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Cave Creek Weather
Click the picture for Cave Creek weather info direct from the Town website.
Aug 2 (6pm): Council Meeting* - Town Hall (CANCELED)
Aug 11 (10am): Water Advisory Committee Meeting*(WAC) - (Zoom)
Aug 11 (noon): Wastewater Advisory Committee Meeting*(WAC) - (Zoom)
Aug 11 (5:30pm): Monthly Mixer - Meeting (Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber) @ Kiwanis Marketplace - Click HERE for more info.
Aug 19 (7pm): Planning Commission Regular Meeting* - Town Hall
Aug 16 (6pm): Council Meeting* - Town Hall (Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/s/97966005071)
Aug 26 (7:30am): Business Breakfast (Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber) - Harold's - Click HERE for more info.

* Town Council and Planning Commission meetings have returned to "in-person" meetings at Town Hall but, will also continue on Zoom.

Click HERE for the calendar and Zoom links on the Town site.
Town News
Would you like to read the Town of Cave Creek's official summer newsletter? Then, click HERE.
Fire & Emergency Service Corner
The Town of Cave Creek has hosted public meetings by Fire Deputy Chief Jim Ford about fire service and prevention in our town. Videos of these meetings can be viewed by clicking HERE.
Photos: Courtesy of Town of Cave Creek
Safety Corner
Be on Alert for Flash Flooding During Thunderstorms

Please be on special alert regarding the chance of flash floods. As rainwater moves across dry solid ground it can collect soil, sediment, and debris and grow into a stream of floodwaters. This can cause more significant damage; please be on guard for flooding in all areas downstream and along our desert washes (especially those areas affected by the Ocotillo and East Desert Fires which occurred last summer). 

DO NOT CROSS a flooded wash. If you witness flooding in your area move to higher ground to be safe. For emergencies dial 911.
Desert Awareness Corner
The Desert Awareness Park is a beautiful 26-acre desert park located just off the center of Cave Creek. It’s such a quiet, hidden gem that many don’t even know it’s there. This native habitat park was spearheaded by community volunteers and financed by Arizona State Park’s Heritage Funds along with contributions from the Desert Foothills Community Foundation, the Town of Cave Creek, and numerous community groups and individuals. Take some time to check it out, bring the family, send your patrons. What a wonderful opportunity to enjoy our area’s natural habitat and learn a little about our desert, too. For more info and directions on how to find our Desert Awareness Park click HERE.
News Flash Corner
In July, a stampede of wild buffalo stormed into Cave Creek. Fortunately, no damage or injury to businesses, humans or domestic animals occurred. The creatures have settled in at the corner of Cave Creek Road and Schoolhouse Road and are now grazing peacefully and smiling for many a tourist and camera. Stuff like this happens only in Cave Creek!!! ; )
Kiwanis Corner
Mike Poppenwimer, Chair of the Kiwanis Marketplace Committee is pleased to announce that Alex Perez, the current Marketplace Assistant Manager, is promoted to General Manager of the Marketplace effective August 1st. He will succeed Sandra Carrier, current General Manager, who has been promoted to Executive Director.
Dark Sky Corner
From Cave Creek Dark Sky Initiative
Helpful Tips for Low Kelvin Temperature LED and Incandescent Lighting

The Town of Cave Creek’s most recent lighting revision calls for outdoor light bulbs to be no more than 2700 Kelvin. This reduces the blue light of typical light bulbs and diminishes glare. We recommend going even lower down to 2200 Kelvin.  And, don’t forget to shield your outside lights. Click HERE to see the Kelvin Temperature Chart larger.
Trails Corner

On August 2nd and 3rd the following projects will be conducted throughout the Town Core. Thank-you in advance for slowing down to protect Town staff and the crews improving our trails and roadways. 

6021 E. Cave Creek Rd.- ribbon curbing being installed.

6210 E. Cave Creek Rd.- Installation of small concrete sidewalk addition to section in front of Circle K.

6198 E. Cave Creek Rd.- removal & replacement of asphalt.

6220 E. Cave Creek Rd. – installation of asphalt pedestrian pathway at Black Mtn. Feed Store.
The Town of Cave Creek has made a Request for Proposal (RFP) available for the construction of a proposed non-motorized trail connection starting at Cave Creek and Spur Cross Road, traveling north to Spur Cross and Grapevine. To view this RFP click HERE.
Code Red Corner
CodeRed is an emergency alert system Cave Creek residents and business owners are encouraged to participate in to receive electronic alerts in the event of an emergency.
Be Safe-Don't Be Sorry!
Click HERE to register now for direct alerts from the Town of Cave Creek, in the event of a crisis.
Supporting Our Locals Corner
Restaurants -
Cave Creek Has the BEST!
It's HOT! Are we in the mood to cook? No way! In Cave Creek there's a better way, so let's keep it local! Let's keep our fellow Cave Creek restaurants and taverns tops on our list when a good meal or a cold brew are in order during these steamy hot days of summer. Supporting our local establishments is what it's all about in Cave Creek.
Fire Safety Corner
Remembering last year's fires makes us all cringe. The Town of Cave Creek would like us to take every precaution so as not to revisit that horrific experience. Every one of us can help. Click HERE to find out how.
Supporting one another is what it's all about!
Summer is upon us and all has slowed down in our town. Visitors are few compared to high-season. Summertime in the Creek means businesses and restaurants need your support now more than ever!
Buy local or Bye-Bye local!
Thank You.
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau Corner
Off-Season Hours
The Cave Creek Tourism Bureau will be closed the entire month of August and will reopen in September with summer hours of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10am-2pm. Our full-time "Season" schedule of a 7-day week will resume as of October 1st. We will be happy to, once again, be there full-time supporting you, your establishment, and our wonderful town.

Off-Season Hours:
August > Closed
September > Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10am-2pm
Guess It
Is this Cowboy Someone You Know?
July's Answer:
If you guessed The Sonoran Arts League, main office in Stagecoach Village as the location, you are correct! The sculpture is titled "Flower Girl" by artist Tracey Saliba. To see "Flower Girl" again, click HERE for our July edition and then scroll down, OR head over to the Sonoran Arts League to see Flower Girl in person.
We're in the heat of summer and Cave Creek Tourism Bureau celebrates that fact with its "Summer Vacation" holiday tree.
Stop in, see our tree, and say "Hi."
(Many thanks to volunteer and official tree decorator, George)
Covid-19 Corner
Info & Resources

Click HERE for the CDC's Covid-19 updates for Workplaces and Businesses.
For the ADHS Covid-19 Data Dashboard click HERE.
Find Maricopa County Covid-19 Business Info HERE.
Click HERE Arizona Department of Health Services helpful info on Covid-19 resources.
Access all you need to know from the Arizona Department of Economic Security by clicking HERE.
Look HERE for updated Sky Harbor Airport travel regulations.
Gov. Ducey
site HERE.
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"Behind it all is the Vibrancy and Feeling of being in a very special place, right here where we live. That is the way I feel about the desert, and the humans and the animals and the plants and the sky and the rocks that make it up."
– Paul Elswick
Feature Corner
Dave Anderson &
Roastery of Cave Creek

There are mornings, when driving along Cave Creek Road, when an enrapturing aroma of roasting coffee beans will seep into your car, wrap itself around you, and tease at your nose. This experience is commonplace in Cave Creek’s town core. It’s Roastery of Cave Creek’s (ROC2) workers busily roasting up a fresh batch of beans. For a coffee lover, this is aroma akin to a short visit to Cloud Nine. ROC2 is one of the leading coffee producers in Arizona and, this November Dave Anderson and wife Alison will be celebrating the roastery’s 24th year as a business member of the Cave Creek community.

Originally from the DC area and the telecommunication world, Dave moved to Cave Creek in 1997 tired of the suit and tie life and noticed there was no coffee house in town. Since, at that time, coffee was the largest commodity traded worldwide Dave decided, “Coffee seemed a viable, almost recession proof business and, it looked like there was a need for it in Cave Creek.” From this belief came the Cave Creek Coffee Shop. Then in 1997 Dave’s curiosity and sense of adventure lead him to roast some beans in a small roaster in back of his coffee shop. The rest, as they say, is history!
Today, Dave’s Roastery of Cave Creek is a huge wholesale operation supplying chefs, restaurants (including Michelin Star restaurants), cafés, resorts, and shops all over Arizona. ROC2 has become the coffee roastery extraordinaire, where arriving at the perfect final product is a combination of art, science, and a lot of love. This, all with the help of his ROC2 team of roaster Keith, Jared in sales, Johnny doing deliveries, and Christie with general shop support.
Does Dave have a favorite blend of ROC2 coffee? “Well,” Dave says, “Coffee is a lot like wine.” His favorite varies from week to week. Currently, Dave is enjoying a brew from a Peruvian bean that’s rich, not bitter and “leaves your mouth with a nice, smooth finish.”
Dave roasting 75 lbs of organic coffee
Dave knows that a good coffee must begin with an excellent bean. For over 15-years, this quest for quality coffee beans has taken him to plantations all over Africa, Indonesia, Central America and South America. In addition, farmers and importers send Dave samples that he roasts in small test batches. Beans having met his scrutiny with approval are then ordered in quantity. ROC2 also supports women-owned coffee growers worldwide with an offshoot brand, Exploradora Coffee, launched by Alison and her daughter Wade in 2020. In addition to supporting female coffee farmers, Exploradora takes its profits and gives back to the community with programs that help low-income families here at home. To learn more about Alison and Wade’s Exploradora Coffee venture click HERE.
ROC2 is not a retail shop officially open to the public, but it’s certainly a people shop. Stop by to say hello on any day and the ROC2 team will welcome you in, fill your ears with coffee info, and offer you a cup of coffee or two, as well. For first timers in the store, the first bag of ROC2 coffee is always free. What hospitality! Locals know that if they need to stock up on ROC2 coffee during closed hours, “The Box,” a steel cabinet out front, is always well stocked with a variety of fresh roasted beans. These are available on a grab-n-go honor system where the coffee lover simply drops their $10 payment or an IOU into the mail slot. Dave says IOUs are always repaid. This system has worked perfectly and according to Dave the honesty has, “restored our faith in humanity.”
In addition to coffee, Dave’s passions are motorcycles, photography, travel, and simply enjoying life. “My vision in life is to goof off as much as I can,” he says with a smile in his voice. From what Dave’s accomplished, he’s learned how to goof off in a most successful and prosperous fashion. Perhaps his success stems from a motto on a sign hanging in his shop for years that was purchased at the English Rose Tearoom. It reads, “Work hard and be nice.” It’s as simple as that.
So, might there be a new venture David Anderson has in store for us? If so, surely it will grow from the same dedication, passion and work ethic put into the Roastery of Cave Creek.
Dave sourcing coffee in El Salvador on the side of a volcano

Photo credits: Courtesy of ROC2
Town Manager's Corner
Greetings Cave Creek Merchants,

In July the Town of Cave Creek completed four Community Discussions open to the public on Fire and Emergency Services, spearheaded by Fire Deputy Chief Jim Ford. Town Staff, Council Members, and local fire representatives were present at each of these four discussions. You can view these four discussions and the presentations made to Council by visiting the Town’s home page here:www.CaveCreekAZ.gov.

If interested in attending future community discussions on fire and emergency service, or to request materials provided at these discussions please contact Communications@CaveCreekAZ.gov.

Carrie Dyrek
Cave Creek Town Manager
Fire Deputy Chief Jim Ford
Photos: Courtesy of Town of Cave Creek
The Marshal's Corner
Greetings from the Marshal,

First and foremost…welcome back! Cave Creek is alive and well. Just drive through our town and see all the pedestrians and vehicular traffic in Cave Creek. Finally, we are back on track. Some of you have reached out to me and asked about this year’s Taste of Cave Creek event. We will not be having a 2021 Taste of Cave Creek. After very careful consideration and with what was transpiring in February with COVID, the decision was made not to have the Taste of Cave Creek. Thank you for your calls and inquiries.
For those of you unaware, we had an approximate twelve acre brushfire this month. Folks, please take precautions. Remove dead growth from around your buildings. Remove fuel loads that help the fire bridge gaps. BE CAREFUL. Have a hose ready and on whenever you are doing something even remotely likely to generate sparks. We were very lucky, the wildland fire we had this month was in a BLM area and we had no structures in the immediate area. We had minimal wind, thank heavens. Daisy Mountain Fire, City of Phoenix Fire and Scottsdale Fire all responded QUICKLY and in FORCE to aid Rural Metro and help extinguish this fire quickly. This fire was preventable and caused by poor decision making. Please be careful. Get permits as required by law for any spark generating activities. 
A special thank you for Desert Foothills Landscaping for working so hard to clean up the medians within the Town and remove any overgrown limbs that can cause a hazard. Between Desert Foothills Landscaping and our Town of Cave Creek Public Works Crew removing fuel loads along our roadways, Cave Creek is a safer town. Thank you.

Stay safe,
Marshal Stein
Harmony Hollow Corner
A Celebration

On Saturday, July 31 an informative question and answer gathering was held for the Harmony Hollow Ranch and the Historic Stamp Mill properties. It was also a time of celebration and gratitude to local philanthropists Steve and Lori Greenberg whose purchase of these lands made this preservation possible.
The celebration was held at the Sonoran Arts League Arts Learning Studio. The get-together began, as did this preservation dream, with artist and former Cave Creek resident Melissa Paxton stepping forward. Members of the community joined in for this joyous celebration including many who were instrumental in the preservation of this beautiful piece of Sonoran Desert land. One by one, Melissa thanked those who contributed to bringing this dream to fruition.
Property owner Steve Greenberg gave an informative slide presentation on the history of the Harmony Hollow Ranch and Historic Stamp Mill properties dating back as far as the Hohokam in 300BC with descriptions of remnants of Hohokam dwellings and petroglyphs on the property, and then bringing us up to the present day.
Harmony Hollow’s history as a local artist haven began in 1969 with bronze bell maker Jeffrey Cross. The house on the property has been home to many artists since then including Melissa Paxton herself. Artist Sheila Kollasch, who has also lived in the house says of her experience there, “It was magical – the best place I’ve ever lived.”
Also speaking at the celebration were Council person Paul Dief who has started a non-profit, Friends of Spur Cross, in support of the preservation, Vicki Preston with the Desert Foothills Land Trust, Council person Kathryn Royer speaking of the Town’s relationship with the preservation, and Parks and Recreation Director for Maricopa County RJ Cardin.
A special treat at the gathering was a taste of Bill Payne’s Harmony Hollow honey as well as Bill’s informative description of the honey making process. Lori Greenberg shared honey tastes during Steve's presentation.
The property owners are working closely with The Town of Cave Creek, Desert Foothills Land Trust, and Spur Cross Ranch and Conservation Area in the preservation of this land, which is a most unique riparian corridor and gateway to the 2.9 million acre Tonto National Forrest. The Greenbergs are being especially attentive to the needs and desires of the community in making this property acquisition another gem in our town and a special place to enjoy for generations to come.
Thank you to all who made this possible and especially to Melissa Paxton and philanthropists Steve and Lori Greenberg.
Photos: Top - Lori and Steve Goldberg at the celebration
Middle - Lori sharing Harmony Hall area honey.
Bottom - Melissa Paxton and Steve Greenberg
Photo Credits: Nina Spitzer
Landmarks Corner
Next up...
~Big Earl's Greasy Eats~
(August 23rd)

Next up for a Cave Creek Landmarks plaque presentation is - Big Earl's Greasy Eats. Mark your calendars for for August 23rd at 7pm, for the presentation of the brass commemorative landmarks plaque, followed by the showing of Cave Creek home videos, a sharing of some of Mark Lipsky’s documentaries, and a few surprises about our town. A photo booth and various other goodies will make the evening extra special. Be sure to join us at Big Earl's on the 23rd!

The Cave Creek Landmarks Team extends special thanks to the following:
History Corner
Big Earl's
By Darlene Southern

Located prominently on the east side of Cave Creek Road as you enter Cave Creek’s historic town core is Big Earl’s Greasy Eats, a world-famous restaurant serving world-class burgers and other delightful culinary delights, including the infamous “adult milkshakes.” But, beyond Big Earl’s fame as home of the “Big Earl's Trash Bash” and being featured on Food Network’s “Mystery Diners” TV series, did you know that Big Earl’s structure was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000? 

The art deco structure, originally erected in Sunnyslope, is the only known remaining example of the “moderne” design that was patented in 1936 by Standard Oil. In 1952, Cave Creek business owner Jerry Purlmutt purchased and moved the building, lock-stock-and-barrel, to Cave Creek where it continued to operate as a gas station for another thirty-some years first by Purlmutt and later the Elrod Brothers.

In 2000, former Cave Creek mayor, Kim Brennan and partner Eric Westerlund purchased and reopened the establishment as Big Earl’s Greasy Eats. It was Kim who originated the now well-known and loved “Trash Bash.” In 2012, Brennan sold the restaurant to long-time manager Brooke Butler Dallas, whose big smile and warm personality attracts both local and visiting diners alike.

“One of our goals,” says Brooke, “is to bring back the 1950s feel that made this place a piece of Arizona history, however, we have committed to continue serving the same award-winning food that people have come to love.”
Photos: Current - Nina Spitzer
Past - Courtesy of The Cave Creek Museum
New Biz Corner
Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital!

Cave Creek’s Mayor Ernie Bunch (second from left) celebrated with representatives from Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, July 15. The hospital officially opened on July 26th and will offer 24/7 emergency care and surgical services. The single-story, 35,000 sq. ft building on Carefree Highway has a 13-bed emergency department, an operating room, eight inpatient rooms for overnight stays, an imaging suite for x-ray, ultrasound and CT scans, a laboratory and other services. The hospital will create about 50 full time clinical and support staff jobs. For more information about Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital and its grand opening click HERE.

Welcome to our community, Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital!

Photo: Naman Mahajan, CEO Abrazo Cave Creek and Abrazo Scottsdale Campuses, Cave Creek Mayor Bunch, Wendi Sears, Chief Nursing Officer, Abrazo Cave Creek and Abrazo Scottsdale Campuses,
Sarah Bird, Administrator,Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital, 
Dr. Sara Beckett, Medical Director, Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital
Stinknet Corner

In response to the emergence of Globe Chamomile (aka Stinknet), an invasive species, the Town of Cave Creek Public Works crew will be applying herbicide along Carefree Highway and Cave Creek Rd beginning the week of August 9th, and throughout the month. More details about these herbicides can be found HERE in the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
Carefree*Cave Creek Chamber Corner
 Strong Schools
Build Strong Neighborhoods

As business leaders in our community, we recognize the need for good schools, not just to educate our young people, but also as a part of a solid economic fabric that enhances life for all of us. That’s why we are encouraging you to vote “yes” on the Cave Creek Unified School District Bond.
This bond would provide needed funds to upgrade technology for students and classrooms, refresh school facilities, purchase 21st century furniture and equipment, make sports facility improvements, purchase school buses, and make repairs and renovations intended to maintain a safe student environment that is conducive to learning. 
The capital improvements covered by this bond election are part of a capital plan developed by a District Excellence Committee composed of parents, community members, school leaders and employees. After needs were compiled, in conjunction with facility experts, the committee reviewed the assessment and then recommended a bond election to the Governing Board.
Our business community relies on good schools to provide an educated workforce, be a selling point to attract skilled workers and their families and form the foundation of strong local economies. Strong schools build strong neighborhoods to fuel strong economies.
Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce
Mini-Gallery Corner
at the
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau
Adam Carlson
“As the Desert Sun Sets” is local artist Adam Carlson’s work displayed in our Cave Creek Tourism Bureau mini-gallery. It's bright, it's vibrant, and it represents only one of the never-ending amazing sunsets we witness daily in Cave Creek. Adam’s work is inspired by the ever-changing colors of what Mother Nature produces. “No two sunsets are ever alike,” says Adam, “No two pictures I paint will be exactly alike.”
Adam enjoys painting other Arizona inspired art such as saguaros, prickly pear cactus, and desert animals. Come see “As the Desert Sun Sets” in person at our Cave Creek Tourism Bureau.

JULY CORRECTION: The Title of Dennis Taylor's photo was inadvertently omitted in last month's article. It's called "Wild Night."
Happenings Corner
The Hideaway Landmarks Event
Mark Bradshaw’s Hideaway Grill was honored on July 22nd as a Local Landmark in Cave Creek. The Hideaway’s slogan, “There are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met,” seems to sum up Mark’s energy and spirit for all things Cave Creek and the bikers it attracts from across the country. Bradshaw has owned and operated the business for the last 25 years. The building’s history dates back to the 1930’s as housing for workers building the nearby Bartlett Dam.
Photo: Council Member Kathryn Royer, Mayor Ernie Bunch, Planning Director Luke Kautzman, Taylor Bradshaw, Hideaway Founder Mark Bradshaw, Bart Krasson, Digital Communications Specialist Kelley Francis, and Councilman Bob Morris
Trash Bash
On Saturday, July 24th and despite threatening weather, Brooke and her team celebrated the 10th annual Trash Bash with the usual flare and fun. As always, a great time was had by all.
One of our many monsoon "light shows" is imaged by Cave Creek photographer Bob Hughes.
Cave Creek Corner's "August" image is of Harmony Hollow and was photographed by owner, Steve Greenberg.
Beekeeper Bill Payne talking about his amazing Payne Gulch Honey at the July 31st Harmony Hollow/Stamp Mill celebration.
"Cave Creek Monsoon Nights" by photographer Dennis Taylor

~ END ~
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