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Hi awesome people...
Hope you had a fun summer and made happy memories! GreatHouse has been alive with all of you bringing visiting family members and sharing your amazing trips and summer activities with us. It warms our heart when your out of town guests visit and your first stop is GreatHouse. 
We have been successfully juggling schedules here to make sure the GreatHouse team visits Alaska, Oregon, Germany, Greece, France, Portugal and soon Peru! Stop by in September to chat. We get so many tips and ideas from you, it’s always fun sharing the info. 
The picture above is the stylish GreatHouse team at my son’s wedding. We were lucky enough to walk 2 of our children down the aisle this year marrying wonderful people.....who could ask for anything more? There are pictures in my highlights on Instagram @greathousenj

Ceiling Sample Chandelier Sale announcement!
The following beauties have been wonderful vehicles for dozens of orders and now you can snag one at big savings.
Iron lanterns above both 18” square. Atlas on the left originally $995, now $598. 
Circle square on the right originally $775 now $425. 
FYI , these are also available in several different styles and in gold, silver, black and a light gray.
The Louisiana pendant above is 18 inches high and 24 inches in diameter it is $1195 originally and now on sale for $695. This is available to order in several different styles and even two-tier and also in finishes of silver, light gray, black and gold, as shown.
The black iron chandelier above measures 28 inches high (including 4 links of chain) and 32 inches in diameter. It originally was $985 and is marked down to $595 also available to order in gold, silver, or light gray.

The six arm iron chandelier above is hand finish Silverleaf. It is 19 inches high and 22 inches in diameter. It originally was $795 it is now $525

The pierced metal Moroccan pendant above on the left measures 11 inches high and 12 inches in diameter. It originally was $350 it is now $225. The glass bell jar pendant on the right measures 28 1/2 inches high (excluding the chain) and 13 inches in diameter it originally was $295 it is now $150

Gilded iron above ...The pretty one on the left is 16 inches high and 18 inches in diameter was originally $845 now marked down to $525. The gilded iron pendant on the right with all the pretty circles is 12 1/2 inches high and 20 inches in diameter originally $845 marked down to $575. These are also available to order in black, silver, and light gray. The one on the right also comes in a flush mount. 

This silver leaf open lantern above measures 24 inches high 16“ x 16“. The original price was $575 marked down to $350. 

Boxes arriving every day and buying trips and workshops planned for the Fall!
So exciting! 
  Hope to see you soon..... Instagram  is still the BEST way to stay in the know.    

Be well,
Bonny XOXO

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