By Jeremy Raglin, Editor

Los Angeles based Caveman Coffee just announced the release of their new sparkling hibiscus, cold brew tea, only in time for the summer months.

With the weather warming up, more people will be heading to their local micro–market or vending machine in search of something cold. Thankfully, this sparkling hibiscus cold brew tea follows the latest trend of “better for you” foods and beverages because it is caffeine–free, sugar–free, and low calorie.

Open up a bottle of sparkling hibiscus cold brew tea, and you will find that it has distinct flavor notes while also having a taste of sweet. This is a perfect fit for people who want a drink that’s also refreshing without being overpowered with caffeine or left feeling bloated, as many people feel after drinking a bottle of soda.

A Tea That Anyone Will Enjoy

What’s also great about Caveman Coffee’s sparkling hibiscus tea is that they’ve managed to create a drink that most people will enjoy. How? It accomplishes the goal of being “better for you” by having no sugar or caffeine, low calorie, and with its light carbonation and pink accents, the tea also manages to leave you with a light taste in your mouth that makes you want to have another.