March, 2018
Cedars Tennis Resort & Club Newsletter
Cheryl Hindle | Resort & Club Manager
It has been a successful winter season with great tennis play, club activities, and beautiful weather. I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few members for their continued support and contributions to enhance our club experience.

Cedars East Tennis Committee
Tom Kane, Bernadette Hayes, Jacqui Ellis, Ray Ellis, Penny Klein,
and Diane McGrellis 
A special thank you for your leadership and commitment to our members. Everyone has enjoyed the tournaments, round robins, and special events you organized this year.
Jim & Doris Forst
We could not run the tournaments without you!
Diane and Andy McGrellis
The Sunday mixed doubles round robin was a great success.
Kevin Feeny
The men's round robin was enjoyed by all.

March Tennis Committee Events
Members Tennis Tournament
First Place Winners - Janine Fusco, Robin Dunbar, Phyllis Lakner, and last but not least...Mike Frain
Second Place Winners - Mary Ann Miller, Roy Finney, Sherry Bock, and Paul Robb
Trivia Night
From the Courts | by Dave Sherwood
Question: During a match, my opponent broke his strings returning a first serve fault. Luckily, he had a backup racquet which he ran over to get. When he returned, we weren’t sure if I was now serving a first or second serve. What is the proper procedure? 
Answer: Your opponent was lucky he had a back-up racquet. Whenever there is a delay between a first and second serve, caused by the receiver, the server is allowed a first serve. This delay could be anything from washing out a contact lense to clearing a ball from court, or like in this scenario, exchanging a broken racquet.

Tennis Court Maintenance  
We have finished installing 90% of the new windscreens, will have the other 10% finished as soon as they arrive.

I am in the process of adding material to the courts. Line replacement will start in May.
Cedars Cafe March Events
Thank you for the entertainment Deb! You were great.
The cafe had a great turn out for St. Paddy's Day.
Play for the Purse was a fun event - thank you to all who attended!
The family of Linda Stewart held a celebration of life in memory of Linda. You will be missed.
Painting With a Twist is a favorite event each year!
We got to shower Lauri and Baby Slade!
Julie hosted a thank you reception for her yoga members. Thank you Julie for your contributions to our members.
Pro Shop News:
As our season starts to come to an end I just wanted to say thank you to ALL the members for making this season a great one!

A special thanks Suzy White for our wonderful and growing library in the pro shop. We have had so many compliments on how great it is.

Thank you to Kevin Feeney for running our men's round robin and to Diane and Andy McGrellis for running our mixed doubles round robins. Both events were a hit for our members and guests and we love having the option for them!  
Suzy White
Rental Section:
Season is winding down and our winter guests will be missed. I will be communicating with our owners on any comments or suggestions I have received. I would like to thank our owners for responding so quickly this season with our guest's requests.

This summer I will be confirming Internet and phone account numbers for your unit. In an effort to keep our records accurate and to correct any problems during a guest stay, it is helpful to have myself listed as authorized user on these accounts. More information to follow.
Kevin Feeney
Upcoming Events

Who's Still Here?? [April 12th]
5:30 PM @ Tiki Bar
Dinner Buffet will be served on the pool deck.

Hope to see you there!
Have an event coming up? Contact the Cafe to build a custom catering package - complete with one of Miguel's island-famous watermelon carvings!