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Click campfire Image (above) for Town info on current fire danger.

For a recent Az Republic article about Cave Creek fires preparedness click HERE.
Cave Creek Weather
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Sept 6 (6pm): Council Meeting - Town Hall (Cancelled)
Sept 10 (4-7pmpm): Cave Creek Crossing - Grand Opening Group Event (More info HERE.)
Sept 13 (5pm): Water Forum- Special Town Council Work Session (For more info click HERE.
Sept 14 (5:30pm): Carefree *Cave Creek Chamber Monthly Mixer at Grind & Gears (More info HERE.)
Sept 15 (7pm): Planning Commission Meeting - Town Hall (For more info click HERE.
Sept 19 (6pm): Council Meeting - Town Hall (More info HERE.)
Sept 29 (7:30am):
Carefree *Cave Creek Chamber Monthly Breakfast -at Harold's (More info click HERE.)
Oct 1 (9-2:30pm):
Cave Creek Car Show - Octoberfest (see article below)

Click HERE for the calendar and Zoom links on the Town site.
Town Water Corner
Don't Miss It!

Sept. 13 @ 5pm: Town Hall

Info You'll Want to Hear -

The fact is…long-term drought on the Colorado River will affect us all!

At this event, we will learn of Cave Creek’s water policy, conservation provisions and long-term planning for the future.

This Water Forum, hosted by Town, is a work/study session with information of interest to us all. Experts from Central Arizona Project (CAP), Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) and the Town of Cave Creek will be on hand to inform us on the status of CAP’s Colorado River surface water supplies, impacts on Arizona’s groundwater supplies and additional State forecasts.

Information shared will be from the federal Bureau of Reclamation’s August “24-Month Study” results and will provide greater clarity on 2023 water projections.

Water is our future. We thank the Town for giving us this opportunity to be informed consumers.

This event will be live-streamed for those unable to attend. For more info you can email the Town Clerk, Teresa Riza, by clicking HERE.
the Date!
Oct 1 (9-2:30pm):
Cave Creek Car Show - Octoberfest (see article below)
Oct 15 (Sat) 5:00 pm: Dark Sky Event at Spur Cross Recreation Area Parking Lot. Keep a watch HERE for upcoming info.
Oct 19 (Weds) 8pm: "Celebration of Excellence" - Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber - Info HERE.
Small Business
Quickbooks Online Class

FREE is always good, especially if it will help your business!

The Desert Foothills Library is offering a free class on how to get the most out of Quickbooks Online. The class will be held September 13th from 9am – 9:30am. This half hour class will include tips and tricks from presenter Tanya Luken CPA PC.

For more information, call the library at 480-488-2286. Pre-registration is required. To register, click HERE.
Business Marketing Corner
Shout it Out!
Businesses Supporting One Another
Here’s a marketing opportunity that’s a "one-hand-washes the other" opportunity for both local small businesses and local non-profits alike. Check it out and get more info HERE!
Code Red Corner
Safety First!

CodeRed is an emergency alert system. Cave Creek residents and business owners are encouraged to participate in order to receive electronic alerts in the event of an emergency.
Be Safe-Don't Be Sorry!
Click HERE to register now for direct alerts from the Town of Cave Creek in the event of a crisis.
Supporting Our Locals Corner
Stop In.
Say, "Hello!"

Local merchants have amazing, unique products and services - Items you won't find in department stores and chain stores. AND - When it comes to restaurants, our local ones are the BEST! Stop in, say hello and get to know local merchants and what they offer. When we keep it "in the family" everyone benefits.

Shop Local!
Everyone wins!

Local merchants…You’re the BEST and we love you!
Guess It
Where have you seen this happy Cave Creek cowboy?

August Answer: Yes! If you said you saw the "Christmas Ornaments" sign at Cave Creek Candles & Gifts, you'd be absolutely correct! At this local shop it's Christmas all year long.
A Day-in-the Life Corner
A Sunset Walk
Cave Creek
Photo Credit: Erin Peck
Community Corner
Mental Health, Substance Use, and Homelessness
Join this community discussion at the Holland Center on Friday, Sept 16.
Info: Click HERE
Protecting Yourself & Family

The FBI is presenting a 5-part series at the Holland Community Center. Special FBI agents will present vital information on how seniors can protect themselves, their home, and their assets against fraud scams. The series dates are Sept 14, Sept 23, Oct 19, Nov 9, and Dec 14. Registration is required because seating is limited. Click HERE to Register. Click HERE for additional info.
Carefree*Cave Creek Chamber Corner
Please join us on Wednesday, October 19th - 8pm, for our "Celebration of Excellence" and reveal of the 2021 Business of the Year at Venue’s Café
34 Easy St.

RSVP required.
No walk-ins will be accepted at the door. 
Register by clicking HERE.
Supporting one another is what it's all about!
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau Corner
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau
Merchants, We're Gearing Up
for the New Season

Our Cave Creek Tourism Bureau visitors enjoy walking around, browsing our displays, and picking up brochures of local shops and restaurants that catch their interests. Businesses, do prepare for the incoming new season by revising and/or reordering your brochures.

During the month of September you can bring your brochures to us directly at the tourism bureau (Fri/Sat/Sun 10am-2pm) or leave them for us at Town Hall. We will be returning to our full-time season hours of daily 10am - 2pm as of October 1st and, as always, welcome you at our tourism bureau!
Header Photo Credit:
copyright -
 Lynne Janney Russell
Covid Corner
Covid Data

For a Maricopa County dashboard that shows the current COVID-19 Community Level for Maricopa County, as well as the Community Levels within the county by ZIP code, city, and school district click HERE.
(This dashboard is best viewed on a desktop or laptop screen. If using a mobile device, view it in full screen. )
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“Happily we bask in this warm September sun,
which illuminates all creatures.”
— Henry David Thoreau

Feature Corner
Meet Our New Mayor
“My passion for Cave Creek and Arizona has a long history,” says Bob.

Our soon-to-be- new mayor, Bob Morris, is a true-blue Arizona boy, born in Phoenix and a third-generation Arizonan descendant of Oak Creek homesteaders. He’s a graduate of Arizona State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science with a specialty in Chemical Engineering.
Bob and his wife of 23 years, Jana, have been Cave Creek residents since 2002. Bob loves Cave Creek and has served it well. He’s been a member of and chaired the Water Advisory Committee and has served two terms as Council Member, bringing his extensive business background with him. Fire protection and water preservation are tops on his list of concerns.
Bob has had a successful career in highly complex areas requiring technical, personnel, financial, construction, and legal expertise. His background includes managing multi-million-dollar facilities with hundreds of engineers and other professionals as well as time in marketing and real estate. For Bob, these experiences in the business world have provided, and will continue to provide a strong foundation as he continues his service to our town.
Another one of Bob’s passions is protecting our town's Western culture. Over the years, he’s become an avid horseman, mounted shooter, and trail rider. For many years, Bob and Jana traveled the country competing in mounted shooting events. In fact, both he and Jana were instrumental in the fundraising, planning and ultimate creation of the Ben Avery Mounted Shooting Center.
Family, five children and sixteen grandchildren, is also a big part of Bob's life. "With 16 grand-kids, it means lots of time on hot soccer fields, holiday gatherings, and family events!" says Bob. And, his family was right there supporting him, as well, during his candidacy. You may have seen Team Morris in t-shirts enthusiastically cheering him on at the June 14th Candidates’ Forum.
What’s Bob’s vision for our town as its mayor? First and foremost – Water! He knows our future water security is of utmost importance. About water he says, "Our mission can be reduced to three objectives in order of priority: Safety-Reliability-Cost." Still, he is optimistic about our future with water. "Although Arizona is entering a period of reduced supplies, the good news is there are plenty of improvements to keep reliable water."

In addition, Bob wants to keep our town’s commercial base vibrant, make our streets safer, and continue supporting our trail system. Residents and businesses alike are happy to hear Bob strives to find creative ways to achieve Town goals without new taxes. Adhering to our General Plan and zoning codes is also a priority for Bob. For all of us who love Cave Creek, it’s nice knowing Bob supports Dark Skies and our Sonoran Desert Open Space, too. And of course, important to Bob is maintaining “the western lifestyle that a horseman understands.”
So, that’s our soon-to-be new mayor, Bob Morris, in a nutshell. He’s an Arizona family man with a solid, highly-skilled business background and a long list of achievements and important goals for our town. Most of all, he shares with all of us a passion for this wonderful town of Cave Creek. Welcome aboard, Mayor Bob.
Photos: Courtesy of Jana and Bob Morris
Town Manager's Corner
Dear Readers, 
I would like to congratulate our new Mayor and Council Members. I hope you will join us at their swearing in on December 5th. In the meantime, I would like to thank our current Mayor and Council Members for all their past successes and recognize that they will continue to be hard at work until the new Council is seated in December. 
I know you are all concerned about utility rates and capacity fees. Currently, we are working to revise the draft information following the input given at the last meeting and will hold another Council work session in mid-September to discuss the updated information. Please check the Town website for the date and time of the meeting in the next few days. As always, the agenda and draft information provided to the Council for the next work session will also be available online on the Town’s website for the public to review. If you are unable to attend in person, all Council meetings are live via Zoom for the public to participate remotely and are also recorded for the public to watch at their convenience. 
In addition, the Town is providing an important Water Forum for residents and businesses on September 13 at 5pm. Experts on the topic will provide Information on the future direction of water availability for our town and for our state. This is an event you will probably want to attend in order to be “in the know” on the availability of this important resource.  
And finally, thank you for maintaining diligence regarding fire prevention precautions. 
Best wishes for a good month, 
Carrie Dyrek 
Cave Creek Town Manager 
The Marshal's Corner
Greetings from the Marshal,

Well friends, I have no idea where it went…but, August is over. I want to take a moment and remind everyone to please be so very careful with this darn heat. Cave Creek Fire has had way more than their share of mountain and trail rescues. Hydrate. Use common sense…106 degree days are NOT the days to encourage friends and family to take a hike.
I had the chance to speak with Nancy Perry regarding her upcoming car show. Folks this sounds like a great event with a LOT of cars participating. I‘m also super excited to see Stagecoach Village is hosting a Holiday Celebration with holiday trees and tons of activities. I've even heard rumors of CCUSD students possibly providing entertainment. It should be an amazing event. As of this writing, Patty Pollnow has some space available for this holiday event, but it's limited - so give her a call!
I need a moment to address something we are all seeing a LOT of all over the Phoenix Metropolitan area this past year (more than most years) - Homeless people. I just came back from the Annual Arizona League of Cities Conference and homelessness is a BIG issue everywhere in Arizona. We're also seeing more homeless people in Cave Creek than in years past.
The economy, housing market and mental illness all play a role in many instances of homelessness. Cave Creek is a small town and does not have many resources to offer those experiencing homelessness. I ALWAYS offer a homeless person who I come across a ride to a homeless shelter. My goal is to provide compassion and help to those less fortunate. I also offer a referral to one of our partners to see if further assistance is available. We are blessed in Cave Creek with the Foothills Food Bank and all the wonderful folks who work and volunteer there. My next call is often times to the Neighbors in Need network where Gina Durbin is an amazing resource. Of course, I always call Pastor Noble when all else fails. So why am I sharing this? The Foothills Food Bank needs our support as does Neighbors in Need. They seek volunteers and donations. If you have some extra time, please consider volunteering for one of these great organizations….and, let’s not forget the Foothills Caring Corp.
I saw a man walking along Cave Creek Road last month - I admit at first I drove past him, then realized it was 105 degrees and turned around to make contact. I had five bottles of water in my truck and the poor man drank all five bottles, then my open bottle of water too. The poor guy’s vehicle got stuck and he'd spent the night in his truck with no water and a dead cell phone. He was so very grateful and said he could not believe I stopped. A great many of us will stop in the middle of Cave Creek Road to save a lost dog, yet we barely even see the homeless right in front of us. I’m not advocating for anyone to stop and hold up traffic to give money to a panhandler; I am saying that some of us have the ability to simply offer a cold bottle of water without placing ourselves in harm’s way. It’s a bottle of water. . .35 cents when purchased in bulk at Costco. I recently had someone stop and ask me, “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” after I handed a homeless person a bottle of water. My answer startled the lady, “Because they are a human being and are thirsty.” It’s hot out….we are all thirsty.
Please be careful. Hydrate. Remember how lucky we all are to be here in a community as great as ours. I honestly hope to see each of you throughout town and at our upcoming special events. Rumor has it Retablo has FINALLY opened their new location at Cave Creek and School House Road. it is about time Fernando - Congratulations!
Stay safe,
Adam N. Stein
Election Results Corner
Cave Creek Town Council

The final results of the August 2nd election are in. Congratulations to our newly elected Cave Creek Town Council who will be officially sworn in on Monday, December 5th. Our current Council Members will be in office until that time.

Bob Morris
Council Members
Tom Augherton
Ernie Bunch
Paul Eelkema
Thomas McGuire
Bryan (Dusty) Rhoades
Kathryn Royer

Click HERE for the official breakdown of votes for all Cave Creek Council candidates.

To the many other candidates running in this past election: Thank you for your dedication, efforts and passion in wanting to serve our town. We hope you will keep this passion alive in one or more of the many excellent and most valuable volunteer opportunities that also serve our community.

A Big THANK YOU to all the dedicated, smiling volunteers who worked at our Town Hall election site!
Local Landmarks Corner
Cave Creek’s
Local Landmarks
American Legion Post 34

On Saturday, August 20, the Town of Cave Creek awarded American Legion Post 34 a commemorative plaque designating it one of Cave Creek’s iconic local landmarks. This American Legion building was constructed in 1946 with the Post officially receiving its charter on January 2, 1947.

For over 75 years, American Legion Post 34 has been giving back to our community. The Post’s mission is to support and advocate on behalf of veterans, active military and their families. It has consistently reached out helping veterans and others in need over all these years and we thank them!
Presenting the brass plaque to Post Commander Brian Fernandez was Town Planning Director Luke Kautzman. Both Post 34 and its building are well-deserving of this beautiful plaque and the honor it holds.
Photo Above: (L to R) Councilman Elect Paul Eelkema, Post Commander Brian Fernandez, and Town Planning Director Luke Kautzman presenting the plaque
Photo Credit: Steve Greenberg
Photo Below: American Legion Building under construction circa 1946.
Photo Credit: Beverly Brooks
Upcoming Events Corner

Here are some upcoming Cave Creek events involving more than one business and possibly impacting town traffic, as well.
Sept. 10: Cave Creek Crossing - Grand Opening
The two new shops in this months "New Biz Corner," along with a third new business, Sunshine Sparklefaced, plus the rest of the businesses in the Cave Creek Crossing Shopping Center will hold a Grand Opening parking lot event on Saturday, September 10th (4-7pm). All are invited to say hello and join in for music, food, raffles, and giveaways. Click HERE for more info.

Photo Credit: K. Welty Photography

Oct 1: Cave Creek Car Show - "Octoberfest"
Right on the heels of September will be a town-wide car show on Oct 1st (9am-2:30pm). We can expect to see beautiful classic cars (all years/all models), hot rods, and muscle cars throughout town for this event. No doubt, there will be an increase in town traffic, but also lots of beautiful cars to admire. Headquarters for the cars to register for awards is at the Roadhouse and Frontier Town. Shops and restaurants will have welcoming signage.

There will be over 15 participating restaurants and shops in Cave Creek with specials being offered at all locations. Car show participants will be offered free admission to the Cave Creek Museum in sharing of our town history. In addition there will be live music at the Roadhouse and DJ's playing throughout town. Awards for the cars will be presented at each car display location at 2 pm.

Cave Creek Merchants - FYI - for questions about the event and/or how you can participate contact organizer Nancy Perry at 602-809-1766 or click HERE for more info.
Desert Awareness Corner
What's New with
the Desert Awareness Committee?

Our beautiful Desert Awareness Park now has new playground equipment! This was made possible by a grant submitted by the Desert Awareness Committee (DAC) to Kiwanis of Carefree. Upon approval of the grant, the Desert Awareness Committee donated the money to the Town of Cave Creek for purchase of the playground equipment. It was installed at the end of July, along with a new set of swings for the young toddlers. Thank you Desert Awareness Committee, Kiwanis, and Town of Cave Creek!
In addition, as of October The Desert Awareness Committee will offer monthly informative Desert Awareness Park TOURS. These morning tours, led by volunteer interpretive guides, will be held the first Saturday of each month (10am-noon). Watch the DAC events calendar HERE for more information on these wonderful tours.

The Desert Awareness Committee (DAC) is a fantastic resource when it comes to learning about our beautiful Sonoran Desert. DAC supplies a wealth of information to locals and visitors alike about plants, animals, and wildlife in our fragile desert. Their programs , tours, and events are not only informative but also FUN! 'Haven't been to one yet? Check out what they offer by clicking HERE.

The Desert Awareness Park right in our Town Core is a gem and another part of what makes Cave Creek special. It's easy to access and there for us all to enjoy! So, check it out!

Thank you, DAC!!!
Top: Desert Awareness Park entry gates
Photo Credit: Courtesy - Desert Awareness Committee

Below: New playground equipment at the park
Photo Credit: N. Spitzer
New Biz Corner
Sanctuary Tactical

We are Tony and Pennie Montagnino, owners of a firearms, ammo, knife and tactical gear store called Sanctuary Tactical in Cave Creek. We’ve been Arizona residents since moving from the San Francisco Bay area in 2015 when we brought our family of 4 children, Gabriella, Daniella, Giovanni and Cristiano and our dog Ridley. Too young to fully retire, we started considering several businesses that we could work as a family.

I am a knife collector and maker interested in everything from knife making to leather craft to wood working, so I thought it might be fun selling knives at local events, gun shows, fairs etc. So, we bought a trailer and started hauling knives around the state attending a gun show just about every weekend for almost two years. The constant hotel rooms, loading and unloading merchandise, traveling all over the state and being away from home helped us decide we wanted to do something more permanent, so we started looking for space to lease.

After a month of searching for the perfect spot, we decided on Cave Creek. We love this town and its people. We really enjoy the slower pace and the western atmosphere as well as the fact that a large portion of our clientele, avid motorcyclists, veterans, and gun owners, live or frequent Cave Creek as their hangout…. a perfect fit for us! Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and supportive; We are glad we are here! - Tony

Photo: Left to right, 21-year-old twin son Cristiano, Tony, Pennie, 21-year-old twin son Giovanni.
Photo Credit: K. Welty Photography
Gift Gal

Come inside the doors of Gift Gal where you will find a variety of inspirational gifts, custom-made gift baskets, home decor, floral and other gifting services. Men and women alike will find our store to be the place to go in Cave Creek when looking for a special gift for that special someone! 

Come check out our Man Cave full of things hand created by "Hot Rod Riley" and other unique gift items for men. If you just need a place to refresh, we have an area you can just sit, relax and enjoy a cup of cool water or hot coffee, depending on the season. 

Gift Gal's desire is that it becomes a place where people come to find the perfect gift and leave knowing that they are one. - Angie

Photo: Owner Angie Cahoon
Photo Credit: K. Welty Photography
Happenings Corner
July 30: TrAsH BaSH
Big Earl's Greasy Eats' 12th Annual TrAsH BaSH -
This year's event was another BASH of a success!
August 27: Larry Wendt
Memorial Tractor Parade
Eighteen tractors and many supporters came out on the evening of August 27 for the informal 2nd Annual Larry Wendt Memorial Tractor Parade.

Top Photo: Tractor Parade
Top Photo Credit: Trey Ordonez
Bottom Photo (L to R): Dee Gross, Randy Guinn, Lynnette Guinn
Bottom Photo Credit: Jenne Lonergan
~ END ~
Tourism Bureau Participants
A Couple of Green Thumbs, Adelante, Arizona Fine Furniture & Tack Brokers, Arizona Horseback Adventures, A Place in Time, Arizona Territory Antiques, Bags & Rags Boutique, Beth Zink Art, Baudine's Mad About Shoes, Big Bronco, Big Earl's Greasy Eats, Bilinda's Vintage Treasures, Black Mountain Adventures, Black Mountain Coffee Shop, Black Mountain Dental Care, Black Mountain Fitness, Blue Coyote, Bodhi Coyote Yoga, Bronco Studio, Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue, Buffalo Chip Saloon, Carefree Adventures, Cave Creek BBQ School, Cave Creek Candles & Gifts, Cave Creek Museum, Cave Creek Olive Oil Company, Cave Creek Shuttle, Cave Creek Visitor's Guide, Ciolim, Charlie Green Make-Up, City Creamery, Coyote Crossing Studio, Desert Dream Realty, Desert Foothills Library, Desert Treasures, Designs by Jenny, El Encanto Mexican Restaurant, Elysian Desert Distilleries, English Rose Tea Room, Erika Willison PLLC, Essence of Massage, Etania Jewelry & Boutique, Extreme Arizona, Fantastico's Mexican Food, Fiorra CBD, George R. Smith Notary, Gift Gal, Glass-Art-Fusion (Ro Scarbrough), Glory Bee's, Grace Reneé Gallery, The Grotto Café, Hideaway Grill, Harold's Cave Creek Corral, Holland Community Center, Horny Toad Restaurant, Indian Market, Indian Village, Jeff D. Hill PLLC, Journey Rides, Keeler's Steakhouse, KI Healing Arts, Kiwanis Marketplace Thrift Store, Lance Headlee, Lara Bistro, Laughing Glass Studio, Lazy Lizard, Leigh Siegel-Realtor, Le Sans Souci, Leslie Nestingen (Berkshire Hathaway), Levanah Acupuncture, Lifestyle Balance with Qigong TaiChi, Lisa Nocella/Russ Lyons Sotheby's, Living Landsdcapes, Inc., Look at Me Now, Lucy Dickens Fine Art, M & E Stoyanov Fine Art Gallery, Magic Bird Festivals, Michael D'Ambrosi Sculpture, Monika Cheang Photography, Mountain View Pub, Natural Habitat Inc, Oregano's Pizza Bistro, Pizzicata, Pillar to Post Home Inspections, Prickly Pear Inn, Puppy Luv Flea Market, Rancho Mañana Golf Club, Rare Earth Gallery, R.C. Gorman Navajo Gallery, Rattlesnake Solutions, Retablo, Salon Chella, Sanctuary Tactical, Sticks Golf & Cigar Lounge, The Sculpture Studio, Sharon J. Edwards (Berkshire Hathaway), Smith & Western, Sonoran Arts League, Soroptomist International of Saguaro Foothills, Southwest Bedazzle Boutique, Spur Cross Cycles, Storyteller Indian Store, Studio West, Sunshine Sparklefaced, Teeslanger, The Finer Arts Gallery, The Star Barn, Thunderbird Artists Gallery, Time to Ride AZ, Tonto Bar & Grill, Tox Bar LLC, Trailhead Ranch, True West Magazine, Udder Delight, The Village Coffee Shop, Villas of Cave Creek, Vintage Vixen Rarities,Watson's Hat Shop, Western Delight Gift Shop, Western Sky Helicopters, Z's House of Thai
Our list is growing and we LUV it! - Let me know if I've ooopsed & forgotten your name. - Ed.