Congratulations, Hawaii Conservatives:
It's the day after the Hawaii Caucus and WOW!!  Fully 75% of Hawaii Republicans like you fought the weather and traffic last night to vote AGAINST the establishment party insiders who told us we had to support weak RINO's like Kasich, Rubio, and "Jeb!" Bush.
Who did Hawaii conservatives support yesterday?  We, the 75%, voted FOR the anti-establishment candidates Trump and Cruz . . . to the utter dismay of liberal GOP leaders who angrily told us to do otherwise or elseEven former Democrats who've seen the light joined with the 75% to help take back Hawaii and our country by becoming Republicans at our caucus last night.
This massive outpouring of conservative rebellion in the Aloha State was a VERY important development which offers  the potential to fix everything that's wrong with the Hawaii Republican Party ( and even the national one).  Why?  Because island conservatives have shown we possess the numbers and the power to take the steering wheel of our party away from the RINO's and their rotten establishment.
In the past week, the disconnect between real Republicans in Hawaii and our party's closet Democrat party leaders couldn't have been any clearer.  These RINO's running the Hawaii GOP were shamelessly aping their establishment party idols on the mainlandLiberal party leaders like Charles Djou, Pat Saiki, and Beth Fukumoto were openly attacking conservatives in recent days.
Sure, these party leaders want your money.  And they want the titles and the power and the control of our party.  But they DO NOT WANT conservatives and reformers to feel welcome at all in the Republican Party of Hawaii.
That's right.  THEY DON'T WANT YOU.  Fukumoto and Saiki and Djou have clearly told us that ' you conservatives are what's wrong with Hawaii and America in 2016'.  No, not the Democrats and their failed policies.  But YOU are the problem.
BALONEY!!  Conservative, reform-minded policies and straight talk are the only way to turn Hawaii around.  Hawaii needs a political revolution that genuine conservatives leading our party can provide.  And to do that, conservatives will need to turn our party around; transforming it from a neutral, silent, politically-correct, empty shell into a true fighting force which takes the fight to the liberals from Hilo to Honolulu to Hanalei.
Right now, our state party is run by fake Republicans and closet Democrats who think Jeb Bush should have been our nominee and also think that you are an IDIOT for supporting anti-establishment candidates.  That's why the Hawaii GOP has refused to put up a serious fight against Democrats every two years for decades now.  And as party leaders who are very sympathetic to Democrat policies, these RINO's will continue blowing each election cycle for as long as our party remains hijacked by establishment liberals.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That's why yesterday's results were so important.  You,  the 75% , sent a powerful message to the RINO establishment which has controlled our party and been cozy with Democrats and their harmful agenda for far too long.  They did not sleep well last night.  No, not at all.
And for that, the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) says THANK YOU .  Now let's fix our party so we can  start winning elections and  cleaning up the giant mess Democrats have made here in Hawaii over the past 60 years .  Join HIRA today, so we can change Hawaii tomorrow . . . and start kicking these people below out of office for good!


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