Cave Creek COVID-19 Ground Rules
May 13, 2020
Dear Cave Creek Rodeo Contestants,

Attached are the COVID-19 Rodeo Ground Rules for the 2020 Cave Creek Rodeo, scheduled for May 22-24. We are excited to have ProRodeo return. At the same time, we must recognize the increased responsibility that comes with returning to competition and we ask each of you to cooperate in a professional and courteous manner. It is our hope that we are able to return to an environment that is safe for our members, committees and local communities. The PRCA has worked with the Cave Creek Rodeo Committee and local authorities to move this rodeo forward and we thank them for their work on getting it this far. As this is will be the first rodeo under these new rules, we ask for your cooperation in following these rules, working together for the betterment of the sport and future rodeos. 

Below are some important reminders while preparing for Cave Creek.
  • Included in the ground rules and attached below separately are 2 waivers that you will be required to sign. Please print and bring with you to Cave Creek. It is required that these waivers are turned in at the rodeo. No digital copies will be accepted. Do not email your forms to the WPRA office.
  • Give yourself plenty of time: All contestants and staff will be required to check in prior to being able to enter the rodeo grounds. We suggest arriving early to allow for plenty of time to get through the check in process. For slack this will mean check-in starting at 6am.
  • There will be no availability for you to arrive/camp overnight.
  • Limit your interactions, keep groups under 10 people and follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Contestants and attendees are required to wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth. You will need to wear your mask prior to riding and after your run is over. You may take off your mask to make your run.
  • Entry fees can be paid on site with CHECKS ONLY. You are still able to call the WPRA office to pay with a credit card.

Health Screening: The Cave Creek Rodeo grounds will open 3 hours prior to each performance/slack for a mandatory health screening. All contestants and personnel will be required to enter the Rodeo Grounds by driving down 28 th Street and turning right onto Maddox Rd. Please adhere to the following:
  • Turn into the rodeo grounds and remain in vehicles where you will be directed into two lanes
  • Return signed waivers into Rodeo Committee personnel
  • Participants and Personnel Health Screened
  • Cleared contestants and helpers will receive a wristband for the performance/slack in which they are competing, and escorted to parking by rodeo committee
  • Secondary screening for vehicle for anyone not cleared by Medical personnel
  • Contestants and Personnel not clearing health screening will exit rodeo grounds per the Medical Teams direction.

Contestant Helpers: We have to limit the number of people in both ends of the arena through the grounds rules to reduce potential congestion and respect social distancing. If a helper is required, please identify a helper who is a PRCA/WPRA member and entered in the rodeo. All helpers will be required to clear the health screening and have the corresponding wristband for that performance/slack of the rodeo.

Traveling Companions: As access is restricted to both ends of the arena to contestants and helpers only, additional traveling companions are discouraged. Health Screening will only be administered to contestant and designated helper. Contestant must be present at time the designated helper is screened.

Rodeo Grounds: The grounds will not be open on Thursday, May 21. Grounds will open at 5:30 a.m. on Friday, May 22.

The required waivers are below for you to print off and sign. Please bring with you to the check-in for Cave Creek. 

In closing, the WPRA looks forward to seeing you in Cave Creek. Most importantly, please continue to stay safe and healthy.

Doreen Wintermute
WPRA President/CEO

Please refer to the attached documents and read them carefully.