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Summer 2016

Caught between two worlds

Familiar story

Once again Wolf Haven was contacted about a wolf who needed to be rehomed. Once again an animal was purchased from a breeder and it didn't work out. Named Tecumseh by his owner, we believe he is a high content wolfdog. We call him "T" for short and he shares an enclosure with companions Willow and Senna, two wolfdogs we rescued from Amarillo, TX a few years ago.
T he threesome - Willow, T and Senna
"Owning" a wolfdog or wolf

The idea of owning a wolfdog or wolf can be appealing to people who feel a connection with a wild creature. They may want to create a unique bond with that animal. They are not thinking about what they will do with the animal if "life happens" and their circumstances change. Most of the lifetime residents at Wolf Haven (over 200 since 1982) started out privately owned.

Education & Outreach

Wolf Haven wants to be part of the solution by reaching out to the public. Our message - wolves don't make good pets. We want to help people respect and empathize with animals who are not genetically designed to be held in captivity. 

Here is MY GIFT to help Wolf Haven continue bringing information to tens of thousands of people about the true nature of wolves and their place in the ecosystem.   
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