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Town of Cave Creek NEWS
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Fire-Wise! Visit 
for important
fire safety resources.
Cave Creek Weather
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May 2 (6pm): Council Meeting - Town Hall (For more info and Zoom link click HERE.
May 11 (10am): Water Advisory Committee Meeting (WAC) (For more info and Zoom link click HERE.
May 11 (5:30am): Carefree*Cave Creek Chamber - Monthly Mixer (Pure Rejuvenation Wellness Lounge) - Info Click HERE.
May 14 (11:00am): THE AZ GOLD MINING EXPERIENCE (Cave Creek Museum) Info HERE.
May 15 (2pm): Celebrate the USA! (Cave Creek Museum) Info HERE.
May 16 (6pm): Council Meeting - Town Hall: Tentative Budget Adoption (For more info and Zoom link click HERE.
May 19 (7pm): Planning Commission Meeting - Town Hall (For more info click HERE.
May 26 (7:30am): Carefree*Cave Creek Chamber - Business Breakfast (Harold's Corral) - Info Click HERE.

Click HERE for the calendar and Zoom links on the Town site.
Fire Season Corner
Now that we're in high risk fire season, be sure to keep your eye on the Town site for any RED FLAG warnings.

All spark generating activities within the Town of Cave Creek are prohibited during days declared to have a red flag warning per Town Code as issued by the National Weather Service.

ALSO: On those days All Spark Generating Activities are Prohibited. Take special precautions against spark generating activities that include but are not limited to:
      1. Welding
      2. Grinding
      3. Braising
      4. Cutting steel

Check the Town website for updates HERE.
Wildland fires happen
and unfortunately, they have happened in Cave Creek. Have you prepared an evacuation plan with your household? In the event of an evacuation, be prepared and know what to do. Click HERE .

Town Non-Emergency Numbers:
Cave Creek Fire Station #1 / DMFD #147 : 623-465-7400
Cave Creek Fire + Medical Service: 480-437-3583
Cave Creek Utility Department: 480-488-6620
Snake Removal: 602-253-1191
Council Corner
Deadline to Fill Cave Creek Town Council Vacancy

The Cave Creek Town Council has extended its request of Town residents interested in filling the vacancy on Town Council. Please submit your Statement of Interest and Qualifications to the Town Clerk, Teresa Riza by emailing HERE no later than NOON on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

For important details on how to proceed with this process click HERE.
New Biz Corner
Hansen's Cowboy BBQ
Two Creekers , Wade Hansen and Denise Goode are putting their creative and culinary talent to work introducing Hansen’s Cowboy BBQ in Frontier Town.
“Our goal is to bring a bit of our town’s history back to these buildings: some have been here since the late 1880’s," says owner Denise Goode.

"We want to welcome local friends and tourists alike. While our town is
full of great places to drink, we want to bring a sense of family, outstanding food, and maybe we just might learn something fun,” says Denise.
Hansen's invites you to visit and see what they have to offer, including a variety of talented musicians playing old school country music on The Frontier Town Stage,.
Volunteer Corner
Need Volunteers?

Non-profits, if you're in need of volunteers and would like to be added onto the Town site, please submit info on your volunteer opportunities to Kelley, our Town Communications Specialist, by clicking HERE. Info submitted should include your organization's name, phone, and website.
Doing Business Corner
Biz Licenses

A reminder that all businesses and vendors doing business in Cave Creek need a Cave Creek Town Business License. This includes vendors for special events. 'Still need to renew or get yours? No problem. Simply click HERE and pay online.
Code Red Corner
CodeRed is an emergency alert system. Cave Creek residents and business owners are encouraged to participate in order to receive electronic alerts in the event of an emergency.
Be Safe-Don't Be Sorry!
Click HERE to register now for direct alerts from the Town of Cave Creek in the event of a crisis.
scan this QR code with the camera function on your phone.
Supporting Our Locals Corner
Greeting Cards:
Go Local!

A birthday is coming up or a close friend is ill, maybe a congratulations card is needed for your sister's new baby and sure, supermarkets, pharmacies and chain stores are our usual "go to" place for greeting cards, but...

To everyone still sending much appreciated paper greeting cards - Go Local!

There are a number of Cave Creek Town Core shops that have beautiful, unique all occasion greeting cards, many of which have both humorous and serious Western themes. as well as cards created by local artists. What a perfect idea for cards being sent from a Western, artist town.

In addition, checking out local shops for greeting cards will open up a whole new world of possibilities for other interesting gift items you never dreamed of finding. Best of all, you get to meet and support our local merchants. After all, isn't that what it's all about?

The following are some local shops selling fun, unique greeting cards:
Big Bronco, Southwest Bedazzle, Indian Village, Cave Creek Museum, Black Mountain Feed, Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile (in Prickly Pear Plaza), Western Delights, The Finer Arts Gallery, Ace Hardware

Be sure to check them out!
Local merchants…You’re the BEST and we love you!
Guess It
The Sheriff is Watching!!

Where is he?

April's Answer: You can find that crazy bathtub planter with the aloe at Frontier Town in front of Ortega's (facing Cave Creek Road). Click HERE to check it out again.
Carefree*Cave Creek Chamber Corner
The tourist season may be over or wrapping up but the Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce is still hard at work supporting our business community that is still open for business and looks forward to the locals supporting local. 
Buy or Bye Bye local!
Supporting one another is what it's all about!
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"A mother’s love is more beautiful than any fresh flower.”
- Debasish Mridha

May 2022
Feature Corner
The Secret's Out!!!
Once upon a time, Cave Creek was a sleepy little cowboy town only a tad up the road apiece from Phoenix. Obviously, that’s no more. Our distance from Phoenix hasn’t changed, but we’re sure not sleepy anymore. We’re rockin’! Local businesses, restaurants, and bars are thriving and visitors, more than ever, know where we are and why Cave Creek is a great place to visit. The secret is out, in good part thanks to Dale Samar and his Cave Creek Visitor’s Guide magazine.
When asked about distribution, Dale replied, “I have had requests for them from all across the state. However, I do keep distribution within the Valley for the most part as I think this will bring the most value to advertisers, “
Currently, the Creek Visitor’s Guide magazine is distributed to more than 90 locations Valleywide; this includes hotels, chambers of commerce, airports, and auto rentals now with a total distribution of 40,000 copies per year. In addition, as many as 70,000 unique visitors annually go to the online version of the visitor’s guide.
How it all started: Back in 2005, there were maps of Cave Creek available to visitors, but Dale felt those maps alone didn’t have the type of information that would entice people to visit. He knew telling the story of shopping, eating, and entertainment in the area would provide a better understanding of why people should come to Cave Creek. That gave Dale the idea to print the first 24-page Cave Creek Visitor’s Guide in the Fall of 2006.
“Although I was pretty certain it would work, it was a little scary putting out that first guide,” says Dale. The total distribution that first years was 20,000 guides.” Now, 16 years later, Dale tells us, “I think I've printed and distributed close to 700,000 guides over the past 16 years.”
That’s a lot of guides - with a lot of information - reaching a lot of venues - and inspiring a lot of people - to visit Cave Creek!
“It's a great feeling to hear how grateful the concierges are to get the guides and ask me for an extra box to make sure they don't run out.” During the past 10 years, the guides have grown to 64 pages with distribution doubling since that first printing.
“My goal is to promote the entire town but with a major focus on the advertisers that pay for the printing each year,” says Dale. “In fact, we have seven businesses that have been in every issue from the beginning and that was probably the most important issue as its success led us through the next 16 years.” Dale would like to extend a special thank you to Big Bronco, Cave Creek Candles, Cave Creek Cowboy, Harold’s Cave Creek Corral, the Horny Toad, Rancho Manana Golf Club, and Tonto Bar & Grill for their belief in him that very first year in 2006!
Now, it’s May and Dale’s doing what he does best, jumping right into compiling the next issue - the 17th annual Cave Creek Visitor’s Guide. (Dale's email HERE.)
Thanks to Dale Samar and his Cave Creek Visitor’s Guide, the “secret” is out, and with that comes the thriving business local merchants enjoy. Both Valley locals and out-of-town visitors alike are heading up to Cave Creek to check out our little gem of a Western town only a tad up the road apiece from Phoenix. No - We’re not a secret anymore.
Town Manager's Corner
Greetings Residents and Merchants,

Regarding fire and medical news, a recent formal request was made to the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) for consideration that would allow for the expansion of coverage area for the Daisy Mountain Fire District’s (DMFD) Ambulance Transport Services. The Arizona DHS provided for an open comment period until April 8th, 2022. No opposition to this proposal was received. On Friday April 15th, the DHS Director approved this expansion of response area request to include the Town boundaries of Cave Creek.  On Monday, April 18th, 2022 a DMFD Ambulance Transport unit, M147, was officially placed into service and moved into the Cave Creek Fire Station as its new home base. 
This means even though M147 is still available to respond throughout the DMFD service area, this unit will now officially be the primary ambulance transport unit dispatched on emergency medical calls within the Town of Cave Creek.  It is important to remember that Arizona DHS controls the user fee based ambulance transport services rules, regulations, and fees. Also, understand this transport service is an addition to, but not a part of, the Town’s original emergency fire/medical service Intergovernmental agreement with the Daisy Mountain Fire District.

In other fire news, now is the time to prepare your properties with defensible space against the possible outbreak of wildland fires, if you haven’t already. With what we’re seeing to the north of us, this is a reminder that everyone should be contributing to the Town's well-being.

To schedule a FREE site inspection on how you can improve your property’s wildland defensible space, contact Jim Ford at Town Hall at 480-488-6600.

Carrie Dyrek
Cave Creek Town Manager
The Marshal's Corner
Greetings From the Marshal,

April showers? Ya, that did not work out so well for us. Hopefully, we see an early monsoon season. We survived Bike Week (ten days). It was loud. Traffic was slowed. Yet it was safe and we had A LOT of people visiting our small town; thank you for all of your patience and understanding. Cave Creek really appreciates our MCSO team and the super hard work they do at keeping us all safe. A HUGE thank you to MCSO and especially Lieutenant Baronyos for all the Bike Week diligence. Even with so many people in town for the event, we had very few incidents and just a couple of minor Bike Week related accidents.
We are already seeing more and more rescues in the parks and along the trails in Cave Creek. People are hiking during peak heat and not hydrating properly prior to and DURING their hikes. The New Cave Creek Fire Department is a fantastic addition to Cave Creek. Please make good decisions and perhaps forego the hike if you may not be properly prepared for the heat. If you’re a frequent hiker and see someone you deem may not be properly prepared for the heat or such a vigorous activity…say something to them. We do not want to see someone getting themselves into physical danger from being unprepared for our heat/weather and attempting a vigorous hike.
Speaking of our awesome Fire Department, we are seeing more and more calls for service for people illegally burning trash. PLEASE make good decisions. This time of year is exceedingly dangerous to be burning anything or conducting ANY spark generating activities outside. No One typically MEANS to cause a wildfire, however A LOT of wildfires are easily preventable. There Are NO SPARK GENERATING ACTIVITIES ALLOWED during Red Flag Warning Days. There is a transfer station on Carefree Highway if you need to get rid of your trash. Please DO NOT BURN YOUR TRASH and DEBRIS.
As it heats up, please remember to take care of your four-legged friends. It is NOT okay to leave your dogs in your vehicle while you run into the store “for just a minute.” 

Stay safe!
Marshal Stein
Know the Fire Danger
National Fire Level

What is the National Fire Danger Rating? Click HERE to learn more about it. You can also follow the Campfire icon on the Home Page to track fire restrictions and the current national fire danger for the region by clicking HERE.
Trails Corner
Happy Trails!

Check out the new section of trail the Town has just completed in front of the Cave Creek Museum and the LDS Church on Basin Road. Residents now have a safe pathway in their neighborhood. 

You may have noticed construction of a trail on the west side of Spur Cross Road located at the intersection of Cave Creek Road and Spur Cross, ending at Grapevine Road. This trail is currently underway and should be completed in upcoming weeks. 

There is also a newly completed trail from the Jewel of the Creek to the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area (SCRCA). Please enjoy it the next time you’re in the area for a hike.

The Cave Creek Tourism Bureau would like to congratulate Bambi Muller on her 30 years of service, dedication, and passion in building the Town’s elaborate trails into the fabulous ecosystem it is today.
Budget Corner
Cave Creek Budget Workshops
~ Be in the Know ~

The Town of Cave Creek is planning for continued prosperity as it moves into the fiscal new year. A series of public meetings will be held (Click HERE) to discuss and review the Town’s Fiscal Year 2022-23 budget, which begins July 1, 2022. You're invited to sit in on these proceedings. The meetings will include opportunities for the public to listen and/or provide comments in person or by Zoom on the proposed Town budget.

At the May 2nd Town Council meeting, Council will be looking to approve the April 19, 2022 Special Council Budget Work Session minutes. At the May 16 regular Town Council Meeting, Council will take public comments and possibly adopt a tentative budget which caps the total expenditures. The Council can, however, still adjust the budget after that as long as they don’t increase the total budget expenditures. June 20 is a public hearing when Council is scheduled to adopt the final budget.

All meetings will be held in the Town Council Chambers, 37622 N. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, AZ 85331. For more information on the dates/times of the budget workshops as well as a link to the Towns 2022-23 budget draft click HERE.
A Day-in-the Life Corner

Another Typical Day in
Cave Creek
Another day of feeding the kids, though it was not a happy day for the bunny who became dinner. A Great Horned Owl brings home prey to her three Owlets in the nest.
Photo Credit: Bevery DeMartino
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau Corner
The Cave Creek Tourism Bureau
Summer Hours - SOON

We're back to that time of year when things slow down in our little town. Snowbirds have returned home and visitors from the Valley are seeking cooler escapes for the summer months - perhaps even visiting new snowbird friends.

With this slowing of visitor traffic, our Cave Creek Tourism Bureau (CCTB) reverts to its summer hours of Fri-Sun from 10am-2pm as of June 1st. Please keep this in mind. Businesses, this is the time to restock your fliers for the next season. Residents, this is the perfect time to stop in, say hello, and visit for awhile with our friendly volunteers.

Speaking of volunteers, we always welcome new members to our tourism bureau volunteer team. If you're friendly, love Cave Creek and are looking for a reason to escape household chores - The CCTB is for YOU! Summer is the best time to start volunteering and learning "the ropes." Come by and see what the job entails. Promise -You'll like it.
Joe Gragnani

The Cave Creek Tourism Bureau welcomes to its mini-gallery local artist Joe Gragnani. "Cave Creek Tranquility,” Joe’s 16”x12” acrylic painting, was inspired by a sunset hike at Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area and is framed in saguaro ribs. Look very closely toward the bottom of the painting and you’ll see Joe in his cowboy hat with French Fry, his dog, standing beside him. An interesting fact: You’ll find Joe and French Fry in every one of his paintings. Besides the tourism bureau, Joe’s work is displayed in Cave Creek’s town core at Western Delights and Southwest Bedazzle Boutique.
Fire Safety Corner
Prepare Your Properties with
Defensible Space

Did you know Cave Creek is considered to be a Wildland Urban Interface Area (WUI)? A Wildland Urban Interface Area is a zone of transition between wilderness and land developed by human activity—an area where a built environment meets or intermingles with a natural environment. Structures in these areas are considered to be at greater risk of wildland fires. Have you done what it takes to prepare for the possible outbreak of a fire to protect your business?

Recent fires up north in AZ are reminders that it's fire season once again in our state. High winds and dry brush fuel the fire. This is exactly what we're trying to avoid here in our desert.

Clearing flash fuels (dead and dried flammable debris), and removing invasive species are ways you can prepare to be fire-wise on your property. Manage the fuel loads and establish approved fire breaks around the structures on your property.

Stinknet is one of the major contributors to fire hazard in our area. It starves our native fauna of water and acts as an accelerant in the event of fires. Removing this invasive plant is one way to help increase fire safety. For general information on this problem plant click HERE.

For more on creating defensible space to protect your business click HERE.
Happenings Corner
April 1-10: Cave Creek Bike Week
Cave Creek Bike Week 2022 was chock full of music, beautiful bikes, fun partying, and happy visitors from far and wide just having a darned good time.

April 16: Walk,Talk & Taste in the Desert
Sixty guests enjoyed an informative morning walk with The Desert Awareness Committee at the Desert Awareness Park. During the event they learned about 13 edible desert plants and were also treated to unique "tastes." The tastes included Prickly Pear Lemonade, Mesquite chocolate chip cookies, Mesquite cornbread, Palo Verde bread, Wolfberry and Hackberry sauces.
Top Photo: Volunteer Gretchen shares information about native trees.
Bottom Photo: Volunteers Bernadine, Sue and Judy at the tasting table.

Photo Credit: Diane Vaszily

April 19: Rare Earth Gallery Hosted the
NCA: AZ Chapter Monthly Meeting
Members of the Arizona Chapter of the National Concierge Association gathered on a windy Rare Earth back patio for an enjoyable evening of cameraderie and refreshments hosted by affiliate member Rare Earth Gallery.
Photo of Mom Missy and Baby Sparkie.
Header Photo Credit: Ellen Bruce Alley
Happy May!!!
Our Cave Creek Tourism Bureau's
May "Flower" Tree
~ END ~
Tourism Bureau Participants
A Couple of Green Thumbs, Adelante, Arizona Fine Furniture & Tack Brokers, Arizona Horseback Adventures, A Place in Time, Arizona Territory Antiques, Bags & Rags Boutique, Beth Zink Art, Baudine's Mad About Shoes, Big Bronco, Big Earl's Greasy Eats, Bilinda's Vintage Treasures, Black Mountain Adventures, Black Mountain Coffee Shop, Black Mountain Dental Care, Black Mountain Fitness, Blue Coyote, Bodhi Coyote Yoga, Bronco Studio, Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue, Buffalo Chip Saloon, Carefree Adventures, Cave Creek BBQ School, Cave Creek Candles & Gifts, Cave Creek Museum, Cave Creek Olive Oil Company, Cave Creek Shuttle, Cave Creek Visitor's Guide, Ciolim, Charlie Green Make-Up, City Creamery, Coyote Crossing Studio, Desert Dream Realty, Desert Foothills Library, Desert Treasures, Designs by Jenny, El Encanto Mexican Restaurant, Elysian Desert Distilleries, English Rose Tea Room, Erika Willison PLLC, Essence of Massage, Etania Jewelry & Boutique, Extreme Arizona, Fantastico's Mexican Food, Fiorra CBD, George R. Smith Notary, Glass-Art-Fusion (Ro Scarbrough), Glory Bee's, Grace Reneé Gallery, The Grotto Café, Hideaway Grill, Harold's Cave Creek Corral, Holland Community Center, Horny Toad Restaurant, Indian Market, Indian Village, Jeff D. Hill PLLC, Journey Rides, Keeler's Steakhouse, KI Healing Arts, Kiwanis Marketplace Thrift Store, Lance Headlee, Lara Bistro, Laughing Glass Studio, Lazy Lizard, Leigh Siegel-Realtor, Le Sans Souci, Leslie Nestingen (Berkshire Hathaway), Levanah Acupuncture, Lifestyle Balance with Qigong TaiChi, Lisa Nocella/Russ Lyons Sotheby's, Living Landsdcapes, Inc., Look at Me Now, Lucy Dickens Fine Art, M & E Stoyanov Fine Art Gallery, Magic Bird Festivals, Michael D'Ambrosi Sculpture, Monika Cheang Photography, Mountain View Pub, Natural Habitat Inc, Oregano's Pizza Bistro, Pizzicata, Pillar to Post Home Inspections, Prickly Pear Inn, Puppy Luv Flea Market, Rancho Mañana Golf Club, Rare Earth Gallery, R.C. Gorman Navajo Gallery, Rattlesnake Solutions, Retablo, Rusty Shack, Salon Chella, Sticks Golf & Cigar Lounge, The Sculpture Studio, Sharon J. Edwards (Berkshire Hathaway), Smith & Western, Sonoran Arts League, Soroptomist International of Saguaro Foothills, Southwest Bedazzle Boutique, Spur Cross Cycles, Storyteller Indian Store, Studio West, Teeslanger, The Finer Arts Gallery, The Star Barn, Thunderbird Artists Gallery, Time to Ride AZ, Tonto Bar & Grill, Tox Bar LLC, Trailhead Ranch, True West Magazine, Udder Delight, The Village Coffee Shop, Villas of Cave Creek, Vino e Panino, Vintage Vixen Rarities,Watson's Hat Shop, Western Delight Gift Shop, Western Sky Helicopters, Z's House of Thai
Our list is growing and we LUV it! - Let me know if I've ooopsed & forgotten your name. - Ed.