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Distance Learning: De La Salle Leads On!
Let Us Remember,
We Are In the Holy Presence of God.
Stay updated about what is happening at De La Salle by visiting our COVID 19 Update page. We will post all information shared with out community here. If something gets lost in your inbox, don't worry. Go to and click COVID 19.

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Distance Learning starts like each day at De La Salle, with a prayer and announcements.
Distance Learning - Teacher Testimonials
Dr. Tony Behan
We are very fortunate that we have been a "Google" school for years, so the transition to online learning using the Google Suite for Educators has been rather seamless for me as an educator. Yesterday I conducted my first Google Hangouts Meet session with small groups of students for 30 minutes each. It was refreshing to see students even if it's through a screen. Each day I am posting a video and an "Agenda" for classwork. This time preparing to go online has been a great professional development moment for me. I've been forced to learn some new tools that I've wanted to learn for some time. One of the benefits of online learning is the ability to work at one's own pace. The challenge is to take time away from the screen. Too much screen time can be crippling. For my students, I have them do a variety of learning activities which include watching videos on Edpuzzle, participating in online discussions, completing assessments on Google Forms, and meeting on Google Hangouts Meet two to three times a week. I have not assigned a major project yet, but that is upcoming and I am sure that students will do stellar work. I encourage, also, feedback from my students so that distance learning can be as meaningful and engaging as possible. 
Dr. Brad Wagstaff
How do you feel about this new way of learning?
I do feel a bit anxious since we, as teachers and students, need to quickly learn how to handle different forms of technology that we may not be used to. There is also a level of excitement as we try to learn new things that can make us better educators and learners in the future.

What work are you giving your students to do over break?
I am still trying to cover most of the same content I would in the classroom. As a science teacher, the one thing that can't be replaced is the hands-on experience of doing labs. I will, however, try to find some virtual labs that students can do to simulate the real experience.

How do you feel about social quarantine?
With all of the modern technology available to us, I do not think social quarantine is as bad as it would have been a generation ago. However, this would also depend on who we live with and still get to spend time with in the same house. I am sure it will be very isolating to some, but I am more concerned about my ability to roam around outdoors than about social isolation.

What are some benefits of distance learning? 
Along with the opportunity to learn new ways to use technology for teaching, I feel it can help with some of the one on one interactions with students. Often, in a physical classroom, a small group of students is the most vocal and demanding of attention. With distance learning, I may be able to interact with some of the other students in a more personal way.
Mr. Darius Jutzi
How do you feel about this new way of teaching:   It's definitely interesting, and I very much miss the face time with students, but this is also the way of the future. Maybe not for months at a time, but definitely a great way for students to learn and work at their own pace, and a great way for teachers to stretch themselves as educators and think creatively about how to best teach their students.

What work are you giving your students:   Much the same work I'd be giving if we were in the classroom. They're reading their novels, taking notes on those novels, working on grammar, editing and resubmitting their research papers from last quarter. In fact, I'm sure many students are already wishing we were back in the classroom so they wouldn't have the daily Google Classroom assault of activities from yours truly.

How do you feel about the quarantine:   Well, it's tragic it came to this at all, but we live in a globalized society and these things happen. I have a lot of extra time to spend with my favorite person in the world, Daisy, my dog, as well as my second favorite person in the world, Kayla, my wife. (Just kidding--they're tied for first, I swear!) I just want to make sure that my family stays healthy, and my students and their families stay healthy. That's the most important thing.

Are there any benefits of teaching online:   Absolutely. I think students are able to take advantage of working at their own pace (and getting a little more sleep). As for me, it's great to focus on being creative with what work I pass along, as well as spending more time giving quality feedback. Again, it's sad I don't get to see the students for that face to face time, but I really appreciate being able to support them individually when they message me about the work.
Check out next week's Cav Nation news for more teacher testimonials, and some student testimonials, too! Send your thoughts to Jessica Atwood. Students, I'm looking at you! Email me!
Virtual Lunch? Why not?
It’s encouraging to see how quickly most of us are adapting and making this work. Earlier a few students even had a lunch time Google Hangouts meeting with the students they usually eat with -- Mr. Rigamer
All Registration Moved Online
Information for New and Returning Families
RETURNING FAMILIES: Click here to read the returning family registration letter from President Kelly and register online. Returning students must be registered by March 26th.

NEW FAMILIES: We will now process all registration payments for the 2020-21 school year online through Gulf Coast Bank. The initial payment of the registration fee of $550.00 is mandatory. This registration payment secures your child’s place at De La Salle in next year’s class. Click here for registration details.
De La Salle is Collecting Prayer Requests
What's Happening on Campus?
There is always something happening on campus.
The draining at De La Sall experienced an upgrade. When we return, no one will wonder where that smell is coming from! Thanks to Facilities Director, Mr. Sean McGovern for taking care of this so quickly.
Don't worry, Mr. Nusloch stopped on campus to document the "mighty ditch" for the yearbook!
Pigeon's Offers Home Meal Delivery
Meal Deliveries
Pigeon will be offering home meals that can be purchased. They will be delivered free within a 10 mile radius of their kitchen. All menu items are a six serving portion, with additional options such as drinks, desserts, even wine! All orders that are placed by noon, can be delivered by 6:00 p.m. the same day along with heating instructions and best-by dates.
Office Hours:
Monday-Friday- 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday- CLOSED
Menu for from March 18- March 27
Online Ordering Available
Last Week at De La Salle
The Parent's Club Executive Board Attends DLS Night at Juan's Flying Burrito
Tuesday, March 10 was De La Salle Night at Juan's Flying Burrito (Uptown). And what a night. Family and friends stopped in for their share of tacos, burritos, and nachos. The Parents Club Executive Board even held the March meeting in Juan's event space. Thank you to Juan's and those members of the Cav Nation who gave support to this wonderful fundraiser. Proceeds will support the De La Salle band program.
Congratulations to these students who participated in the District Literary Rally.
Jeans for Teens
De La Salle participated in and Aeropostale's Jeans for Teens Drive. The drive collected donated jeans from students for homeless teens. Alana Richardson took the time to drop the donation off at the Lakeside Mall Aeropostale location. Thank you to everyone that participated.
Winning Every Day!
Learn how De La Salle Student-Athletes are staying in it to win it! A message from Coach Manale.
This strange time with all of our athletic programs on hold means we are presented with an opportunity to get better and focus on ourselves. This quarantine time is another test for our student athletes and coaches. This test is on our discipline to win each day. 

  • Win by getting up on time, eating, doing classwork, and excelling in online classes.
  • Win by being creative in your training to continue developing our bodies.
  • Win at home by spending more time with family. 
  • Win spiritually by building a stronger relationship with God and taking time to reflect and pray on your own.
  • Win by continuing to get eight hours of sleep.

Let’s be smart and use this time to develop and win each day. Lead On!
Some athletes have access to weights or dumbbells while some are resorting to crab boil or water jugs as dumbbells. But all athletes during this time are looking for creative ways to gain an edge.
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