this is now being investigated and the people who denied medical care to individuals will be GITMOED and EXECUTED...just like any other member of the Cabal. No one will be exempt. This is about taking down the entire Cabal, Illuminati, or Deep State.

A ton of people have been making fun of the drug 'ivermectin' even though it has been around and proven safe for humans like the drug hydroxychloroquine for years. Many are saying it should only be used on horses. These were mostly people who weren't conducting their own research especially the CIA Mockingbird Media, who is also a part of the Cabal, Illuminati, and Deep State. Many were just repeating what others had said. They were making fun of the fact that people were dying. It was nothing but a "Weapon of Mass Distraction" started by mainstream media.

Why We Can No Longer Support #CareerPoliticians

Robert David Steele and Cynthia McKinney were supposedly good friends. They co-wrote a book together and even toured together at least once. I don't know what other relationship they had, but I listened to his videos several times when he tried relentlessly to push the point that Trump (who is still your President) needs to put Cynthia McKinney over the NEW POLITICAL SYSTEM being built.

Supposedly, as we go into the new #GoldenAge (#Nesara, #Gesara), they will be abolishing the Democratic and Republican parties and will be forming other political parties. There can't just be one political party because then we would be a communist country. There have to be at least two or even three or more political parties, otherwise, Donald Trump and other leaders would look like dictators. A 'dictator' is a person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession.

Trump even stepped back when he could have used Executive Orders and the military to stay in office, but he wanted the American people and others to see the truth so he was playing a brilliant game of chess the entire time. He also had to step back so Nesara and Gesara could be enacted.

Even though the entire election process was a #StingOperation, Trump used his wits to still try to educate the people so we all could wake up and go into this New World (#GoldenEra).

I believe Robert David Steele thinks that the Green Party should be given the first choice on becoming the new politicians but what we need to look at is -- "Are these individuals even good people." Just like all the Lawyers and Judges will need to be sworn in again in #ConstitutionalLaw and they will be closely monitored, this also needs to happen to ALL POLITICIANS. I don't even believe that many politicians even know what the duties of their offices are supposed to be so they need to sit in classrooms and learn this.

Green Party or not these new politicians will be elected as we go into the New Republic in the first 120 days by the people to take care of the people and we can no longer play favorites. Just because you know someone running for office -- just because they speak to you is NO REASON to put someone into office. We need to thoroughly research their backgrounds.

The goal in the #GoldenEra is to not support #CareerPoliticans so I couldn't understand Robert David Steele when he kept trying to push Cynthia McKinney, who is a #CareerPolitican to the forefront. She was forced out of the Democratic Party and forced to run in the Green Party, but because she was in office for several years and was considered a career politician, this should disqualify her from ever running for any political seat again.

One thing you will never see me do purposefully is TELL A LIE. Because I lived in Dekalb County, GA (the largest African American county in the U.S.) in Stone Mountain, Decatur, and Lithonia, GA for over 20 years, I will tell you that Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who was a U.S. Congresswoman over those areas for over 10 years, was not a good Congresswoman.

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was mostly well-known across the country for making the statement "George Bush, Jr. Knew About 911" -- and now we all found out what she said is true. But what I am criticizing Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney about is the way she governed her Congressional office and how she totally ignored the people in her county -- Dekalb County, GA.

I am sure Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is a good person but all the African Americans who were a part of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), never did anything for their communities. All they did was strut around their communities like they were 'movie stars'. I saw this 'holier-than-thou (or 'better-than-thou) attitude from all the local politicians in Atlanta. A holier-than-thou attitude is when political figures strutted around their communities believing that they are morally better than other people.

These elected officials just sat on information and funding, which could have changed the lives of many young people and they failed to look out for Seniors, which were their main priorities as politicians. Do you know how many people probably lost their lives and livelihoods because of these worthless #CareerPoliticians?

Congressmen Elijah Cummings and Congressman John Lewis were both #FreeMasons. Free Masonry falls in line with Satanists so who knows how they really died. Did they die in GITMO or are they serving time in GITMO? Those around them are trying their best to preserve their legacies, but it's time to tell the truth. Former Congressman John Lewis had one of the worse Congressional districts in Georgia. He was over the Atlanta Airport when I blew the whistle (

It took him 3 years from the time I started contacting his Congressional office -- until he got in the media and supported my efforts -- 3 years. He did not support my efforts until the media put their microphones in his face after Fox 5 News Atlanta conducted a '6-week expo' on 'Atlanta Airport Racial Profiling' -- because I exposed to them what was happening.

I told them that African American international women travelers were given abusive pat-downs, demeaning strip searches, and even taken to local hospitals and held there for up to 4 days even when they were in their 7th and 8th months of pregnancy. These women were between the ages of 13 - 75 and after many of the pregnant women were released from Customs custody -- they went into labor and had premature babies weighing only 2 to 3 pounds and many did have 'brain damage'. While in U.S. Customs custody even when pregnant they were forced to drink a laxative "Go Litely" to prove they were not carrying drugs inside their bodies or that they were not drug mules. The only crime these African American women committed was "Flying While Black."

All these illegal violations were carried out so my co-workers, U.S. Customs Inspectors/Officers could make more overtime money and be off from work with their families during holidays. I had 'irrefutable' proof (printouts/records) of whom they were targeting, which was African American women international travelers, most of who was born in the United States.

Before the 3 years -- I did not hear a peep from John Lewis or anyone in his office -- despite the fact I called them for 3 years. The people in his office said since I wasn't in his district that he could not help me but I kept saying everytime I called -- that he was over the Atlanta Airport.

As a Community Organizer and Activist, I had 'first-hand' knowledge of what happened in Cynthia McKinney's Congressional office. Not only was my best friend one of the people who worked tirelessly to put her back into office by -- organizing boycotts of TV stations and newspapers; holding up signs on freeways at 5:00 a.m. in the mornings, and working at all her political functions from early in the mornings until late at night. He and others received very little money for their efforts too.

I also watched him, my friend who was a political consultant, for years put at least 15 other politicians in office in the Dekalb County and Atlanta, GA area and this is why I know 'first-hand' that all the corruption in this country started with #CareerPoliticians. As soon as they get into office, they start taking bribes from people -- then they take other bribes just to stay in office.

Because I was a former whistleblower on my job (, I sought help from Cynthia McKinney's office several times. She left her office 'at risk' for all types of turmoil to occur. She put a 'pedophile' and 'sexual harasser' in charge of her office when she was out of town, which was a lot. The pedophile, who was over her office could not even write letters without typos. And other females besides myself complained that her District Director was sexually harassing women -- who went there to seek help with issues.

Cynthia McKinney said she was backstabbed by the Democratic Party when they selected other Democrats over her even though she was a #CareerPolitician, but I know my best friends fought 'tooth and nail' to put her back into her Congressional seat the last time, even though I told them not to.

And because my friends spent long hours without taking care of themselves and without especially taking breaks or eating proper foods, they ended up succumbing to sicknesses and diseases and eventually died of cancer. None of these politicians including McKinney, that they helped put back into office came to the rescue of their families. And this along is why we can no longer put #CareerPoliticians in a public seat.

Just some of the atrocities I witnessed in the county as a Community Organizer and Activist:

-Lack of a Business Economic Base in South Dekalb County: South Dekalb county is where most African Americans lived and all the politicians did for them was to throw a few 'job fairs' at them every once in a while -- while in North Dekalb County, the politicians set up their constituents for business training, which included business loan opportunities. Young African American children and teenagers are awesome at starting businesses but they had very few opportunities to be mentored by other businesses.

-Single Mothers Praying for Help: I watched desperate single mothers lose their children to the prison industrial complex because they could never get an appointment to see the Congresswoman. Now we are finding out that the judges and even lawyers had incentives to keep these prisons full. They had 'money-making' contracts with prisons and even had vending machine contracts with the prisons. You should have seen what was going on in rural Georgia (aka 'Lower Georgia'). They had African American boys and men packed in prison cells like 'sardines.' They were packed in cages like animals. Once they were released from jail there were no training programs to help these boys and men adjust to society again. And this is why the recidivism rates were so high. Many committed 'non-violent' crimes again just to go back to prison -- so they could be provided with their two (not 3) meals a day. This is exactly why 'non-violent offenders will be released, monitored, and cared for as we transition over to the Golden Age.

-Illegal Police Towing 'Money-Making' Schemes: In the past, most police officers would get security jobs once they got off work to help them take care of their families -- but today they are now engaging in some ruthless acts. Many of the yellow emergency roadside vehicle workers in the state of Georgia told me first-hand that they work alongside (split up fees) with the police to strip vehicles left on the side of roads and highways. They said if drivers don't return in one hour to pick up their vehicles -- it will be stripped and towed to the furthest police impound. They said when they see abandoned vehicles on the side of the road -- they call the police then the police will use wrecker services owned by them or a family member (son-in-law) to tow the vehicle to the furthest location. Once the vehicle reaches these police impounds, they then have deals with the impound lot owners to split up any cash recovered. Even if the drivers do show up to reclaim their vehicles, the vehicle will already be stripped and they are charged extravagant fees to pick it up. Most of the time the car drivers won't even go all the way to the police impounds to pick up their vehicles because it is too far -- so these are the vehicles that the police sell at police auctions. It's the same when you have an accident. Haven't you always wondered why the wrecker service -- not your Triple AAA company you are paying for every year -- gets to an accident scene so fast? The police will call their family members (or their own "tow companies") before you even have time to call Triple AAA.

-The Police is a Part of Illegal 'Car Robbing Crews': Atlanta is number 4 in car thefts, but if you really research statistics, they are really probably number one. For instance, my daughter's car, a 10-year old Honda, was stolen from in front of my apartment and she reported it to the police. They won't even come to your home when you say you have a stolen vehicle. Even though they had recovered her car days earlier -- after they contacted us, we had to go a long way ....on the other side of retrieve the vehicle. When we got to the police impound, the guy said we needed to pay $300. Three hundred dollars ($300) is a lot of money. After paying the money, he then told us the car wasn't drivable so they towed it to the front of the building and told us we had 24-hours to remove it. The only thing we could do at the time was to call a 'mobile mechanic' that we used and sold the car to him for $500 -- for parts. They got me too -- not once but twice -- and I have talked to a ton of single women, who had their cars stolen several times. They had children and they needed cars to show up for school and doctor's appointments. They pulled my car ignition trying to steal my car twice, but it wouldn't go anywhere. However, I had to pay the insurance company a $500 deductible TWICE within a 6-month period to fix it. The guy who wrote the claim told me they were going to get me again because I had a brand of vehicle -- that was easy to steal. He said he had written claims for several people that had the same make and model of my car - Dodge Stratus. As soon as he told me this -- I started thinking in the back of my mind that I needed to find somewhere else to live so I started putting down a 'plan of action' to leave the Atlanta area.

-The Police Ignoring Illegal 'Car-Stripping' Businesses': There were places on Covington Highway where you could see 15 to 20 cars in the back of houses. Anytime you see these many cars in the back of houses -- these were 'car stripping' locations. If I could see these places driving by -- then, of course, the police and politicians could see these places and they were sanctioned by the police because they were 'money-making' schemes for them.

-Illegal Ticket Writing Policies in the County: Sure Dekalb County was the largest African American county in the U.S., next to Prince George County in Maryland, however, there were plenty of other nationalities living there. I watched many people complain about illegally getting tickets in the county. For instance, in the Stone Mountain, GA courthouse, there were always only black residents getting these tickets. When I lived in Lithonia, every morning when I went to work, the police would have a black person pulled over on the side of the road, in the same place every single day -- giving them a ticket. The person would be visibly upset as you drove by them.

-Police 'Money-Making' Backroom Deals: More illegal 'ticket writing policies' took place when there were illegal weekly roadblocks and areas set up in the county -- not that far from the Police Precinct on Memorial Drive -- where they would already have a line of wrecker trucks prepared to tow vehicles -- while they arrested drivers who were driving without licenses and insurance. Driving without a license and insurance -- should they have received a ticket versus going to jail? They took these individuals to jail. This is just one way the county made money with their 'ticket writing policies.' When these individuals went to jail, they were called into 'backroom deals' to settle their cases. The families with a couple of thousands of dollars were able to get their loved ones out of jail without even going before a judge, but others who did not have at least $2,000 to $3,000 -- lingered in jail for months and lost potential job opportunities to support their families. This is how they separated fathers from their families. Read my book below to learn how to avoid dealing with the police - period - "Police Interactions 101: How To Interact with the Police in Your Car, On the Streets, In You Home" -- available as a paperback, ebook, and audiobook. If you have a black male child at least 10 to 12 years old, they need to read and study the book so they will know how to deal with the Police. However, stop driving around without the proper and updated driver's license, insurance, and tag information. All of this can cause you to end up in an unsavory a jail cell, where you might be forced to spend years there.

-Bishop Eddie Long Child Abuse Cases: There were 4 young black males in the county that accused Pastor Eddie Long, a father of 3 sons and a daughter, of rape and other forms of child abuse. I witnessed him weekly arrive from international countries when I worked at Customs -- where he would take a young black man and give them expensive gifts to travel with him to other countries so he could have sex with them. Police Officers, the NAACP, and many others especially Mothers in the county and especially those in his church knew that this Pastor was raping these young men in his congregation. They would often be riding around in a van in the community and when the pastor exited the van, he would be wearing a baseball cap turned backward, his shirt would be unbuttoned down to the 4th button and he would have a big chain around his neck. He would take the young men to the movies or they would go to expensive stores and he would buy expensive gifts for them. Everyone in the county witnessed how unprofessional it was for a Pastor to parade around the community like this, but no one chose to come forward until one of the young men spoke up. Surely Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney heard about this abuse. This was her district. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, who is still alive, youngest daughter was a pastor in the church so she had to know this abuse was taking place also.

-Hidden Voting Precincts to Keep Families from Voting: Because Pastor Eddie Long, who is now deceased, was a part of a group of influential pastors that were recognized by the Whitehouse, his church was used as a voting precinct. The problem was on voting days unless you actually attended the church -- you would not know which building to go into to vote. There would be no visible voting signs directing people where to go to vote. This is how they were able to put certain people into office in the county. Anyone that this Pastor supported would usually win their seats. The church was powerful and it's #OrganizedReligion that got us into this mess in the first place so everyone -- even those that just attend a small church, you need to reevaluate how you are living your life and really look at whom you are supporting as we transition over into the #GoldenAge. Many men and women in the church are sacrificing families for the sake of the church.

In 2013, I had had enough. After 20 years living in Dekalb County, GA, I left Atlanta, GA, and started a 15 state tour on the East Coast to figure out the best area for me to live. I could no longer witness the daily atrocities and listen to the daily complaints of people who had lost all hope to survive the next phase of their lives.

As a Senior, I knew I had to go elsewhere -- before the area "broke my spirit" like it had so many others. I had to get the heck out of dodge. I realized that you can't heal in an area that damaged you so deeply in the first place. I had gone through 'hell and back' working at the Atlanta Airport' then becoming a 'federal whistleblower' -- then facing all the turmoil in the community was just too much.

I was lucky, however, not everyone can leave their cities and areas. Some people had lived in the same areas since they were a child but because I was in the military and loved traveling, I was in a position to leave. Others will have to stay and fight for their areas.

The area, Dekalb County, GA, the largest African American county in the U.S., was full of 'unethical dealings' and it was a 'cesspool' of turmoil and corruption and during my residency there, 20 years, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and other politicians never addressed issues that could have improved people's lives.

Trump won 80% of the vote in the 2020 Presidential election. The state of Georgia, especially Atlanta, DID NOT TURN 'BLUE' -- THEY CHEATED!!! And if they cheated in the Presidential Election, what do you think they did on the state and federal levels with the Mayors, Aldermen, City Councilmen, State Representatives, State Senators, and Congressmen and Senators?

They all cheated to win their seats. And this is why within 120 days of moving into the NEW REPUBLIC (new Golden Age), there will be new elections. Don't worry because many of these political elections WILL BE REVERSED. What you need to understand though -- there will be no 2024 -- until we fix 2020.

If you are at least 18 years of age and if you have any political desires, please come forward. Many of the politicians today know very little about business economics, so we especially need to consider retired business owners for these political seats. Just remember the goal is NOT TO ELECT any #CareerPolitiicians.

You can read my political book, which is available as an 'ebook only' entitled "Politics 101: How To Win Your Political Seat."

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But I do like testing myself and now I know I can survive in 20-degree weather in my van. My van doesn't have any type of heat, but I do have two electric blankets standing by. However, because I had 3 sleeping bags (slept in one and two on top) and two top covers, the electric blanket wasn't needed.

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