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-Why I Am Bringing Back 'Cathy's Corner' E-newsletters

-What Success Really Looks Like

-Why We Must All 'Rise Up' and Take Back Our Countries

-Where are the Whistleblowers in Every Industry?

-What is Really Happening

-The Truth About Mainstream Media

-Time to 'Circle Our Wagons'

-Van Life Updates

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Welcome to 'Cathy Corner'.

'Cathy's Corner' is a short empowerment

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Why I Am Bringing Back 'Cathy's Corner' Enewsletters

Welcome to the FIRST EDITION of my new e-newsletter "Cathy's Corner." As I go into the 3rd year of my #VanLifeJourney on the road on Oct. 1, which I am documenting on my channels at and and with my traveling blog at and as I celebrate my 65th birthday on Oct. 6, I wanted to do more to educate people.

Because I have had to move quite often in my #VanLife the 2nd year on the road because of all the smoke out west in Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon, my 2nd year on the road have proved to be a challenge starting back "The Cathy Harris Show" with my YouTube and Zoom presentations and conference calls especially with my new group at "Health Healers Unite" at

So, therefore, I just felt I had to do more. Too many people were still asleep and many had just given up on their lives. So what I did was as an "Empowerment and Motivational Speaker," was to look back in the past and look into my 'vault of knowledge' and I realized that the perfect outlet for me to educate people right now as I travel around the country in my van was with e-newsletters. Not just e-newsletters, but empowerment 'content-rich' e-newsletters like I had in the past.

I have avoided posting anything about vaccinations on social media, but still, that wasn't enough to keep from being censored. Two weeks after being banned on Facebook again for another 30 days, after 2 weeks of being back on the platform, they banned me again and this cycle has continued especially since 2020. Why? Because they simply don't want the truth to get out there!!!

Once you are back online, they even go back to old posts to try to ban you again. Many people believe that the "White Hats" (aka "The Good Guys") have taken over all the social media platforms and the censoring has stopped, but I am still being censored. I don't know about you but I am tired of all the censorship. I want to thank Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and Facebook and other social media and news websites ( for shutting me out and not allowing my voice to be heard.

In order to counteract the silencing of my voice and others, I felt it was just time to bring back my regular e-newsletters, which will be entitled "Cathy's Corner" and will be posted on my MAIN WEBSITE at or for short

These empowerment e-newsletters will be published every week or two or maybe monthly. Understand up-front though that right now I am dedicated to publishing my #VanLife videos at and as I travel around the country so go over there and support me and even talk to me once videos are posted and also join my patreon page at so I can work 'one-on-one' with you and your family. After what we all have been through -- it's time for all of us to "SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT YOU!!!"

Right now I am making a lot of timely and relevant posts, but they are not reaching my entire audience because my audiences are so spread out. So, therefore, to counteract this, it's just time to bring back my regular empowerment newsletters to help #WakeUp the people.

These empowerment newsletters will help you unravel your confusion and help you, your family, and your entire community get back on track with your life. It's time for all of us to get back into the driver's seat. Good luck!

What Success Really Looks Like


You can be successful by informing your audience through regular e-newsletters. I know because I did it before. 'Cathy's Corner' was a section that I had in my National and International e-newsletters that I published for 13 years starting in 1998.

The e-newsletter was entitled "National Black Agenda Online" and I created it to challenge my job and later became one of the 'loudest Whistleblowers' in the country ( when I informed a National and International audience that my co-workers were targeting African American women international travelers -- from the ages of 13 to 75 -- for abusive, humiliating, and demeaning pat-downs, strip-searches and prolonged detentions, which could last up to 4 days -- simply to make more overtime money -- so they could spend time-off especially holidays with their families.


I witnessed all of this abuse 'first-hand' in El Paso, TX, Miami, FL, and then Atlanta, GA, where I eventually came forward and blew the whistle. I stood up and was successful when I took the following 3 steps: 1) I formed my own organization "Customs Employees Against Discrimination Association (CEADA); I went to the Black Press at, and 3) I blew the whistle to the Whistleblower Hotline on Channel 5 in Atlanta, GA.


And because of my whistleblowing, major changes took place to protect international travelers. Major changes were made in the Customs Service, which now falls under and so the e-newsletter and its #EducationalCampaign did what it needed to do.


In 2005 at the age of 48 and after winning my lawsuit against my job after filing 10 complaints including a Sexual Harassment and Whistleblower complaint, I successfully retired from my job and formed my own Empowerment Company,, to take over educating my audience. However, this time my e-newsletters would be used to educate on health and especially 'economic empowerment.'


With my company back then, I traveled around the country -- educating and empowering communities while building a powerful email list. In 2013, I carried out a successful '12-month campaign' and went to 15 states with my 'health' and 'business' initiatives. It was truly a beautiful year and my only goal after that was to get back out there on the opened road -- which truly brought me happiness.


Many of my audience participants had been on my mailing list since 1998, but a few months ago, I lost a big chunk of my email list. However, I am quite easy to find on the internet. Just go to any search engine and put in "Cathy Harris The Whistleblower" and everything I do on the World-Wide Web should come up.


Now I travel around in the country in a van -- living a simple life, but still, 'teaching from the road' ( I am still writing articles, newsletters, working on traveling videos and non-fiction books, and giving my empowerment seminars, workshops, and consultations. I go into communities with my 18 non-fiction books and hold Masterminds and Think Tanks and other events and help them figure out how to advance their communities, but first I help them realize they must put their #HealthFirst in order to be successful in other areas of their lives.


Even though my main topics are: 1) Health/GMOs; 2) Business Ownership for Youth and Adults; 3) Living a Minimalist Lifestyle; and 4) How to Get Back to Happiness -- my empowerment seminars and workshops will cover other topics as well -- for instance (click here).

Why We Must All 'Rise Up' And Take Back Our Countries

This isn't my first rodeo and as a 64-year-old #BabyBoomer and former whistleblower at the U.S. Customs Service (, I been prepared for this fight for years. I started educating everyone back in March 2020 during the first close-down through my articles and videos at so go back and catch up.

This is a CALL-TO-ACTION not just for younger generations, but it is a CALL-TO-ACTION also for Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation. It's time to show up in our family's lives again -- especially all females. We need to launch #BringBackMommas and #GrandmothersBrigades initiatives and movements and work with families again. We need to get back into the trenches starting in our own communities.

We need everyone especially all freelancers, syndicated columnists, bloggers, podcasters, and any others with their own platforms to "Rise and Shine." You are truly the ones that we have been waiting for. Form business alliances and strategic partnerships with others and let's take back our lives, our communities, and our country.

We came very close to losing this country to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). And according to Mike Lindell, 3-day symposium in August 2021 at, the CCP already own a large portion of our Sporting Teams, over 8,000 movie theatres, and they are buying up plenty of land in the U.S. so we all need to pay attention.

Where Are The Whistleblowers in Every Industry?

The Top Ten (10) Whistleblowers You Never Heard Of But

Should Know

If we are going to be successful in rebuilding the country and transitioning over to a new era (#GoldenEra) then it's time to push the #Whistleblower Movement to the forefront. Another reason that we know that #TrumpWon the 2020 election -- besides it being a #StingOperation -- is because there were hundreds of brave 'political whistleblowers' that came forward.

Unlike workplace discrimination, where you are exposing abusive and illegal personnel practices in your workplace, 'whistleblowing' covers a much broader area. Whistleblowers expose mismanagement, abuses of authority, prohibited personnel practices, abuses of authority, and other acts of corruption -- which affect the welfare of an entire nation.

If you are a whistleblower, the best way today to expose your company, agency, or industry is to post everything on social media especially However, many whistleblowers are accused of wrongdoings and many have ended up in jail -- so make sure you are working with Whistleblower Attorneys.

Remember the best outlet for a whistleblower is the 'media', but it's imperative especially today to blow the whistle to the right 'media outlets'. Once you get your story out there, Whistleblower Lawyers will probably come to your aid, especially if you are exposing some 'deep dark secrets.' Just stay focused during this time and remember that Whistleblowers are indeed "The Good Guys."

Contact me at or read my book "The Cathy Harris Story: A Whistleblower's Victorious Journey to Justice" if you have a question about whistleblowing. My attorneys were from the Government Accountability Project (GAP) at

What Is Really Happening

Right now in layman's terms -- "You Should Take A Chill Pill." One of the most powerful phrases that I have used in my empowerment company is "Don't Worry About Things That You Don't Have Any Control Over."

This phrase if studied correctly can save you a lot of time, headache, and heartache. Look at what you do have control over and what you don't have control over and implement changes in your life.

Remember right now it is all a movie being played out as we transition over into a new era (#GoldenEra) - so therefore when you see things that just sound too impossible or unbelievable -- it is simply a part of the movie so don't let it upset you.

You have to #GoWithin and work on yourself, your family, and your community. Start doing 'yoga' and daily 'meditation', which are the two 'best exercises' for the human brain. Remember just look at the things you have control over such as what you do from the time you get up everyday to the time you go to bed, which is your 'lifestyle'. Your motto needs to be - Self, Family, and Community -- in that order.

Just remember this before reading any further. The 2020 shut-down and/or close-down was about the following 2 things so stop getting it confused:

-NUMBER ONE: It was about saving the children #SaveTheChildren. Children had been kidnapped in countries for years. They finally decided to go after the guys who were doing it. They sex-trafficked the kids, harvested their organs, used their blood for adrenochrome, and many children were eaten by the Satanic Elite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many of the kids in the U.S. came from the Child Protective Service (CPS) system, orphanages, and the Foster Care System. They held bogus or kangaroo courts with CPS Case Workers, Police Officers, Lawyers, and Judges and took these kids illegally from their families and took them into underground tunnels. This is why all the underground tunnels or D.U.M.B.S. are being blown up, set on fire, or flooded all over the world. Some of the explosions sound like 'earthquakes.' The bodies of dead children and especially dead babies are coming out of the flooded tunnels. Are you paying attention to this? It's all on Telegram, a new news network. Don't you remember the "Atlanta Child Murders?" Children's pictures have appeared on milk cartons for years and many of you don't even believe that there is a sinister plot (especially by Satanic Transgender Pedophiles, who run the world especially in Hollywood) to kidnap children in all countries. Shame on you! Epstein Island wasn't about him sleeping with 'underage girls', it was a 'baby-making' farm so they could harvest their organs and especially their blood for #Adrenochrome. Turn off the TV and go back and read all my articles and watch my videos at Do your own research.

-NUMBER TWO: The second reason for the close-downs was to implement a new Global Financial System both in the U.S. and worldwide -- #Nesara (in the U.S.), #Gesara (Globally) as we go into a new era #GoldenAge. They had tried to implement this new financial system since 911 occurred in 2001, but the twin towers were blown up. With the new financial system they will be able to see who is involved in Sex and Human Trafficking and other 'Crimes Against Humanity' and they can stop it immediately. So in the #GoldenEra, it will be imperative that we move from 'Maritime Law' into 'Constitutional Law,' where all the judges, lawyers, and others will have to be sworn in again and this time, their actions will be monitored closer especially so they can't commit any types of 'Crimes Against Humanity." Many #ConstitutionalJudges have already been appointed by the #TrumpCamp (which is still in charge) so many good things are happening in the background to take us more toward living in a better world where we will be practicing #Humanity....a much more #KinderWorld.

Because there had to be a significant number of people awoke for us to transition into the #GoldenAge, some things have been done and are still being done to SCARE PEOPLE AWAKE. However, the two reasons for the 2020 shutdown are TRUE.

What if all the scary news out there was just a ploy to wake you up. Remember there are 2 Presidents and Trump never went anywhere...At the initial stage... He had the military deliver all the vaccines. What if this was just a ploy to scare you and wake you up so we can transition into this New World -- #Nesara, #Gesara, #GoldenAge.

It is heavily rumored that many of the vaccinations were placebos (a saline solution or even hydroxychloroquine). I am pretty sure some were deadly and even some of the nurses worldwide have admitted swapping out the batches for 'saline solutions'. Many of the people who took them were already suffering from #PreexistingConditions so naturally, they would have had issues with or without a shot. Also, many people that the media is showing in hospitals are #CrisisActors put there to tell LIES and spread FEAR.

What I do know is that the entire vaccination program was a #StingOperation by the Trump Administration (aka "The White Hats" -- The Good Guys (which is still in operation) so they could shut down #BigPharma and bring back med beds and other natural cures as we transition into the #GoldenAge. And it worked!!! #Checkmate. Check out more on Med Beds in my last article (click here).

If you took the shot and now have regrets (many do) -- well there is nothing you can do but try to stay healthy. The med beds will be able to help cure you also. What you need to understand is the Corona/COVID virus was nothing but a cold and/or flu. There was a Corona/COVID virus that came from the Wuhan lab in Sep./Oct. 2019. There were at least 20 strains of the virus so many people, including myself, did get sick, and most recovered, but by Mar. 2020 -- the virus was gone.

Of course, I did not take the shot and would not advise anyone to take it or a booster because these were #ExperimentalVaccinations. If you want to be experimented on like a #LabRat -- go right ahead -- just remember #Tuskegee. If your job demand you get the shot to be employed, let them fire you! All the lawsuits are coming out now and you will be successful in collecting funds from your workplace in the future for #WrongfulTerminations.

If you are fired go to the unemployment office ASAP or sign up for unemployment benefits at so that you can start receiving 'unemployment benefits' ASAP -- within 30 days. Then look at where you need to cut back at. Do you need to move in with family or friends? Be realistic about your financial situation. Everything is going to change within the next year anyway so be willing to lose everything in order to gain a #BeautifulLife. It is coming as we transition over into the new era (#GoldenYears).

If you are afraid they will force your children to take a shot -- take them out of school. Homeschooling can be hard for many parents because parents do need a break from their children, but there are many educators quitting their jobs to teach children at homes in smaller settings so seek out these educators today.

Because the people who took the shots are so misinformed, they still think the people who did not take the shots are the enemy and that they are still contagious. That is so not true. They have used people 'who took the shots' versus 'people who did not take the shots' -- just like they have used the Democratic versus Republican parties to divide people. Surely you can see what is happening. Their motto was 'divide and conquer' -- and it worked!!! But now you have to AWAKEN and everyone must come together for the greater good.

A lot is happening. Take my weekly classes with these e-newsletters -- read and study the material. Go into a 'research mode' and get educated and work on your mind, body, and soul. You might lose the internet and your power might go down while we transition over into the #GoldenAge. Have at least 4 to 6 weeks of food on hand and keep checking my group on facebook at "Fighting Back 101" for updates and read my articles, e-newsletters and watch my videos at

Meanwhile, learn how to grow your own foods by looking at gardening shows on youtube, attend gardening classes in your city, and check out my gardening initiatives at, and

The Truth About Mainstream Media (MSM) along with Mainstream Media (MSM) is only there to instill FEAR into your life. I stopped watching TV 6 years ago so I don't listen to any of the news because it is nothing but LIES and DECEPTION, especially by the CIA Mockingbird Media.

Remember the media and/or the TV was created by the CIA (CIA Mockingbird Media) and have close ties with Hellyweird (Hollywood), which owns ACADEMIA and THE MEDIA. Not only do they use Hollywood and the entertainment industry to spread negative and false information to the public, but the TV was also used in the 1930s and 1940s as a form of 'mind control.

The CIA hired all those reporters and journalists on TV and those that report online and in print, which most of the time are nothing but ACTORS. Many are #CrisisActors holding #FalseFlag events such as the George Floyd event, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Rodney King, etc., and other #FalseFlag events that never happened. All they do is LIE, LIE and LIE. Listening to Mainstream Media (MSM) especially CNN (Communist News Network) today is almost like reading the National Enquirer Magazine -- just a bunch of LIES.


For the past 5 years, the CIA Mockingbird Media has portrayed the Trump camp as -- #OrangeManBad and this is why many people #HateTrump, simply because of the CIA Mockingbird Media. They loved him as a businessman before he ran for office.

For years the CIA Mockingbird Media including, the largest internet search engine, has been lying to you about everything.

EVERYTHING HAS BEEN A LIE!!! The CIA has been responsible for 95% of all terrorist activities in this -- and other countries. Seven out of 10 plan crashes have been target kills. This is just what they do so everything you are seeing in the news is a LIE. History is a LIE! Everything you have been taught from the time you were born is a LIE.

It's time to UNLEARN and RELEARN. It is time for you to turn off the TV and learn the truth. You should no longer follow the narrative that the media is telling you. It is time for you to stand up and learn the truth. Please share this newsletter with others that you care deeply about. It's time for all of us to #WakeUp and stop supporting the media, Hollywood, and especially the entire entertainment community. #TurnItOff!!!

Time to 'Circle Our Wagons'


'Circling Our Wagons' means supporting those who support you and conducting extensive research on topics that you are confronted with. Since we know now that is the enemy and has been a part of the problem and is probably also ran by CIA like mainstream media, it's time to switch over to to conduct extensive research.


The goal is to go into a 'research mode' and attend virtual and physical classrooms (OneMillionClassrooms.comin your home, car, when you work out, at work, etc. Listed at the bottom of this e-newsletter are articles you need to read and videos you need to watch so you can catch up on what has happened in this country. Again, go back to my website at and read my articles and watch my videos to catch up. We all need to be in classrooms going into the #GoldenEra. If you are still above ground, you need to be learning...No Excuses!!!

Van Life Updates with Cathy Harris:

Hey all:

I am behind on my Van Life videos by 10 videos because of the spotty internet out here on the road. Even when I am sitting in libraries, the internet goes in and out because they are preparing for a new internet #StarLink.

A few days before Labor Day weekend 2021, I drove from Flagstaff, AZ to Portland, Oregon to pick up a new Battery Bank and 800 Watts of Solar for my van. Hopefully, I can have everything installed before I leave the area in a few weeks before it gets really cold.

Because I took the drive so quickly, 5 days, I wasn't getting all the water I needed everyday so when I got back to Flagstaff, AZ on Labor Day weekend, I found myself DEHYDRATED. I had weakness, dizziness, and body aches especially headaches and those were all symptoms of being dehydrated. Luckily, and since I am a Holistic and Natural Healer, I was able to recognize the symptoms and was able to act fast to bring my body back into 'balance'.

Just remember that over 75% of people are 'chronically dehydrated' and it takes at least 3 days to totally rehydrate your body again. After 3 days...of drinking alkaline water and eating alkalizing foods, I was back to my old energetic self again at the age of be careful especially out here on the road. Treat your body good!

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Dr. Kia Priuitt explains in detail how the new Global Financial System will be helping humanity. We are very close to having this installed throughout the country so start studying Nesara and Gesara now.

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Juan O'Savin & Negative 48 by Linda McAllister, former CNN reporter.

Juan O'Savin is a Trump and Q Insider. He knows a lot of what is happening in this country. Look for him on youtube in other interviews.

-Why is Military Deployed Everywhere?

-Juan O'Savin Public Service Announcement

Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) Has Been Started as of Sep. 11

The Right Time to Release All the Evidence - Sept. 11

-The Removal Begins by Cristen W and Michael Jaco with #GeneDecode. Gene Decode is another insider and has a lot of info so look for his into.

-Situation Update: So It Begins! Events Happening Fast! Trump Really Won AZ! - We The People Must Video

Remember that Organized Religion is what got this country to such a bad state so pay attention to this video below. I was raised in rural Georgia and forced to attend church as a child. However, as I got older, I realized that there were only hypocrites in the church so I stopped going. Many of the women in the church were nothing but gossipers or there to show off the latest styles. They are still doing this today!

-The Takedown of Organized Religion from A to Z

This video by Charlie Freak came out last year. It is going to walk you through a lot of what happened.

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