June/July, 2018
Cedars Tennis Resort & Club Newsletter
Brother's and Sister's Doing The Right Thing
Founder Alice Jones is a great lady who cares about our local teenagers. We had the privilege to be included in her summer camp program again this year. This year's theme What is your Purpose?
This is our third year hosting "A day at Cedar's" to include tennis instruction, Cathy's special lunch/drinks and pool time.
A special thanks to Penny Kline, Les Brassington and Pro Ben Adrian who donate their time and support each year. Pat Gottman provided the group photo below and is creating a Cedar's Event Poster we will share. Thank you Pat !
The Tennis Committee donated $150.00 in support of their program. Cedar's will work with the Tennis Committee to organize a fund raiser this winter. If you would like to make a donation at this time please see Penny Kline .
June and July have been busy with special activities and maintenance projects. A few of the items are noted below.
Crown Roofing will start the roof replacement July 30th. Expected completion date is August 15th. During this time we will be open for business. We would like to thank our members for the support and patience during this prolonged process.
Membership renewals will go out this month. We will be offering the cafe credit again this year. More details to follow.
Creating a new Membership Directory for our tennis members. Please see Sarah's section and provide the information needed to update our records.
Changed landscaping vendors effective July 1st. We are now working with LMP Landscaping to continue our improvements.
Working with Lighthouse to finalize plans on replacing the well in section one.

RVA launched our own Welcome App last month. This app is providing an incredible advantage to not only our guests but moving RVA ahead of its competitors and continuing to keep relevant in an increasing virtual environment. 

Not only does the app provide our guests with very important check-in information, directions to check-in location(s), wifi codes, but also area information with suggested things to do and places to visit or dine so the clients can help plan their holidays in advance to maximize their time relaxing while on holiday. 
Once in residence, the app also provides an electronic communication channel to RVA and its team members for any housekeeping/maintenance requests, general information share, or just ask a question and enables RVA to continually keep the bar high on its customer service expectations. 
While an app can never replace the direct human interaction of excellent guest service experience provided, it will enable a more efficient process so the clients will have information at their fingertips 24 hours a day. 
Members Corner
Diane and Andy McGrellis
We had members at the Kentucky Derby this year. We love the hats ladies!
Doug Jingst, Mary Ann Miller , Andy McGrellis, Suzi White & Kevin Feeney
Tennis Courts
Jeff is available for private lessons and group clinics/practice of four or eight players - it's a great time to work on your game between league play. Jeff is doing a great job filling in for Dave and maintaining the courts. Thank you Jeff.

Bring your wooden rackets when returning this winter. Cedars will be hosting a wooden racket event. More event details to follow...

Tennis Court Maintenance
We have been working on the court surfaces and watering schedule to have the best conditions in the morning when our members predominately play.
New gate was installed on court 9
Manuel is in the process of painting the tennis court cadys.

Pro Shop News
Happy summer!
We are implementing a few new procedures around the club hoping to make things easier for our members as well as the staff. 

To use a fitness towel you will need to check in at the front desk and sign one out and also return to the front desk in the same laundry bin. We will no longer be keeping them in the fitness center. This also means that those who come after hours will need to provide their own towel.

Summer time means sunshine and stormy afternoons. Sometimes rain will start the day. We will start sending out an e-blast informing our members if courts are not playable or if certain courts will need to be closed longer than others. This will cut down on the number of calls we get in the morning as well as calls that the members have to make to each other.

Lastly please email me your phone numbers, mailing address, email address, as well as birth dates. We are in the process of updating our system and would appreciate your assistance. As always if you know someone who is not receiving our emails please let me know.
Rental Office
We are very excited about our new Welcome App. Each booking will need an email address to receive the Welcome App. Please let me know if I can assist with owner bookings.

Continuing the weekly unoccupied unit inspections.

This season our returning guests will be advised that we will no longer accept forwarded mail at the club house. Other options will be sent to our guests prior to arrival.

I have forwarded a list of new units and units that have recently been upgraded to Jana in our marketing department. Jana updates our website photos. If you have made any changes that should be noted please let me know.

Cedars Cafe

Members joined Cathy's birthday celebration at Chubby's in June
Cathy and Miguel created a super- duper nacho platter for a member.
Bob's Farewell Gathering. You will be missed Bob. Hope to see you in October.
The weather was not good over Memorial weekend but that didn’t stop Genevieve from coming to Happy Hour!!
The weather improved for the July 4th holiday.
The Calgary family have been coming to Cedars for five years. They were so excited to see Cathy again.