Greetings friends,

It's been four months since my last newsletter, and over a year since we've been able to tour and do concerts. I miss the musician life so much and hope that you won't forget us.

It's so hard to find the words to say about what this past year has been, the many emotions that we have all experienced. But we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I feel the energy of the engines restarting, the coming of spring, the promise of life resuming with a new appreciation for things we took for granted and all our friends and loved ones.

I wanted to share a bit of what is going on around here. Our summer camps and conferences having all gone virtual so we have recorded a lot of videos for them, I am sharing a few newer ones throughout this newsletter that I hope you will enjoy. We finished our second album of the year, the first for our quartet. (more info below)

We will be starting up our home concert series outside, we will travel for a couple of outdoor shows later this summer. If you would like to host an outdoor concert with Aryeh and me, or our quartet please let me know and we can see what is possible. My barn store has finally gone virtual so shoppers can live stream shop my store, I've been creating a lot of new mosiacs and will be offering workshops on our "art deck" this summer. There are a few more fun things I will share below and of course what everyone really wants.... the latest photos of Nigel the rock star kitty.

I would love to hear from you, what unexpected gifts this past year has brought to you and yours. How you are feeling now about the future, or what you are most looking forward to. II love to feel connected and I enjoy reading and answering each email from you.

Thank you so much for continuing our connection, it means the world to me, and I count the months, weeks, days, and hours until we meet again.

Lisa Lynne

New Album by our quartet the
New World String Project!
Our first album together was already in the mixing stages before the pandemic came. Since all our shows and tours were cancelled and since Aryeh and I were releasing a new duo album we decided to wait until a later time to finish it. So now it is nearly done mastering and will be available in the next couple of weeks. This music is a wonderful mix of American folk, Scandinavian and Irish music. Mostly instrumental and two songs with vocals. It's thrilling uptempo at times and gentle at others. I play harp on a good handful of tunes but I play Cittern and percussion on all the others. Our live show is so fun and we look forward to getting back to it. We have a weekend of outdoor concerts forming in Oregon and N.CA the week of Aug 20. Details in the next newsletter.

You can find out when the album is ready for both download and/or CD copies on our website or our Facebook
Stuart Mason and John Weed are known for their work in "Molly's Revenge". It's an honor to play with all these guys.

We decided to call the album "Cabin 22" because we are all teachers at the Lark World music and dance camp. We formed and rehearsed this band there, in the beautiful Mendocino Woodlands.
You guessed it, in Cabin 22.
Our own concert series.
Our own Cedarhouse concert series where we host shows has been on hold for a year, but we will be having an outdoor concert with Aryeh and myself on Thursday, June 10, (weather permitting). It will be social distance style bring your own picnics. We will limit reservations to about 12 family "Pods" for picnic sharing. For more info or to reserve your spot email me.
Barn Store Virtual Shopping!
Goddess Wear Recycled, my hobby of finding and sharing bohemian style clothing both fancy and casual has grown into quite a fun business. I just started having virtual shopping and it really works. I am happy to tell you more about how it works if you are interested.

I made a little video so you can see a little better than the photos, if you would like to see that or set up a virtual shopping appointment just email me.

If you'd like to read more about the store I have a webpage. If you are passing through Oregon and want to stop by in person I am open the first weekend of the month and anytime by appointment. Starting in May I will be open the 1st and 3rd weekend of each month thru summer.

Here is a double harp tune called "The Selkie" that we play in concert sometimes. It's a traditional Scottish tune that refers to the legend of the Selkie, the seal who would shed its skin to become a lovely woman. If he skin was lost or stolen she couldn't go back to the sea. She would live her life as a human. (Not her first choice).
More about the Selkie
New Mosaics and Workshops!
I have been a busy bee making mosaic mirrors. I make the owls from clay, bake and paint them, as well as butterflies, cats and various stamped textures. These are incorporated with stained glass that I cut by hand, beads, jewelry bits, and all kinds of treasures. I can also do custom lettering and words. Some can have hooks for jewelry or keys. They are roughly 8x8.

You can see them, purchase or order one here on my website. I plan to set up an Etsy store in the near future as well.

This summer I will be having some outdoor mosaic classes on our scenic porch (Alpine, Oregon). If you would like more info let me know. I love mosaics so much because its about individual pieces coming together. They need each other to make something beautiful. Just like life.
A Podcast Interview
I did an audio interview on the podcast titled "Opening the Harp Chakra"
For anyone who loves harp music, there are interviews and fine music from the top harpists in the world, and there are many. Here's my interview that has several cuts from the new album "Harmony House"
Also for harpists
I have created a video for harpists to play along with me and work on their improvising skills. You get to play with all different combinations of musicians and instruments with your chords on the screen. It's an hour long and available for purchase. email me for more info.
One more tune
I am playing the 10 string Cittern on this traditional folk tune from Sweden, and Aryeh on the Nyckelharpa. More info on his instrument at

There are more new music videos on my Youtube channel page here.
Home on the range and.. the Nigel update